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Ehhh I wasn't the biggest fan of these stories. The writing wasn't that good and it had many grammatical errors that took away from the stories. Otherwise I found some kind of sexy but not enough for me to recommend the book.
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I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book which I received through Netgalley.
If you like erotic romance than this is the book for you. This books is a compilation of short erotic stories who are well writte, very different and lovely edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.
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On Fire, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is a book full of short erotic stories. There are a variety of stories ranging from BDSM, swingers, vampires, and more.  There is something for everyone!  If you like variety and you like erotic stories then this is the book for you as it is a good selection of stories.  I highly recommend this book.  
I received an advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Hot, sexy, intense. All of these stories were brought together into one masterpiece. I enjoyed each and everyone. Lilly's Last Stand by Delilah Devlin was a special favorite of mine. Oh my, the way Lily took charge and coaxed her marriage back to life the way she coaxed her husband's fire for her into flame.
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This collection I got to read from Netgalley for an honest review. This collection is 21 stories and it has it all. Toy play, Submission, Every Fantasy you can think of, out door sex, swingers, office sex to name a few. I will be listing some of my favorites. 1. Art of Darkenss by Heidi Champa this has a wife making a surprise visit to her husband at the office. 2. Paradise by Jade A Waters this is a three year wait for a couple to have a passion filled reunion.3 Just Knowing by Kristina Wright this has a old flame coming to the rescue and out door sex. 4 The Sweetest Thing by Giselle Renarde this is a new journey for couple using sex toys. I feel this whole collection was very well written there were some subjects that I wasn't keen on but not all readers are alike. This is a must read.
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ON FIRE - Rachel Kramer Bussel (and others)

HOT AND STEAMY - 4 stars

Plot - 4 stars - This is a series of short stories, all about various sexual encounters and all very explicit. If you're looking for erotica, this is excellent because there is a wide variety of situations. No two are alike, and I found it fascinating to read about other people's fantasies and fulfillment. There were stories about sex toys or fetishes, sexy stockings, and bondage. Locations varied--outdoors, in the bathtub, in a photographer's darkroom, or in the room next to a noisy party. Some couples were married, and some were single, some knew each other for years while others were just meeting for a brief encounter. In all case, the stories were definitely hot.

Writing - 4 stars - The writing varies, of course, because each story is written by a different author. But all of them are fairly brief, very explicit, and with an interesting scenario or twist. I'm not sure if this was by design or chance, but all of them worked well together.

Characters - 4 stars - It's hard to definitively describe the characters as a group. There are some that are particularly attractive and/or seductive. And it's probably all dependent on whether or not the reader is turned on by the scenario described.

Title - 4 stars - This definitely reflects the content of the book--each book is hot!

Cover - 4 stars - Gorgeous cover showing a very good-looking couple in an embrace. It certainly sets the stage for a collection of sexual-related stories without being obvious or tasteless.

Overview - 4 stars - This is a quick read, and it delivers exactly what it advertises. If you're in the mood for erotica, you've come to the right place. Some of the stories are very short, and this can be disappointing at times. But then again, sometimes it makes sense for the encounter to be brief, hot, and dirty. If you're looking for some good clean fun and do not enjoy explicit sexual scenes, then you'll want to steer clear of this book.
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This was such a great read! I loved the variety of the stories, some of which, introduced me to genres that I have not previously read.
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I've never read such short form romance so this collection seemed odd to me. It was just a bunch of sex scenes pasted together so it was very disjointed to move so quickly. I don't think this form of story is for me
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Review: On fire 
Edited By Rachel Kramer Bussel

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review. 

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick and easy read. The book is an anthology of several authors who wrote romance novels. Each story is only a few pages long. The first story was my favorite. For how short the book is i thought the characters are well developed. 
I gave the book 3 ½ stars on Goodreads. 

The book is full of different tropes so there will be something for everyone the book is mostly heterosexual romance, but there is some FF and MM romance. The book is essentially interpretation of what it means to be On Fire .
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If it has Rachel Kramer Bussel's name on the jacket then you know it's going to be filled with well written, sexy erotica and romance. Lots of different interpretations of what each author thinks about the theme, "On Fire." Mostly heterosexual romance here, but there are some bondage tales and a little bit of M/M and F/F too.  Personally, I'm always wishing for more F/F stories or threesomes, but that's just me. :) Satisfying quick reads to enjoy before bedtime or anytime you have an extra 15 or 20 minutes to spare and want to enjoy a few thrills.

Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.
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A good collection of sexy short stories and i quite enjoyed them and would read more in the future.
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Easy read. Short, sexy stories great for when you have a little time to sneak in a guilty pleasure! A++
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Nice collection of sexy short stories here.

Sensitive to the Touch by Donna George Storey features Angelique and her boyfriend Jeremy and a pair of silk stockings he gets her for her birthday. Short and sexy.

Just Knowing by Kristina Wright features Deb and her sexy new man David showing that Deb has a new lease on life after her douche ex cheated on her. Very sexy and sweet.

