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This book is convicting and comforting at the same time. I will be recommending it to all my mom-friends as helpful reading for navigating motherhood. Motherhood is hard enough on its own--but trying to live out the Gospel in the mundane and chaotic daily lives we lead seems almost impossible. How do I reflect Christ to my toddler in the midst of an all-out tantrum? How do I bring the Gospel into everyday conversations and the millions of questions from my preschooler? More importantly, how do I keep my own heart focused on God as I try to raise and care for all these tiny humans (and my husband)? Brooke has some practical, Gospel-centered advice for mothers everywhere. I recommend this book!
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This is a good book for moms who are in the weeds of parenting. Those years where there are too many permission slips and reading logs and other parental torture devices. 

The beginning was a little rough for me to get through but I am glad I did. This book is relate-able and encouraging and for all the moms who know they love their kids and don't have to pretend to be so precious about it that the forget to complain about the hard moments! 

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Wonderful book that helps moms to focus on Jesus, while still being the backbone of their home. She teaches moms how to stop, breathe and take a few minutes before reacting.
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. This is one of those parenting books I would recommend, as I am not a big fan of parenting books (as most fall into the self-help category, but this one points us to God), but Brooke has done a great job sharing parenting issues we face and providing Biblical guidance.“We have to know who God is in order to trust Him fully. Unless we know Him well, we’ll make Him what we want Him to be, creating a God in our minds who doesn’t exist on the pages of the Bible.” God says, Trust Me, not yourself, all you really need is Me.” This is a much need truth! So often we open our Bibles or ask in our prayers for what we want, desire, and will pick what we want to hear and not listen to the hard truth, which will bring us goodness. God loves us and has given us all we need, He is enough and is the only One that is enough for our needs.

“The ME gospel vs. the TRUE Gospel.” “Ultimately, the person we must most diligently humble ourselves toward is God Himself. If we don’t we’ll risk having ME on the throne of our hearts instead of HIM. In this chapter Brooke provided a compare and contrast grid showing true gospel of Christ list vs. a me-gospel, using scripture and life-examples. 
“Our greatest need isn’t to be reassured that we have what it takes to be great moms. Our greatest need is Jesus.” This is so true if we are following God’s plan and trust Him, He will provide us with the wisdom and peace we need in parenting.

“Someone is watching you, whether you know it or not, and that person’s life matters for all eternity.” Little eyes see more than you realize and they learn more by watching us, then listening to us. 

“When we build our lives around the true gospel, we’ll find the peace and freedom we’ve been striving after in all our attempts to feel good about ourselves. You’ll feel the weight of your own expectations fall away as God replaces them with His.” Only through a relationship with God do we begin to understand and grow in our faith. To be who He made us to be!

I will share that it is so important to know the truth and to have a relationship with our Savior, Jesus. Without, Him and God’s Word I would be a bigger mess than I already am some days. I am learning on my journey of faith to rely on the importance of God’s truth and wisdom, so that I can help bring up the next generation and grow in faith, as we are called to do. Satan and the ways of this world we live in would like nothing better than to keep us from sharing Jesus with our children. Satan would like to distract us from what is important. Thankfully because of writers like Brooke who point out the need for Jesus, God’s truth, and why it is is so important to grow and continue to grow in our faith. “If we were enough on our own, we wouldn’t need Jesus, and, friend, we all desperately need Jesus.” This is so true, it took me suffering to find this truth out, but I would not change a thing!
Here is a recent post she shared on her blog about the upcoming book along with a devotional sign-up:  http://www.themobsociety.com/blog/2017/07/17/gospel-mom-method/

