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A powerful book about the miracles dogs can work in the lives of their people. The author's love for Peety was deep and clearly shone throughout.
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Walking With Peety by Eric O'Grey is a beautiful memoir about the author's journey, along with an adopted dog, full of hope, lots of ups and downs and love.

This book is a beautiful tribute to the love and happiness an animal brings into the life of a person. A very enjoyable book with honestly that reflected in the writing. It was a very touching and warm read. It proved to be a very inspiring story which left me feeling motivated to change a couple of things in my life that I might be taking for granted.

I'd recommend it to the readers of non-fiction genre as well as to those who love animals or are going through rough times and can do with a bit of a pick-me-up.
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I was hoping for a dog story about a rescue dog. I got a preachy book about some guy and his new leas on life due to vegetables and fruits. Sorry. not for me.
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In his memoir WALKING WITH PEETY:THE DOG WHO SAVED MY LIFE, Eric O'Grey shares what it felt to be an obese, lonely and self-conscious salesman in his 50's.  Told by one doctor to buy a cemetery plot because he would certainly be dead within 5 years, Eric instead continues to indulge in a fast food only diet, often consuming two large delivery pizzas at one sitting.  But one too many humiliating airplane rides too many sent him to a holistic doctor who prescribed a whole food/plant based diet AND A DOG.  The dog would require at least two half hour walks a day, forcing Eric out of his sedentary rut. A savvy worker at a San Francisco shelter (think animal whisperer) paired Eric with a perfect dog, an 8 year old Australian sheepdog mix whom O'Grey named Peety.

O'Grey tells a fascinating story of rapid weight loss, health improvement, and complete lifestyle change.  From the first visit to his doctor to now, Eric has made a smooth, permanent transition to a totally vegan lifestyle.  He even eliminated gluten due to a sensitivity and later found that he could not tolerate corn. Yet he found a passion for preparing nutritious, tasty meals and soon found himself sharing that passion with others.  He credits those walks with Peety to not only burning calories, but also providing a way to connect with others.  While he had lived in his condo for years, he knew no one, spoke to no one, and spent every weekend holed up with himself and fast food.  Now he walked to new neighborhoods and parks, with Peety being the conversation starter that he needed.  Relationships ensued, walking turned into a passion for running, and a fitter, leaner, happier Eric replaced the man with achy knees and shortness of breath.

The book certainly gives us something to think about.  I am a full blown, mid-westerner - someone who grew up on a small dairy farm.  We always grew our own vegetables and fruits, always cooked our own meals.  I believe our animals were treated humanely; we were never a factory farm.  Today, I still grow many of the vegetables we eat, and we often buy locally.  I admit that I need to loose some weight and perhaps we eat out too often, but we do not rely on fast food as a staple.  So I see why Eric lost so much weight so quickly -- he cut out a lot of calories and fat quickly; he added in exercise where there had been none.  I know that plant-based diets are being promoted, and we are cutting down on meat, but I doubt that I will ever embrace the life style Eric ends up promoting.

In the end, I enjoyed reading about the profound change Peety made in Eric's life; I loved finding out about the relationship that developed between the two. But I became a bit disenchanted as the book started to focus more on girlfriends, running, and dinner parties.  I was interested in the diet information, but felt it became the focus of the book, something that was not "sold" in the title.  People who are considering a vegan change will enjoy the book more than I did.  I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.  I was not required to write a review.
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I did not get to finish the last tiny bit. Though I enjoyed what I did read.
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This is a adorable heartwarming story of how the love of dog can transform someone's life. This is perfect for all dog lovers and those who enjoy animal stories.  It is the story of transformation of body and soul. I loved it and found this book very moving .
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"Peety" is an awesome story of a grossly obese man at the bottom of the barrel  It tells how he climbed out of this pit with the help of a loyal dog. He uses excellent word pictures to describe many aspects of this process, especially when talking about his meals. (sounded so good! ) 
     Many of us long and search for a healthier life but few of us really succeed  in a dramatic way. Eric is to be commended for persevering, following thru, and succeeding in a big way. 
     The one downside of this book was that.  I thought that there was too much "preaching" going on. I felt judged by Eric because I have different habits and lifestyle. On the whole, a good read.
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Eric O’Grey was literally at the end of his leash, suffering from morbid obesity. Having tried every diet in the book, he found a naturopath who put him on a strictly vegan diet, which he came to love, and also prescribed a dog. That’s when his pal Peety came into his life. Together they changed each other’s lives for the better.

