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Nelly Jelly and the Magnificent Tree

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Not for me, did not finish reading this book in time.
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A charming story about overcoming your fears and the value of friendship and family.  For younger children who are boosting their reading confidence.
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Quick read that shows what is possible when one chooses to confront and overcome their fear.  It lacks broad appeal.  Although, children afraid of heights may find the book useful.
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When Nelly gets annoyed with her four year old sister Alice for calling her 'Nelly Jelly' and embarrassed that her friend Hannah is there to hear it, Nelly impulsively grabs her sister's favourite doll and throws it in the air. It gets stuck way up high in a tree and Nelly is forced to confront her deepest, darkest fear, a fear she's kept secret until now. She is afraid of heights. Will she decide to be brave and overcome the soggy, sticky and squishy things in her way or will she let her fear win?

Hannah is a good friend, using empathy by telling stories to Nelly about situations where her Nana felt the same way to distract Nelly from her fear. The book was full of terrible jokes and puns but young children may find them funny. I would have loved to have read the part where Nelly apologises to Alice for throwing her 'best friend' into a tree but it didn't happen.

This book shows children that by using perseverance and determination you can overcome obstacles and conquer your fears. Hannah and Alice both encourage Nelly as she climbs and celebrate her accomplishment with her. It's a nice story but I don't think it will stay with me, unlike some other children's books I've read recently.

The illustrations by Jemima Trappel are really cute and I liked that there was a small picture at the beginning of each chapter showing what the doll experiences in that chapter.

I received an ARC from NetGalley (thank you so much to NetGalley and Wombat Books for the opportunity) in exchange for honest feedback.
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This is the story of overcoming fear.

And there is nothing wrong with being afraid.

Nelly won't admit that she's is afraid of heights, but then she has to overcome her fear when she throws her little sister's doll up in the upper branches of the tree, because she was annoyed.

Her friend helps her climb, but telling her stories of her gran, who had to do something that was fearful.

It is an easy to read book, made for early readers, who might have to face fears of their own.

I just found it a little dull, but it might be good for younger kids, who are afraid of things, like climbing trees, and perhaps this will teach them not to get so angry with their siblings.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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