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‘Trashy Foreplay’ by Gemma James is another consuming page turner that you just cannot put down. As soon as I started reading I knew that I wouldn't be doing anything else until I had finished this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one as she has left us with a cliffhanger at the end of this one. This was a great 4 star read.

I was a bit unsure of the name once I read this book as I had expected it to be slightly different from what it was. This book is filled with plenty of chemistry and attraction but is more about the slow burn filled with flirting and angst.

I definitely felt like this was a lead up book for some awesome things to come and am chomping at the bit to find out what that is exactly.
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Before I go anywhere with this, I just want to point out that I'm totally fine with cheating in books. It's no bother to me, after all, it's a book! The real world is a totally different matter!

Anyhoo! The only problem I had with this book annnnd it's a big one.. the characters are so damn stupid! Like unbelievably stupid. I couldn't handle it after a while. I did, however manage to finish the whole thing, but that's just time I won't ever get back. *sigh*

The writing is fine & the smut is off the charts, but if I can't bond with the main characters, then what's the point? *double sigh*

This one just wasn't for me unfortunately.
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The title was misleading. It wasn't trashy, and there wasn't much foreplay unless you consider flirting foreplay. The only thing that made this remotely trashy was that Cash was married. It didn't bother me because it was clear his marriage had been on the rocks for a while. It was one of those things where it seemed like it was over but he hadn't admitted it to himself yet. 

It was good but lacked the intensity of Gemma James's dark romances. It was a quick read, and I didn't want to put it down. I've read stories similar to this before. It's not my favorite type of romance. The ending was a surprise in a good way. Obviously something was going to happen, but I was expecting something different.
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Trashy Foreplay is 100% not even what I thought I was getting into.. not that I read blubs but still . 
Reading this book was like playing Clue but with orgasms… 
Who is fucking Mrs. Montgomery? 
What is Kaden’s deal? 
What’s happening with Les? 
Do married men ever leave their wives? 

This book is a whirlwind of questions and it definitely ends in a cliffhangar. I don’t give two craps about cheating which people find “sooooooo offensive” damn people and their “triggers” 
So people cheat … I don’t even care about that. 
Because if you read the book… the emotions are raw and real and the author spins a story of desire without shame. 
This book may have insta-love but you cant even blame the characters it was too perfect they couldn’t help themselves.  
I need book 2 and I need it yesterday!!!
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Normally I hate books with cheating in them, but Trashy Foreplay was just too enticing to dislike. Jules' life is a big, fat mess. She and her boyfriend broke up, permanently. It was always an on off kinda thing, but now it's permanently off. She cheated on him with her married boss, and got fired for it. Well, she quit, but she was fired first. Yeah. So now she's on a plane flying her way to her best friend in Seattle. On the plane she meets the delicious Cash. Cash who's just received a text with a pic of his wife naked with a guy who isn't him. When he meets Jules, he's instantly attracted, and they kiss. A kiss for the ages.

And then after, lots of stuff happens. Angsty, dirty, naughty stuff. And yes, there's cheating. Lots of cheating. And normally I'd be upset, and it did bother me, I'll admit. But, the chemistry between Jules and Cash is so delicious, and they have such a connection that it didn't bother me as much as it should have. Then the cliffhanger happened and I got really mad because honestly? I'm getting sick of cliffhangers. They drive me bonkers. Why an author can't just tell the whole story in one book is beyond me. But, still, I'll be reading the next book as soon as it's published because I have to know what happens next!!
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Review by Liz for Love Romance Books Blog

The author would like an honest review of this book

4 stars

I needed a day to think on how I wanted to review this book.  There are things that I needed to figure out how to word that would not give too much away from the book.  First I want to say this is a cliff hanger.  If you have read any of my reviews on books this is one of my pet peeves.  I like knowing that there are going to be more books for the story.  I don't hate cliff hangers, I hate not knowing that I am reading a book that is just going to end and then have to wait.  The characters in here definitely tell a story that has you interested all the way through the book.  You want to know what is happening and why things develop the way they do.  I really liked how this opened.  It wasn't the man's fault as it usually is as you begin a book like this, and how it was told you get to see it through the eyes of the woman that screwed up, Jules.  Instead of staying around in her hometown she gets on a plane to Seattle.  Thats when the book gets even more interesting.  You meet Cash.  Cash is flying home because he has just found out something and he wants to confront it.  Let's just say its' instant connection to each other.  They find out things about each other and tell each other the horribles but they can't seem to get past the attraction.  The plane ride was intense, but no one crossed a line that could not come back from.  Needless to say when the plane lands they go their separate ways.  Now not to tell you the story, but it gets messy and complicated throughout the story.  Both of them trying to do the right thing, but their connection is so deep they are not going to be able to stay away from each other.

