Fierce Winds Rising

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 24 Aug 2017

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DNF @68%

I just couldn’t keep on reading, it was rather boring as the pace never seemed to pick up. And really, I really only saw things being told to me. That was going to happen but probably never will, at least at the pace it is going at.

Also, not to mention that not even a single character related to me. I really didn’t find anything interesting about the characters, the world was told to me like any other. The kind you will find in any epic fantasy. Nothing dark as of yet, or nothing horrible is happening.

And that to me, is always boring. And also, an absolute recipe for disaster. Which was what this book proved to me. Nothing really kept me reading, the writing was readable enough for me to give it many chances. But by the two thirds, nothing interesting has happened.

And this is where I say, “I’m out.”
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DNF!  I tried!  A lot of people have mentioned how great the world building was in this book -- for me it was a little TOO great.  I just wanted action and nothing. was. happening.  Every time I read a new character, I thought, "Not another one!!"  I admit, it could be me.  Perhaps I was just in a high-action book mood?  It may have been too late and I couldn't focus.  Whatever the reason, I probably wouldn't recommend this book to someone who just wanted a strong heroine and some serious action.  But I'd maybe recommend it to someone who wanted a book with more slow-building (?) action (I hope it happens), then maybe this is for you.
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