The story is sweet but a bit preachy at times. I skipped over those parts and just enjoyed the story of a man and his best friend, on the journey of their lives.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley. I am under no obligation to write a positive review.
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This was amazing! I am so thankful I got to read it. I started it very early, but life got pretty busy and I couldn't get to it. I was able to pick it back up this month and it was just right for me. It's a beautiful story of growth, healing, and compassion. Might be might favorite read for 2017. 

Eric is overweight, unhealthy and wanting to die. His life is miserable. One full of pain and isolation. It was so sad to read about. He had no will to live. The fast food fixes, pizzas, cookies, all the things to numb his pain just didn't do it any longer. 

One night, he reached out to God (the book does begin heavy on the spiritual). He bought a bible. He had a spiritual awakening that enabled him to seek the help of a whole foods plant based physician. That same doc recommended he get a shelter dog to get him out and walking. 

He did, and that is where we meet Peety. 

They are a perfect math...maybe even made in heaven. Peety is an older dog. 7 years old and not too healthy himself. Eric learns how to take care of him and saves himself right along with Peety. I loved reading how they helped one another and got healthy together. Such an inspirational story. Heartwarming. I too adopted a whole foods plant based diet Feb. 2017. I can attest to the health benefits my body has seen from this way of eating. It is a miracle and I know it firsthand. Congrats to Eric for turning his life around. As a mom of shelter pets I felt lot of joy spending time with this book.

Thank you Netgalley, Grand Central Publishing, and Eric O'Grey for a digital edition to read in exchange for a review. I highly recommend this one for all animal lovers and anyone who wants to improve their health. Eric had so many obstacles. An inspiration to all!
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This book was amazing!  Very heartfelt and touching, plus had a great overall message.  So glad that I was able to read it!
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Eric weighed over 136 kgs and his breakfast usually consisted of five or six egg McMuffins followed by three or four Big Macs with a couple of large fries for lunch.  He credits God with providing the motivation to change and empowering him to do so.  The first step was seeking help from a doctor specializing in plant-based diets.  At the consult, she recommended getting a dog for responsibility, exercise and motivation.  Shortly after visiting an animal shelter he was matched with an overweight dog, he named Peety.  Together they started short walks and gradually increased the distance as their fitness improved.  He also altered his diet to a plant-based one and started cooking instead of takeaways.  At Eric’s second visit to the doctor he registered as being more than two kgs lighter and continued to lose weight as time went by.  He would evidentially become fit enough to run marathons and many things started to change for him.
I am still astounded he was so large his body size made it hard for anyone to get past him in the local supermarket.  Its easy to see why most of his pre weight loss purchases were made online including food ordering as he followed the window diet (food handed through the window at McDonald’s)
Eric is now an inspirational speaker and a shining example of how someone can turn his or her life around with dedication, commitment and the added assistance of a canine companion.
How big people are treated is a reflection on society and it isnt very nice eg little or no respect shown.  Something I hadnt considered before was being overweight can make someone gradually withdraw from contact with others.
This is an amazing story, very impressive and inspiring.  It definitely highlights the power of an animal to aid or heal a person with problems.  I don’t currently own a dog but I do love them and know life with a dog is a wonderful thing.  There are many shelters with strays but it would be nice to have the same strong feeling a special dog was out there waiting for me.
I do not consider myself a religious person but I do recognize the value of beliefs if it helps someone turn their life around.
Be prepared to get the tissues out at some stage in this book.  I dare you not to be moved by at least part of this story if not all.
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I am on a strict diet due to health problem and I love animals this was the book for me. I was really involved in this book and cried at the same time identifying myself with the writer.
I read about this book on site and I am very happy I was able to get it from Netgalley.
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Having lost our beautiful 14yrs old dog  last year, this book was a  bitter /sweet read. I found the story very touching and tears were not far away in places. I just shows the connection that people and animals can bring  the best out of us.
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I love reading books about animals and that's why this one caught my eye.  And I like reading books about getting healthy, which was an added bonus to this book.

Seven years ago when he was 51, Eric weighed 340 pounds.  He was taking a lot of medications and getting more and more depressed about this weight, which made him even eat more.  As a salesman, he traveled a great deal.  The last straw for him was when he was on a plane heading home and the plane was delayed because they had to get a seat belt extender for him from another plane.  The guy sitting next to him commented to him that it was because of him that he was going to miss his connecting plane.