I really liked Jules.  She made her mistakes and she is trying to move on, trying not to make the same ones in Seattle, but past mistakes may come back to haunt her.  She is strong, but she is also a woman that is hurt, she has lost everything and she is trying to rebuild.  Her attraction for Cash is wrong, she tries to avoid it, but some things can't be denied.  Cash's life is a mess.  He wants out of what has him so miserable, but it is so complicated that he might not be able to find his way out.  All he knows is he can't give up one of the best things he has found, Jules.  I am actually mad at both of these characters.  They both did things that I don't think are forgivable and that is where I am torn.  I think they should have got their lives put back together before they involved each other, because someone is going to get hurt.  Not one but two people that deserve better.

This is what I am going to tell you about this read.  The characters are definitely flawed and they will make many mistakes.  You will get very angry with them, but you will also see why they did it.  Are they right?  For them maybe.  I think there are many players in this book that we haven't seen yet.  I think the story is going to get even more maddening as the next book comes out.  Jules and Cash are not over yet and there is something I am missing in this book that I need to know what happens to them in the next book.  There are so many clues, that are going to bounce around in your head till you know the end game.

I really liked the writing of this book and I hope the next book comes out soon.
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Wow!!! Gemma James has blown me away with this one. 

The instant connection between Cash and Jules is addicting. The moment they met on the airplane I couldn't help but root for them. 

The story was sweet. Was definitely sexy. And there are a whole lot of question left to be answered, because honestly I had no idea going in that it would end in a cliffhanger.

I want the second book like yesterday, that's how good it is. Another definite must read that should be added to your tbr.
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This is this is the first book in the Trashy Affairs series by Gemma James and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and devour it page by page. The description of the book had me intrigued and sucked right in. The characters were likable. I loved the chemistry between Jules & Cash and not mention that I loved that it was told in alternating roles. I mean who doesn't love a guys point of view of the story right? Be WARNED this book is a CLIFFHANGER! I can't wait to read the next books in the "Trashy Affairs" series.
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Rate: 4 / 5 stars 

I really liked this one. I enjoyed the writing, the pace and the main characters! It was an interesting book and I can't wait to find out what Monica is hiding. I mean it's obvious she's banging her husband's twin but I have an hunch it's more than that. I'm really curious about it and I cannot wait for the second book to come out. Also, why is she missing? Why was she all of sudden worried about Cash when she had been bluntly ignoring him for weeks??  I need answers to a lot of questions!!
I loved the connection Cash and Jules had instantly. It was so honest and real and it made me really sad that they couldn't be together. He's in love with someone who is good to him and loves but they can't be together because he's married to heartless bitch and he can't divorce her because of his father's company that he never really wanted. It's just not fair. He's living a whole life he doesn't want while he could be happy with Jules and doing any other job. I can't wait for the moment they can be together without it be cheating and a scandal. I'm looking forward to that HEA. Need that next book asap!
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Gemma James always intrigues me with her stories.   I have never been let down with anything I've ever read by her.  Trashy Foreplay was another notch to add why I adore her writing.  

Jules has messed up.  She made a horrible mistake and her life is turned upside down.  Instead of facing her problems head on, she runs to her best friend in Seattle.  While flying across the states, Jules meets a sexy stranger.  One look and she's a goner, but she doesn't need any complications right now.  Only life doesn't always go the way we want does it?  

Cash has just found out some disturbing news.  He's devastated, angry and doesn't understand where everything went wrong.  He boards the plane home and is immediately drawn to this gorgeous girl sitting next to him.  He feels a connection and doesn't understand it.  Why is he having a reaction to her?  Is it the news he received or his he just immensely attracted?  

I knew where Gemma was going to take this and I thought she is doing a fantastic job of the build up with the characters and storyline.  
I found myself rooting for things I don't really care for in books.  Cash and Jules were electric and the sexual tension radiated off the pages.  
However, I am not convinced every thing is what we are being told.  I know there is going to be a bomb dropped!  

