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Not a great young adult book, although the hook was interesting: a girl who loves reading so much she considers books her boyfriend. The execution felt flat.
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A quick and easy read this romance is definitely geared toward book lovers! Macey is in desperate need of finding a boyfriend (or at least a date) before prom. She writes up ten rules from what her reading habits have taught her about the prefect guy and she's ready to find her perfect match, but it's not as easy as she thought. This is a fun read and the first in a series!
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I didn't love this book. It was boring and immature. It's classified on NetGalley as a new adult, which I do not get. Some the language made me physically cringe! It didn't feel at all natural or like someone who understood teens was writing the book. 

In order to find 'the perfect guy' Macey follows some weird tropes from her favourite author. She's an eighteen year old with zero experience and wants to 'start in the bedroom'!? I'm sorry, but really? 

The LGBTQ+ representation in this book was pretty appalling. One of the tropes Macey decided to follow was

If Men Aren't Working or You, Try Batting for the Other Team.

Which already sets alarm bells ringing. Beyond that, the interaction when Macey was acting upon this one was awful. There was mention of a 'straght-dar'. Need I say more?

The whole list was in fact highly sexist. It really irked me, a list aimed more towards YA books would have been much more fitting and highly more appropriate.

I liked Cam, Macey's best friend. However I felt that the characters never really had the opportunity to develop. Their romance was left until the very end of the book, it didn't feel at all natural. Honestly, they could have remained best friends and I'd have probably been happier. 

I expected more from this book, and was very sad to see that it didn't deliver. It was by no means an awful book, but it missed the mark on a lot of levels.
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This was a sweet, funny YA romance in the vein of Lily Anderson's "The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You" - intelligent teenagers, funny dialogue, and unexpected love. Enjoyable read.
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I loved this book, the characters the story and the way it made my heart feel.
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Camden and Macey have been best friends since they were born. As seniors in high schools tough choices have to be made. Macey is determine to follow all the great romance tropes from her favorite author to land a boyfriend and prom date. Cam makes a bet that if none of it works, they can go together.

I did not like that Cam was made to be a manwhore and that Mace would break up with the girls he would make out with. That ruined it for me personally.
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Prom is right around the corner and Macey needs a date. One that she is mildly attracted to, and who can help her street cred. Being a bookworm, and on track to be in the top 10% of your class tends to make her less attracted than other people at school. Well, that and the fact that her bestie is the “Man” on campus. So much so that there are a lot of people that think she is “secretly” dating him. So what is a gal to do but come up with an action plan –Wendi Cooper’s Guide to Catching a Man. 

Macey is an interesting character who often acts like a freshman in high school instead of a senior. She claims to be interested in several different guys and follows her list to try to entrap on of them into taking her to prom. She is often judgmental (especially of the people Cam hooks up with) and at times is annoying.

Cam the “Man” is suppose to be the dumb jock to Macey’s sweetheart nerd. Instead, he is the gentle bestie who just wants to protect his gal. Often misunderstood, it is a wonder to me how his life could be falling apart and yet he never once tells his best friend.

There are a lot of stereotypes in this book: the computer nerd, the foreign student, the closet kid. This takes away from the story, almost as if the author is trying to be too inclusive. This inclusion could be misconstrued as “–ism” for all of those involved.

A quick read for those looking for a friends to lover kinda book, added bonus that it has a list within it. Try not to take it too serious or else the –isms may get to you.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “You deserve someone who will take you out, make you laugh, and return you home feeling like you’re the most cherished person in the world.” 

Other People
Reese- gal bestie to Macey, gymnastic superstar
Morgan- anima loving gal drummer in the band
Wen- foreign exchange student
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I don't even know where to begin. I just loved this book and loved the characters. I felt connected to them. I would recommend this book to those who love a quick read. It won't disappoint.
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Her Book Boyfriend is about Mace, a high schooler who can't seem to land a boyfriend.  It may be because most people seem to think she is an item with her best friend, Cam.  She loves reading romance novels so she decides to make a list of things to try to land a boyfriend and therefore prom date by doing some of the things the characters in her favorite author's books have done in order to land their significant others.

From the get go, as soon as I saw there was a male/female best friend lead and a girl who was looking for Mr Right I knew how this one was going to end. But I am glad I stayed along for the ride because how they get there is a bit of a roller coaster ride and I am happy I stuck it out and followed the whole story.

And now I know that this technique probably isn't one that I should be trying any time soon to try and land myself my own book boyfriend... (It's just too bad I don't have any male BFF hanging around...)

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.
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Honestly this is one of the best E-books I have read so far. It is such an immersive experience, I couldn't put it down before finishing it, which very few books have achieved. A great read and I would strongly recommend.
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Super cute! Absolutely loved the writing. 
I did have a hard time connecting with the characters which is a huge part of the book enjoyment but over all I found it fantastic!
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I have to consult my meager notes on this book because just 5 days after finishing this and I don't recall much besides how I feel like rolling my eyes at the characters and groaning. 

Taken at base level and considering the audience (I'm assuming 12-16y/o) this story is cute. We have the classic nerdy girl who wants a boyfriend and her best friend her wants to fill that role even though she doesn't know it. Classic, fun story. Unfortunately, the characters aggravated the hell out of me. 

Mace is stubborn, confident, and book smart, but she doesn't have a clue about dating. In fact, she uses tropes used in novels written by her favorite author (apparently she only reads books by one author), to try and make boys fall in love with her, even though she doesn't like them. She doesn't even try that hard, giving up after a few days sometimes. She cares about the outcome, but doesn't care about the boys.... so, it isn't like I could root for any of them.... Macey is also super judgey, like W O W. 