Eric consulted a plant-based naturopathic doctor who put him on a meal plan but also advised him to rescue a dog from a local shelter.  A dog would get him out walking and would be company for him.  He rescued Peety, who it turned out also rescued him and became his best friend.  Over the next year, between exercising and eating a plant-based diet, Eric lost about 150 pounds and felt great.  Peety benefited from the plant-based diet too by losing weight.  This is their story.

I liked the writing style.  Eric is honest about his journey, with his food choices, exercising and relationships (he hadn't dated in 15 years) and I found it interesting.  I would recommend this book to pet lovers and anyone looking to move to a healthier lifestyle.

At the end of the book, there are resources for more information about living a plant-based lifestyle and animal rescues.  

It would have been nice to have some pictures included.  Plus I would have liked to have some of his recipes included ... the beans, rice and spices meals he made in his crockpot sounded delicious!
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Eric, the author of the book shares part of his life with us: the moment he has some sort of epiphany and decides he can no longer go on as he is doing. He knows he is overweight and wants to get back on shape, so he gets in touch with a doctor that turns him to a healthier way of eating -and living, too-, and recomends he gets a dog because that will help him to go on walks and form a bond with the animal. Although at the beginning he is unsure he will know how to take care of a dog, he soon discovers that he loves the little fella, who he calls Peety.

There are so many great things about this book! First of all, the direct no non sense style. It may seem easy to talk about being so overweight, and unsure, even talking about drugs, but I think that it showed a lot of courage and strenght and I am surprised he even found the humor in the darkests moments of the telling. Also... dogs! Dogs really are human's best friends, and I know first-hand how they can help us get better and save us. So, reading about their relationship was great.

It is such an inspiring book about wanting to get better, dare to hope for change and get hands-on to achieve it, and of love, superation and companonship.
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This was a wonderful book that I throughly enjoyed from start to finish. I really felt for Eric at the start of this book - a man who was just stuck in a rut and finding it difficult to get out of it. I loved how Peety was matched up to him, and how perfect they were for each other. 

Eric’s journey in weigh-loss was truly inspiring for me. I actually always felt hungry for a great vegan meal (or vegetarian in my case) when I was reading it because his descriptions of his meal and foray into cooking were described really well. I’m not a runner but I was impressed with Eric finding groups to run with which meant he had some socialisation as well, and I think that’s a brave thing for adults to do. It’s harder to make friends when you’re an adult.

When it came to Peety’s ‘time’, I was feeling quite emotional. It’s a day I dread with my own but I’m so glad Peety was able to die peacefully and surrounded by people who loved him, and that it led to Eric finding Jake. I really resonated with Eric being told how a dog will find you, and you’ll know your new dog when you see them. 

I think this is a great book for dog owners/lovers, and a particularly great one for those who are vegan/vegetarian too.
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I love books about humans and the dogs that love them.  This book was wonderful and gave me much food for thought.  I have "dieted" all my life.  Everyday gave me a chance to eat better and less.   At times it worked but most times it didn't.  This book gives you the incentive to try something different, Get a dog who doesn't judge you and just wants to be with you.  Who is a companion and will dog all those walks, runs, and other activities.  Plus you start thinking of someone else and forget yourself.   I would recommend this book wholeheartedly.
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I found this to be a well flowing read, and that went by in no time. Very enjoyable and relatable, it had me moved to tears in the first few pages, and again later, so I knew I was already hooked in until the end.  Eric's story is wonderfully honest and brave, and I believe that it will inspire many folks.  Not just in changing how they eat, but hopefully also to rescue a deserving pet that will give them back so much, just like he did. This was just such an amazingly heartwarming book, I just can't say enough about it. It just really resonated with me. (It even has me looking for another <small> dog, even though it's the last thing we need right now. So beware of that effect). I was given a wonderful ARC by NetGalley and the publisher for review.
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I wanted to like this book more than I did, I'm a sucker for animal-human-rescue stories! And I'm happy that the author has successfully changed his life for the better. But the tone was off in several ways. There was a certain lack of charity on the part of the author - always talking about "hippies" and going into detail about how other people offended or hurt him, without any apparent self-awareness about his own behavior. I never got a sense of Peety's personality, really, or a chance to understand how Peety enjoyed his new life. And the book was extremely linear - this happened, then this happened, then this happened, etc. There was just no joy, no life to it.  I wish I had better things to say about this book, but I would not recommend it as a fun or educational read.
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