I am so not patiently waiting for the next book!  That ending shocked me and I have I feeling where she might go, but I can't wait to find out!  4 Stars!
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I wanted to like this book, I did...but I just couldn't loose myself in the book. Jules was an alright character, as was Cole but I just didn't believe their chemistry or their separation. Sorry but I DNF.
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Trashy Foreplay is one of the best books to come out in 2017. The reason I say this is because it is so much more than what is initially expected when you read it. You have a story that’s about two lost souls, who have had their hearts broken and then they meet up on an airplane ; from there they find an all-consuming love at one of the worst moments of their lives. And yet they fight this love, try to deny it. Their love, their passion is like a tsunami and they really can’t fight the feelings that they find in each other but oh how they try. There is a roller coaster of emotions which shows them going back and forth, and at times you will need tissues and you will need a stiff drink because of how hot things get. Another thing is as this story goes on, you see why the main characters are doing what they are doing and why. There is a deep mystery which as the story started, baffled me but by the end, there was another deep mystery and my first questions were answered but another deep mystery had formed. GAH!! I loved this book and even though I dislike Cliffhangers—and yes this book leaves you with a heck of one, this was one book that has Pizzazz and great character so I enjoyed the mystery and the suspense the cliffhanger left the readers with.

I do not want to give too much away but there is this: let me say this--some people will be turned off right away from this book, because of the fact the author states upfront that this story involves cheating. Normally I would be one of those people because I dislike cheating BUT the approach the author took with this controversial topic was just the right approach and was insanely fantastic! The author , in my opinion, expanded the reader's perception of a controversial topic and did it with a deft writing hand. I would definitely suggest giving this a read and be on the look out for book 2 in this series. The main characters of Jules and Cash will stay with you after you have finished reading and leaving you craving more of their story. Kudos to this author for writing such a brilliant book!

My Rating: 5.0 stars *****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
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I am always intrigued by a good forbidden romance, but cheating isn't really my favorite. I went into this with an open mind and I was so glad I did. It was angsty and so full of tension that I felt myself getting anxious. The characters feel real and they have a great connection. I devoured this book and felt wrecked when it was over. I can't wait until the follow up to see what happens. Like others have warned, this has a cliffhanger, but don't let that keep you from picking it up.
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Be warned..there is probably spoilers about to happen.

But Lawd knows I have to get this out of the way first: I KNOW the author says that there is cheating in this book. I knew that going in and I know that books are fantasy. 

Now let's get to what I really thought. AND ONCE AGAIN I MAY SPOIL ON THIS ONE...because stupid happens and stupid pisses me off.

This book starts off with lovely Jules having an affair with her married boss. But it's okay because she was drunk and doesn't really remember it. 
So she is (at first) all crushed because her live in boyfriend is breaking up with her because of it. 
Poor Jules is soooo very upset that she feels that she must leave town (her butt getting fired for sleeping with the boss is beside the point.)

So she is on a plane headed towards her best friend's where she can start a new life and lick her wounds.
Then on the plane she sees hot guy.

Cheesy ass flirting happens.
I'm almost afraid that if I open my eyes, he'll see the truth.
That I'm falling hard 35,000 feet above the ground.

Then hot guy drops the bomb of him just happening to be married. But he knows his wife is cheating on him. 
Poor guy.

When Jules ends up where she is going she realizes that she needs a job in order to start her new life.
I bet you will never, ever guess who her new boss is going to be?
Hot guy himself. Cash Montgomery..
Cash knows he shouldn't hire Jules as his personal assistant but he gets to thinking with his other brain and does it anyways. 
They can keep their distance from each other. They just know it.

That last five seconds. They are pining away with their juicy hormones. After all wife is cheating isn't she? (I totally never really felt a hundred percent that she was..all the proof was a text message of her with a sender info or nothing.)

There is lots of angsty bullshit where each of them say that they are going to behave themselves when we all know that the freaky deaky is going to be happening soon. (At times I thought I might like Jules a bit because she would sorta push him away but here he would come again)

These two characters were so beyond stupid. All they both thought about was their private parts and how much juices they were making. I sure didn't feel a lurrrve connection. More like just insta-stupid-lust. 
Regardless of how little I actually know Jules, my gut tells me I can trust her.

I hate when a smexy time book gets ruined with stupid characters. 

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.
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Holy angst-fest!  This was a slow build, full of angst and told in both points of view.  It's the first book I've read by Gemma James and obviously not the last because I am anxiously awaiting book two now.  As this one ends in a big shocking way.  I really enjoyed it.