Lily's Last Stand by Delilah Devlin features Lily and her husband Brent renewing their passion after being married for awhile and having kids again. I liked seeing Lily turn into the sexy vixen Brent never realized she was.

Masquerade by Angela R. Sargenti features Jules and Raff, two vampires who decide to play sexy games with a young engaged couple. Sexy and has some bisexual MM and FF scenes.

The Sweetest Thing by Giselle Renarde features Desi and Brian and the first time she's come in a long time because for some reason she's desensitized. I didn't like this one, it was weird and unfulfilling, not sexy at all.

The Exhibition by Malin James features Emily and Eric, a couple getting together to "talk" after being on a break for a few months. It's sexy and she gets a surprise at his art exhibition.

Approaching Hardcore by Jacqueline Applebee features Cath and her husband Dan and an orgy he organizes for her because it's one of her fantasies. If you like girl on girl action this is for you. I don't, so this one isn't my cup of tea.

Behind the Blindfold by Rebecca Croteau features a couple playing sexy games with a blindfold. VERY sexy.

Every Second of It by Lynn Townsend features a couple married for 23 years who are dealing with a possibly terminal diagnosis so the husband is determined for them to spend every second together. Sexy but melancholy given the diagnosis.

A Place as Beautiful as This by AM Hartnett features Sophie and Boyd reuniting after knowing each other as kids. It's sweet and sexy.

The Marionettes by SD Ryan features Denny and Tegan exploring Prague and coming upon a puppet shop that inspires them to have a sexy tryst in an alleyway.

Satisfaire by GC Elizabeth features a chef and his lover and their first declaration of love while having a romp in the bathtub. Sexy and would be great if expanded into a full length novel.

Con Artist by Veronica Wilde features Christina and Matt, a couple meeting in person for the first time at a con. Hot geek love abounds!

The Arrangement by Kay Jaybee features Zoe and Lee and their weird arrangement. I'm still not sure what the arrangement was and who exactly they are to each other. Not recommended at all.

My Wife, My Sub, My Love by Victoria Blisse features Bonnie, a sub and wife to her husband. It's a very one sided little story that I didn't enjoy.

Barbed Love by Tamsin Flowers features Mona and her husband Hank, who discover his new beard makes oral sex all the better.

Sabine and Cael: Home by Corrine A. Silver features Sabine and Cael, a married couple whose dream of having children is finally coming true. They have one last tryst before becoming parents and it's emotional and sexy.

Dreams Made Flesh by Lawrence Westerman features a couple who discovers he wants to be whipped and to serve his new mistress. Not my thing but I suppose it's sexy if you're into dommes and their male subs.

Art of Darkness by Heidi Champa features Stephen and Nicole who discover that having sex in his darkroom with all the lights off makes the anticipation nearly unbearable as she waits for him to make his move. And when he does make his move she can picture what they're doing in her mind and it makes it even better.

The Dance by Rachel Kramer Bussel features a married couple who lives the swinging lifestyle and has seduced a young, innocent couple into their bedroom for some fun and she finds that they may not be as innocent as they appear. If you like swinging and/or girl on girl action, this may be the story for you.

Paradise by Jade A. Waters features Anna and Justin, who reunite in Puerto Rico after having been apart for 3 years while they each got their careers up and running. It's sweet and heartfelt and I'd definitely love to read it if it were expanded to full novel length.

My favorites are Paradise, Sabine and Cael: Home, Satisfaire, Every Second of It, and Just Knowing. But there is something for just about anyone here so take a dive into it.
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This book was an anthology of several short stories; full of BDSM , erotic romance, swingers, and vampires. There was a little bit of everything put into this book and it was hot. Just finished reading it to fast. Thank you NetGalley and all the authors for allowing me to read this book and write an honest review.
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This collection of short stories, written by a group of top erotic romance authors was put together by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I found it quite fun to read. It's got love, kink, & lust, runs the gamut from medium wild to wild, and it was a good sampling of erotica. I found much of the writing quite (steamy) good and the majority of it stayed hot and interesting. It was good for night reading as the stories are short so you can read one or several. Or you could share some ideas with a partner, or just inhale the entire thing just for yourself. My thanks to NetGalley, Cleis Press, and editor Bussel for the gratis ARC to review from.
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An enjoyable compilation of short stories about passion in many settings, the variety means you’re sure to find something to suit. My favourites were ‘Just Knowing’ which describes Deb’s attempts to avoid her two-timing ex at a party and the Marionettes where two travellers find romance in Prague.
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Very well written romance novels that is about different couples making their relationship work. 
The short stories are hot and filled with emotions and chemistry. They are a fast read but has in spite of that lots in them to read. Each story is different and you can read a version of Romeo and Juliet - a vampire couple. 
Few of the stories were not for my liking but I am sure other will love them. And that is good about this type of books. There is something for everybody. 
Most of the authors were new to me but they caught my interest.
Worth the read.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I got pulled right into this story. Author has done a great job with this book. Her characters are well developed, her writing is good and a brilliant storyline to boot too. I really loved reading it and would recommend people give this author and book a try.
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A hot set of romances. Enjoyed them all and would've like them to have been longer.
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