Beltway Betrayers

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I enjoyed reading this book. The writing was mostly error free and the story was well put together. The plot kept me interested and wanting more. It was unique and entertaining. I would recommend this book.
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I want to start off by saying this book was not what I was expecting, but I was very much surprised and in a good way. I am reading and reviewing this on NetGalley so I missed the opportunity to read the first one. I looked on Amazon and realized it wasn't one of my Kindles Unlimited Books to read so I continued reading this one, which is the second book in the Beltway series. I loved the character of Alex, such a strong and feisty women that has been through so much but hasn't let it take control of her; she controls her life. After breaking out of a relationship that caused her to question herself she has finally found the partner she has been missing, T.J Gale or has she. This book is a...

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