Making Room

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Making Room was a book that took me by surprise.  I thought the synopsis sounded intriguing but I wasn't sure what to expect.  The author delivered.  I found the book engaging and very useful.  The author took real issues and gave practical advice for allowing God to work.  It really had me evaluating decisions I make in my own life and whether or not I needed to make a change.  I can see myself re-reading this book again.  I think it would be a helpful tool to reevaluate where I am in the future.  I will be on the lookout for more books by Billie Jauss in the future!
* I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review *
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Making Room was a good book about how we need to lean more on God and less on ourselves. God is the ultimate planner and we must rely more on Him than ourselves.
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What a amazing book...I loved the inspiration and encouragement shared by Billie Jauss.  Five Stars!
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Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More by Billie Jauss is a refreshing look at living the Christian life. Billie Jauss is the wife of a Major League Baseball coach.  Moving around the country and mothering three children has kept her very busy.  In this book, she writes honest reflections of how we can make space in our lives for God to work powerfully through us, in ways we never dreamt possible.  She write about the ways God works powerfully through us, even in our own homes.  This book is simple, but quite profound and inspiring.  I highly recommend it to anyone and I think it is a book I would return to often for its fresh and inspiring perspective. I sincerely hope the author writes more books in the future.  I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.  These opinions are entirely my own.
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I love this book!! It instantly draws you in and makes you feel like a friend. The stories are relatable. Her transparency is so great!! This book has several quotes that make me sit back and truly think. I recommend this book for a book club. There are many lessons within this book.
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A great tool to have in your faith toolbox. She writes with conviction, truth and humor. I enjoyed reading about her faith journey and how she let God direct her steps . She’s honest about her journey and missteps along the way
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What a great book, and yes it is aimed at Ladies but there is so much for us Guys as well so  relax no one need know, you will find good sound spiritual advice and guidance. Billie Jauss book and life is testament to a lifestyle that she openly admits to mistakes having been made and who hasn't? So she lets GOD use them to lead her plus you me into life changing steps that effect those around us from our home to those we live near and meet everyday or through our everyday lives.  I love Billie's honesty and openness and I believe it will encourage and help you to..
I have been given a free copy of this book from NetGalley in return for a honest review, so that's what I have done ✔
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Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More by Billie Jauss 5 ☆’s

Thank you to New Hope Publishing for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I am a reader that likes to keep my books in pristine condition – even e-books. I do not bend covers or pages. You will find no marking or highlighting if you were to ever look in my books. I like the ‘clean’ look. I knew this book would be good for my soul the moment I started highlighting the e-book.

Jauss starts right into what caused her to reevaluate her relationship with God, and what she did to make it better. She doesn’t only provide her story but includes helpful and insightful wisdom for her readers. This book is open and honest. It is convicting and challenging. Not only did I experience parts of her journey, this book made me pause and evaluate where I am in my relationship with God.

Woven throughout the novel was Biblical wisdom. Jauss heavily relies on the word of God to help show how and why it is best to do less so God can do more. Scripture is repeated. Sometimes, repetition in a novel can be redundant – but not in this case. The repetition helps remind the reader of God and His attributes and promises.

If you’ve ever felt like spending time with God is something that can be checked off a to-do list – read this book. If you feel like life is too busy and there is not enough time in one day for Jesus – read this book. If you feel like you are in control, and God isn’t – read this book. Seriously, even if none of the scenarios listed apply, still read this book. It is refreshing to the soul.

There’s one tiny hangup, this book doesn’t release until January 15, 2018. But don’t fret, it is available for pre-order.
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