At the end of each chapter, she shares a hard truth and beautiful truth, along with prayer, and biblical examples and scripture throughout each chapter. In addition, she provides a group Bible study guide at the end of the book, for those interested in reading the book with a group, which I would recommend. Each chapter I have made many highlights and notes. This is not one of those fluff books to make you happy and tell you you’re doing a great job or even tell you what to do, but instead will give you encouragement, Bible truth, and point you to God and HIS Word, so that you can grow in your faith and hear from HIM.This parenting gig that the Lord has blessed us with isn’t easy, but God will provide and equip you. May we mom’s anchor our life in the gospel and share it with the next generation!  “As you learn to anchor your life in the Gospel, you’ll find increased freedom, purpose, and joy in motherhood.
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Do you ever feel like being "enough" is just simply out of reach? Trying to I catch your breath but you are not exactly sure how? I am in the middle of reading this amazing book that will help you feel more than enough. I am on this huge kick of self-help books this year, trying to become more like the person I have always wanted to be. As a mother of three girls, sometimes it feels like I never have the chance to simply stop and take a moment to catch my breath. There is always someone better, more interesting and anything else that my brain can come up with the inflict self-doubt. I have started reading the Gospel-Centered Mom By Brooke McGlothlin in hopes that it would help me find my way in this crazy mixed up world. I adore the scriptures placed throughout the book, I love books that help me dig into Gods word especially when it is about being a wife or a mother. I have been on a journey to get to know God better this year, this has been truly one of the best books for that. She asked you hard questions, that get your brain working. I know too many mothers that struggle with the feelings of inadequacy in this day and age. reading her book is like talking to your best friend, someone that is trying to give you advice on breaking free of the mom you think that your children need and be the mom that God has designed you to be. At the end of the book I hope that you feel like you are enough for your children, they just want you to be you! 
I did receive this book for free to review from net galley but the options are strictly my own!
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I really appreciated the message of this title.  So many of the moms I know struggle with feelings on inadequacy.  As we explore in this book, we realize that we don't have to be enough, because God is.  That simple message frees moms to be the mom that God created them to be.  I can't recommend this book enough!
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This book talks about the Gospel and what is called the “me-gospel” which isn’t the gospel at all.  Instead it is what we think might be the gospel that we live out, but it’s all about ourselves instead of Christ and coming to Him and dying to ourselves.  My favorite part was when she talks about “enough” and the truth involved in our desperate need for Christ each and every day.  Learning to speak truth to our children and see our lives in service to Christ as we’re given the opportunity to raise some littles that He’s given us.  What a gift!  I recommend this book for those who are looking to walk out their days Gospel focused/driven.
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I didn't know what to expect from this book, but it was amazing! A book that every mom should read. I love the focus on relying on God, rather than self-improvement. The author emphasizes that we will never be enough for our children and that only by relying on God will we be the parents our children need. Such an important message that will change your parenting.
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What a God send this book was!!! Mrs. McGlothlin dives into the root of why mothers spend most of their lives feeling like failures. The part of the title "The Freeing Truth About What Your Kids Really Need" is a wonderful description of this book. The author is very honest and gives her own stories of failures with her 2 strong-willed boys. At the end of each chapter she gives the "hard truth" and the "beautiful truth". She uses many Bible verses and stories from the Bible (including Hosea and Gomer) to back up what she says. 

I wish I could afford to buy a copy of this book for each Christian mom I know. It has been such a help to me. I have a feeling I will be reading it again and again.
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Another great book for mothers all over the world. I love the way this fires you up and challenges you to become the best you can be! Based on bible verses this mother points the finger at what we do wrong over and over again, like we never intend to quite. I sometimes need a pointed finger to get the memo. This book was a pointed finger for me!
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This is such a wonderful book. I realized how much the Gospel needs to impact my daily life, especially my mothering. This book has opened my eyes to my need for a Savior and I now know it's okay to not have it all together, because HE does!
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The Truth from God’s Word and the Freedom It Brings to Be the Mom You Long to Be

Can I ever be enough?  Gospel Centered Mom by Brooke McGlothlin attempts to answer that question.  The author begins by honestly discussing the difficulties faced daily in motherhood and how they can make a mom feel inadequate.  Brooke McGlothlin beautifully explains how Scripture tells us that we are not enough on our own and how we do not have to be enough because God is enough.  And He is all that we need.  Relying on God as our Source is the heart of the freedom He provides to moms.  I highly recommend this book to moms that need encouragement to keep going and for all moms to remind us that God is everything we need, even in motherhood.   I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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