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The Regency Season: Dangerous Dukes

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I did like this, at first I thought that it was a little slow to get into the story and I thought it a little hard to relate to the character's, but after my initial misgiving's I fell into the story. It's a good sweet romance, a little slow for liking but a great books for those that are newly introduced to this author. Nicely written and a sweet little tale.
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Loved it! Plot was riveting and I was stuck on reading it to the end! Let's just saying didn't put it down.
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Received arcs in collection Dangerous Dukes 3in1 by Carole Mortimer in this collection from Mills and Boon Insider's in return for an honest review.

Naughtiness 4.5*

Absolutely adored all three for many different reasons but most of all the fact that I've always adored Carole's books she never fails to deliver.

As always I will not give spoilers it is unfair to the author and the prospective reader, I will however tell you that these books are very addictive. The only reason it took me most of the week to read all three was purely due to my health. Otherwise I would have devoured them all in one go, as when I was able to read I was captivated and couldn't put them down. All three stories had me glued and wanting more and I adored the endings for each.

Thank you Lady Carole for writing them and thank you Mills and Boon Insiders for requesting I read them 💖
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Unfortunately I did not enjoy these stories as much as previous novels by this author. The third story was the best with good characterisation and an interesting plot. I may just be old fashioned but I don't really want too read page after page of graphically physical intimacy. Some yes,  but here I felt it was taking too much away from the overall story and romantic connection.
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A Ravishing Regency Read

Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure

When Lady Julianna Armitage goes to the Duke of Pleasure, Marcus Wilding, she is determined to have him teach her the art of love, in the most ladylike fashion. Of course, wishing to stay in control as a lady should, she is taken aback by his sexual power and must learn to trust her teacher and let go.  

Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery
Zachary Black, the Duke of Hawkesmere, had not expected to see Lady Georgianna Lancaster again,  especially as she is his former fiancée who ran off with another man of whom turned out to be a French spy. But she is back, asking for help, and has news of Napoleon's imminent return, but the Duke doesn't know whether to trust her or not, so what does he do? He captures her until he can work out if her story is true. It is during this time, their relationship develops, their stories unfold and the dashing duke tries to have his wicked way with her. 

Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire
When Darian Hunter, rake and notorious bachelor, comes upon society's scandalous widow and secret agent of the crown, the Countess of Carlisle, Mariah Beecham, they are thrown into a world of seedy debauchery. Their mission is simple - to stop an assassination - however, the roles they act become laced with lust and temptation far beyond what is expected of them! 

Overall: I found these scintillating reads a lot of fun, with intriguing stories to back up the historical naughtiness of the three dashing dukes and their shenanigans. I've always like the Regency period, and although there's some very titilating scenes, each book reads in keeping with the time period and the naughtier side of life. 

Light-hearted, saucy, romantic reads!
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The Duke of Pleasure, Marcus has loved Lady Julianna Armitage without her knowledge for years, so is shocked to discover that now that she is a widow an nearly out of her period of mourning, she wants HIM to teach her to please a man in bed.  He's reknown as the best lover in London and Julianna only wants the best. Their lessons are passionate, steamy and sensual, focusing on all the senses used during love making. Marcus is determined that he isn't going to let Julianna go, he wants to marry her but can he convince her that marriage to the right man can be perfection.

The Duke of Debauchery, Zachary Black has to marry and produce an heir before his 34th birthday. Georgiana Lancaster the woman in question runs away to France with the man she thinks she loves, in order to not have to marry Zachary. Years later and she is back in London, desperately needing the Duke's help. The man she ran away with was actually a French sympathiser, and she has information for the Crown that she needs Zachary to help her pass to the right people. Of course having spent years in France, he, nor his bosses know whether to believe her and she is kept under house arrest with Zachary until they can corroborate her story. There is plenty of time for the couple to become acquainted for the first time, and the more time they spend together, the more they begin to develop feelings for each other.

The Duke of Desire, Darian Hunter is thrown into close proximity to Mariah Beecham when they have to attend a house party posing as lovers, in their capacity as spies for the Crown. Their previous meetings hadn't gone well because Darian only met the woman in order to warn her to stay away from his brother. He had no idea that she, like him, was a spy. Their weekend away at a house party of debauchery sees them get up close and personal, with many steamy scenes between them. All while trying to keep on eye open for a possible assassin being present. Will they find the man they are looking for, and will their pretend lust turn into the real thing and more??

