Let's Talk About Love

Pub Date   |   Archive Date 23 Jan 2018

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Alice is trying to figure things out. Her parents want her to be a lawyer, he two best friends are engaged to be married and leaving her behind, and her girlfriend just broke up with her because she doesn’t understand that Alice is asexual. Then she meets Takumi, a gorgeous, sweet, soon-to-be kindergarten teacher who starts working at the library with Alice. As their romance and friendship grow, and Alice’s relationships with others fall apart, what will Alice’s future hold? I really enjoyed this fresh realistic fiction/romance story with a black, asexual main character. Lots and lots of complicated characters and relationship that fans of realistic fic will love. I recommend it! I...

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I had high hopes for this title as an asexual person, but it fell completely flat in all areas. It even felt aphobic, as if asexual people could be cured with the right sexual experience or partner. I wouldn't recommend this title.
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