The tropes she runs through are ones that should inspire laughs and humor in some people, I found the results to be a bit awkward. It was this concept that made me request the book, so when I realized that I didn't like how she was trying out classic tropes, I was really disappointed. 

"But Sionna, why did you continue reading the book if you disliked it so much?" you might ask, knowing my track record with DNF-ing books. 

Well, I wanted to know how Cam was going to work his way out of the hole he dug himself into. The: I date indiscriminately having wild risque "make-out" sessions in the parking lot and then make my best friend *cough* person I like *cough* break up with them for me --hole. So, Cam never got on my good side. He is a jerk who I seriously, really hate.

If I actually let myself roll my eyes at this again I might actually sprain something. 

I could go on. I probably shouldn't though. 

Again, if this is read by a younger inexperienced teen, then I think they might enjoy it. I might worry about their forgiveness in future relationships, but oh well.
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A cute friends to lovers romance! As a lover of romance novels I could totally relate to Macey. An easy-to-read and cute YA novel.
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I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Because this book is quick and cute romance read (it's not even 150 pages), I can forgive a lot of the corny moments that happen in here because it was all done in the name of having a shorter book. I can even forgive a lot of the bad high school tropes in here because of its shortness and since it's a "romance" novel. But what I definitely did not like was the stereotypes and lack of dimensional characters.

I know that because it is so short that does not leave a lot of time for character development, especially for this particular book which has a whole long list of side characters. But they all are reduced to gross stereotypes. It is beyond eye-roll-worthy. The LGBTQIA and other "diverse" characters are misrepresented, washed down, or not actually that diverse.

I liked Cam a lot more than the main character, Macey. Which made it hard to read this since it was her infuriating head we were in. Ugh the immaturity of that girl was unreal. Also it took wayyy to long to get any romantic payoff, and when it finally happened they didn't even have enough scenes together.

I mean... I managed to finish it, so that's something I guess? But I saw someone else describe this as a "hot mess" and I have to say I agree.
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This book is super cute and I need more!!!

Camden is the perfect high school crush, is that weird to say at 35, I hope not. Anyway this character is pretty much everything a girl in high school would want. He is funny, smart, caring, sweet, oh and a lead singer in a band. 

Macey is a girl after my own heart. She has major insecurities but she is extremely gorgeous, she just doesn't know it. She is super smart and in the running for valedictorian. 

While reading this book you will think back to your awkward moments, crushes, dances, the lunchroom, and so much more. 

Omg...I am in love with this book. Being a mother this book has me super excited for my girls to get into high school. For me what is when your life start to shape and make a little sense. 

So thank you K.R. Grace for writing such an amazing young adult read. I really needed this is my life. I love it and can't wait for book two to get here!

I love me some Cam and Mace!!!!
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It took me three attempts over several weeks, but I am glad I persisted. By chapter four I finally warmed to Macey Greere, who is a nerdy kind of book lover and sympathy vomiter. Of course, without using a spoiler-alert, it was clear that she would end up finding her own two feet. And she did! Therefore, I was a bit uncomfortable with the subtitle 'The Awkward Duckling,' because she didn't look like that to me.
Looking forward to the follow-up.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book.
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I hated this book. At least it was a quick read. 

The main character is horrible and unrealistic about her achievements. We are told that she has a perfect score in ACT and SAT. People can score really well in one but not both. Then we are told that she belongs to seventeen clubs. That's not possible. Five, I could see but seventeen means that you don't have time to get that 4.0 GPA that main character has or a part time job. In the end, she gets wait listed to the college she really wants to go to which is probably because she didn't do any volunteer work. But volunteer work would mean that the girl has empathy and she hasn't showcased any of it during the whole book. 

 She has some very painful thoughts that made me literally close my Kindle cover and thwack myself in the head with it.  According to her, the girls she dumps for her best friend should have known better that he was going to dump them, an Iranian girl has an accent that is so exotic that makes the boys drool, and since the main character has so many problems with men, she decides to give it a try with a girl because that's how sexuality works.

 I also could not understand her high school culture. Her best friend goes through girls like one a week (by the look of it) and the main character dumps each one for him. Yet people think the two of them are in a romantic relationship. Wouldn't either one of them be avoided because they are cruel to people? In a way, I do agree that the high school girls should know better. They should know to avoid the main characters at all cost.

 The concept of the book works weird. The main character wants to properly fall in love and go to the prom with her boyfriend so she creates a list of tropes by her favorite author to fall in love. For a supposed smart girl, she has the weirdest thinking pattern. There are points of her 'romances' where I'm thinking, why don't you just talk to the guy? He's standing right there and is listening to you. Maybe because she refers to the men as 'targets' and therefore doesn't even see them as someone to know. The girl has no soul. And in the end, there is a huge role reversal that I don't understand at all. 

 As for her love interest, I called the reason for why he goes through girls before I opened the book. This book is such a cliche mess.
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This story definitely brought me back to my high school days.  It was a story that sucked me in and held my attention.  I'd definitely recommend this to younger teens as a quick, light and clean read.  It was cute and fun!
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Not a very memorably YA contemporary.  I didn't find Cam very likable, and actually, I didn't find most of the characters very likable (especially the guys Macey dates.)  Things I wish were in this book: more character development of main and secondary characters, more believable romance,  and more emotion.  

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I enjoyed this book this was the first book that I have read by K.R Grace and I will be reading more of her work in the future because of how much I enjoyed this one. I enjoyed the premise of this story and the relationship
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