These stories focus on two things, the couples who in one way or another have pasts that are holding them back from new relationships, and that one or the other of them work for the Crown as spies or know somebody who does.  In this case they are all dealing with stopping Napoleon from heading back to France with his army, and keeping the Prince Regent safe.

The stories are filled with angst, passion, denial, acceptance, and the intrigue and suspense surrounding the spy work. The deep soul searching needed by at least one half of the couples in order to move on with their life was moving to read every time. I was captivated from the very first page of all of the stories and as a new reader to the series I was so happy to have the first three books to read in one go. I will definitely be reading the rest in the series as soon as I can.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers' copy of this book.
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4.4 stars

Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure
Marcus Wilding, Duke of Worthing is the most accomplished lover in England and Lady Julianna Armitage, sister of his best friend, needs him to teach her the art of love. Julianna is determined to maintain control, as is Marcus.
A short story which I read in one sitting. The attraction is so hot I’m surprised my kindle didn’t combust. A great series starter, only down side is that I wish it had have been longer to be able for more characterisation.

Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery
When Zachary Black comes face to face with beautiful Lady Georgianna Lancaster – his former fiancée, he’s disturbed as she eloped with a French spy. Maybe the best way to restore his equilibrium is to hold her captive.
A story of learning to trust & also for them to be able to put the past behind them.  

Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire
Darian Hunter is a legendary rake and notorious bachelor. Mariah Beecham, Countess of Carlisle is society’s scandalous widow and thought to have had a legion of lovers. They meet when Darian believes his younger brother is enamoured of Mariah & he intervenes. However their are both secret agents of the crown. They are given the assignment of posing as lovers to stop an assassination, the temptation to indulge their every desire becomes overwhelming as their attraction grows.

I’d read the first story & the others were on my to be read list so have the chance to binge read the first three novels in the series had me enthralled for a few days. I found the novels compelling, engrossing & enthralling. The novella was short but was a good introduction to the series. The attraction between all of the couples was apparent even though in the novels they disliked each other but that changed to finding that they felt more than attraction. I had to suspend belief at times but it#’s fiction so was able to live with. I do however now want to go away & read the three remaining novels of the series. Throughout these books mention is made of the 5 dangerous dukes Griffin Stone, tenth Duke of Rotherham & Christian Seaton, Duke of Sutherland have been mentioned throughout but I’m intrigued as to where Rufus fits, no doubt I’ll find out by reading his story
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This is a collection of three books in Carole Mortimer's Regency collection.  Entitled -
Marcus Wilding. Duke of Pleasure.   
Zackary Black. Duke of Debauchery. 
Darian Hunter. Duke of Desire. 

The first book is about Julianna.  Her first marriage had been a loveless affair, and when her husband died she realised that there was much she didn't know about the art of love. Deciding that her brother's best friend Marcus was the man to teach her.  The beautiful, naive heroine and dark, handsome male explore the art of love together in this racy, charming short story.

The second book - Zackary Black. Duke of Debauchery. 
Georgianna Lancaster has learned secrets about Napoleon leaving Elba, and wishes to tell Zackary Black, The Duke of Hawkesmere and spy for the Crown, in order for him to inform government authorities to help stop Napoleon once again forming an army to fight a war. 

However, due to past indiscretions and misunderstandings, Zackary does not believe Georgianna and holds her captive in his home. Chemistry between the two builds as the story unfolds, with several twists and turns, though the story seems drawn out in certain parts of the book. 
Two likeable characters, easy reading, pure escapism, but enjoyable.

Darian Hunter. Duke of Desire.  (Third and last book of collection)
Darian Hunter is extremely annoyed to discover that his younger brother Anthony has become involved romantically with the notorious widow Mariah Beecham, the Countess of Carlisle. Determined to stop what he believes to be an affair between them, the Duke of Wolfingham insults the countess, but becomes reluctantly attracted to her himself. 

Though neither know of the other's involvement, both are agents of the Crown, and are asked to join a house party where it is believed that the Prince Regent may be at risk. 
The story unfolds with the couple becoming closer amid an exotic, but increasingly dangerous background. Lots of chemistry between the hero and heroine, an entertaining storyline, and humour make this an enjoyable, light read. 

The three books are a collection of light, easy reading stories, yet each is a separate book which can be read on it's own.
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