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A Voice Becoming is a good book if you have daughters entering their preteen to teenager years. There are scriptures and lesson plans with each chapter. It personally didn't relate to me, as my daughters are young women. I did, however, enjoy the book. 
I received a complimentary copy for my personal review.
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Beth Bruno writes with such passion and emotion that it’s easy to see why this book has close to 60 positive reviews on Amazon already. The stories that she shares are written with conviction and so much colour that it’s easy to get carried away in the story – she`s an excellent storyteller. Her writing style is more conversational which makes for an easy read. The book includes worksheets and questions to get the reader thinking about how she can prepare a similar journey for her own daughter(s).
If I could be satisfied with all of the above positives, this review would merit five stars for sure.
However, I can’t in good conscience recommend this book to anyone. 
For a book about casting a Godly vision for your daughter, there is a lack of biblical text, and biblical examples to support this, and other concepts. Instead, extra-biblical and secular resources (i.e. works by Brené Brown), are heavily drawn from to support the idea of a “rite of passage” and proponents that go along with it. Some works by other authors quoted are controversial at best (i.e. Sarah Bessey)
There are several flags waving in the first chapters alone. Phrases like, “loving ourselves” (p 30) are disconcerting and are given as a warning in the Bible (2 Tim. 3:2); as well as “God wants her in all the ways he wanted Hagar, Rahab, Mary, Joan of Arc, Corrie ten Boom, and Mother Teresa” (p. 40 – Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa are questionable as to their relationship to God, and their beliefs as recorded in history do not line up with sound biblical teaching);  wanting her (the author) daughter to experience “the hamam” (related to ritualistic purification in Islam) (p41); “Hagar is not the first to whisper to my soul: Beth, what is your story?” (p. 52 – concerning that the author hears questions from historical figures); “Our daughters need us to bless the past so that they can freely answer God’s question, “Where are you going?”” (p. 54 – blessing the past is a New Age/Meditative practice that uses positive energy in the present to ‘bless’ past events to aid in healing past hurts/abuses); “Sure, the Lord sees, but her strength propelled her back.” (p. 56 – it wasn’t Hagar’s strength that sent her back to Sarah, it was the LORD telling her to go back; Gen. 16:9-13). 
Another red flag raised is the author’s request in heaven. It’s bordering on pagan practice, and not a true picture of heaven as clearly defined in the Bible. The request is to have a drum circle around a fire pit with women sharing stories in a common language, showing that “the beauty of women reflecting God is everywhere.” (p. 34 - Drum circles are used in shamanism, in indigenous pow-wows which is a ceremony to celebrate Mother Earth and to become one with her, are used in spirit healing, and are used to form group consciousness).. There are too many examples to continue to list.
Each chapter ends with a series of questions to think about before beginning the year long journey. Chapters 1 and 2 end with reflective questions that are of a personal nature. Part One ends with a question, “If you haven’t yet named the places and times in your story in which God saw, would you do so now?” The Bible is clear - God sees EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. There is nothing hid from Him. (Psalm 139:7-16; Job 23:10).
I do believe that we need to be more diligent in teaching our daughters how to be women of God and putting Him first in their lives, but I don't believe that way to accomplish this is the way A Voice Becoming advocates.
I received an ecopy of the book from the publisher through Net Galley. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno is a Mother-Daughter book that helps Moms navigate through the parenting years of a maturing daughter in her tween and teen years.  I was very interested in reading this because I have a couple of daughters and we are starting the journey through these years as I read.  I love that this author is sharing what she is learning and in a sense is on the journey with us as I read.  This author gives great help in a direction to go with your daughter(s) and I really appreciated her sharing.  Here’s to a right of passage to the Glory of God.
I received this book in exchange for my honest review.
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As a Pastor and a mom of three daughters, I was excited to dig into this book.  It felt as if it was designed specifically for us.  Often, it can be a challenge to connect spiritually as your daughter starts to learn her faith on her own.  This book is an excellent resource, filled with practical and tangible ideas to connect together and encourage our daughters in their pursuit of their own relationship with God.  Highly recommend!
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If you have a young lady in your life between the ages of 9-14, get a copy of this book. I've often wondered if there were specific things I could do as a mother to help my daughter better navigate the tween and teen years full of drama, boys and self image struggles. Beth offers insight on the yearlong "rite of passage" her family helped her prepare for her twelve-year old. She explains how other cultures do this, tells their own personal experiences, and gives a ton of resources to help you start planning your own daughter's journey. My wheels are still turning from this one!
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A Voice Becoming
A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living
by Beth Bruno
FaithWords / Center Street

Pub Date 16 Jan 2018  

I am reviewing A Voice Becoming through FaithWords and Netgalley:

A Voice Becoming is a Mother and daughters year long journey.  

This book reminds Mother and daughters those awkward moments when a girl is somewhere between a girl and a young woman is okay, that not all Mothers are perfect, but with Faith you can get through those awkward moments.

We are reminded too that Mothers are raising Global Woman, because this is a global society.  

We are reminded too that we are all broken, but like broken glass, we can still shine.  In this book we are encouraged to get to the broken places in our lives, not to hide from them, Mothers and daughters are encouraged to do this together.

I give A Voice Becoming five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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A Voice Becoming is a great book for mom’s who have teen daughters. There are plenty of scripture to and questions at the end of each chapter for further disucssion.
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