This book does touch on the taboo matter of cheating and you kind of see different sides to it.  I liked the characters, though-flaws and all.
I received an arc of this.
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***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

As a huge fan of Gemma James of her Devil’s Kiss series, I can say I was a little skeptical with this new contemporary romance of Trashy Foreplay since there is without a doubt no tinge of darkness in this forbidden tale. After reading this passionate and incredible novel, amazement has replaced skeptical! 

Trashy Foreplay is the first novel in what it looks like to be first of many… leaving you with Gemma's famous cliffhangers. 

Heading home from a business trip, Cash Montgomery realizes that not everything is as it seems with his marriage. Furious to the evidence on his phone all he wants to do is rage, but fate has different plans by landing happiness and a spark of lust next to him on the airplane. 

From the first moment she sets her eyes on his she is done for. Then the first touch of his hand she knew she is smitten... no ring.. all is well, until it isn't! That oh so handsome man from the plane soon becomes Jules's new boss whom she learns real fast she is spiraling down the same rabbit hole she just came from in Oklahoma. She knows it will lead to destruction, but every pass, touch; those sparks leave something to be imagined. 

“How the hell did I get stuck in this sadistic loop of deja vu?” 

I ached, oh how did I ache for both Jules and Cash. They are both in bad predicaments; Cash in a loveless marriage and Jules trying to not make the same mistake twice. Can the insane attraction that pulls them in, closer and closer lead them down the hole in which they both can't come back from? 

Gemma’s writing is impeccable with her smooth transitions between POVs, her wonderful plot twists that keep you guessing and the development of characters is unreal. 
This is one forbidden love story you really don’t want to miss out on! 

4.5 Stars
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This book really reached my expectations!

It was deliciously written and the angst at the end really killed me!

You can't help what fate throws your way. You never know what to expect and sometimes it's in a bad way or sometimes in a good way.

Jules never expected to have an affair with her boss, well technically it wasn't an affair, it was more of a one night stand but that caused her to lose her job and her boyfriend. She hasn't had it perfect. She's had her ups and downs and lately it seems like she has more downs than ups. She decides to move to Seattle to start a new chapter in her life.

What do you do you when you meet someone and feel instant attraction? Well in this case, it is both ways. Cash and Jules just saw those sparks fly when they first laid eyes on each other. But they never thought that they'd meet again (wishful thinking).

They always thought that they would be the "one that got away" but their chemistry was just so damn strong that no matter the circumstances it seemed like as much as they tried to control their attraction and be professional, it was just not possible.

Cash was a delicious CEO with a wife, let's not forget he is married but let's not let our professional faces fool you. No one ever has a perfect marriage but only you and your spouse know what's going on behind closed doors.

I loved that Cash held out as much as he could when it came down to Jules but he knew that no matter what he tried, he just couldn't stay away from her. His attraction to her was too strong and with the things happening in his personal life, it seemed like it was just driving him more and more towards doing something he didn't want to do. 

Jules was a magnificent heroine. She was pretty strong and held off as much as she could. She didn't want to repeat what happened to her back home in Oklahoma. She wanted a fresh, clean start with no drama or married men involved. But sometimes life throws those curve balls at you that you don't expect and that's what happened to Cash and Jules.

I loved the whole mystery this book left off on and I'm hoping we get the 2nd book much quicker than the first. I am totally smitten with Cash and Jules' story.

5 star read!
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Great start to a new series.  Jules is looking to make fresh start in Seattle, after sleeping with her boss and getting dumped by her boyfriend in Oklahoma.  Sparks fly when she meets Cash on the plan only to later find out he is married and now her new boss.  With the attraction, still their how will Jules move forward.  The story is filled with lots of drama and emotion, the chemistry between Jules and Cash is off the charts hot.  I really liked this read and am looking forward to more in the series.
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I received a copy of this book for honest review.
Beware: cliff hanger. 
Jules is running away from her problems. She slept with her boss. He is married and she was in a 3 year committed relationship. She has no memory of the incident other than waking up next to him the following morning. She is racked with guilt and embarrassment. She run takes the next flight to Seattle to stay with her best friend. On the flight she meets Cash. He helps her through the stress of flying. They talk and connect. The attraction is there but they don't act on it. They part ways but fate throws them back together. He is married and she is trying to get her life in order. His marriage is a sham and neither are happy. His wife is cheating. What follows is a story filled with sexual tension and lies and betrayals. Can Jules and Cash fight temptation? Will they have their HEA? We have to stay tuned for the next chapter.  This will be a highly anticipated sequel.
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