Christmas at Cade Ranch

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Sofia and her young son Javi have been struggling through life, since Sofia's past of drug addiction does not allow her to keep a steady job. They are getting ready to restart in a new city, but by chance the mother of Javi's deceased father invites the two of them to stay a few nights at her ranch. There, Sofia meets James Cade, Javi's uncle. Sofia and James hit it off immediately, but their reservations and flaws have the potential to keep them apart.

Christmas at Cade Ranch is a sweet Christmas story. Set on a ranch in contemporary times, it tells a cute romance between Sofia and James. I enjoyed it, and it reminded me a little bit of a Hallmark movie. It was sweet, showed the characters facing real struggles, and ended satisfyingly. 

One of the major themes is the impact of drug addiction. Sofia and Javi's father, Jesse, both struggled with it. Sofia stopped because of her son but it ultimately ended Jesse's life. Although Sofia quit doing drugs, but the temptation and the guilt continue to haunt her. But it doesn't only haunt her, either. She worries about her son's reaction and future in that context, and James doesn't seem willing to trust her as an individual until he is certain she is done with drugs for good. This portrayal of the impact of drugs was very telling for how drugs impact people in real life. 

I enjoyed Christmas at Cade Ranch, and I recommend it to fans of sweet, contemporary romance. 

I received a complementary copy of this book. All opinions are my own, and I received no compensation for stating them.
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Christmas at Cade Ranch by Karen Rock is the first book in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys mini series. If you have never read a book by Karen Rock GO NOW and GRAB this one!!! You will not be disappointed. I know every time I am gonna read a book by the Rock Women I have to clear my schedule because I will not be putting it down. This one was absolutely no different. The love and family at the Cade Ranch is so amazing! 

James has a lot on his plate with the family Ranch and his attracting growing to the mother of his nephew. Whom is off limits of course. One he can't trust her and two she is his brother's ex. That is not a good combination. 

Sofia is a single mother trying to make a life for her and her son. She doesn't want the demons of the past to over cloud their future. So why is she at the Cade Ranch with the family of her son's father. 

Christmas at Cade Ranch is a heart wrenching story that will take you through many struggles and obstacles. These happen to be true elements of many peoples every day life in this current time. You will not regret this one. Thank you again Karen for such an amazing read!
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I loved Christmas at Cade Ranch by Karen Rock. It is an emotional book of hope, redemption, forgiveness and second chances wrapped with love. Karen Rock has weaved a fantastic story in which you can find yourself being swept up in it and wanting more. It is a wonderful story with imperfect, realistic characters that you find yourself laughing, crying and rooting for throughout the book. Not often do I find a book that I can get so wrapped up in the characters but this one you can.
If you like an uplifting fun emotional romance that you just can't put down then this book is for you.

I was given this book for my honest opinion and review
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This is a beautifully told story, a story of love, redemption and learning to trust and learning who you are and letting go of the past to make a future for the people who mean the most. Sit back and make yourself comfortable as you get to know this family of ranchers and the first heroine who is going to join the family.

James Cade is a man who needs things to run smoothly he has lists and ensures that everything goes right, after the death of his younger brother Jesse, this is essential for James so the ranch keeps going but when Jesse’s ex Sofia Gallardo and her young son Javi walk into their lives and end up staying for a while James the man always in control starts to lose that control can he get over his trust issues for a wonderful future.

Sofia and her son Javi have lived a hard life through homelessness and struggle with personal problems but she loves her son and misses Jesse, so when she decides to move towns and start afresh she makes a stopover to finally meet Jesse’s mother and Javi’s grandmother Joy but that leads to a stay at the Cade Ranch and her getting closer to the controlling James.

James and Sofia come from totally different families and backgrounds and there is the memory of Jesse to contend with as well but neither can deny the spark that started at their first meeting, even after what Sofia has been through she is still a strong and loving person and James mellows a little the longer she stays and of course Javi becomes such a part of the family. I loved this story there is such emotion flowing through the words the issues are tackled so well and this one is such a great Christmas story as well, yes there were tears and smiles and I am very much looking forward to more in this series. This is one I highly recommend thank you MS Rock.
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If you are looking for a light and fluffy holiday read then this book isn't for you. It filled with complex and interesting set of characters and gets pretty deep at times. Seeing Sofia's life and what she was dealing with. Seeing how other treated her knowing of her previous addiction and seeing the distrust others had for her was pretty sad to see. I loved that her son was such a little light that kept things from getting too tough he was ready to make people smile and it was sweet to see. I also loved that her son didn't fade in the background like many other books I read where the kid is briefly mention and MIA for the rest of the book. It really showed how amazing Javi was for her getting better. There was plenty of other things in the book that I really liked but won't go into detail but this was a pretty enjoyable book I really liked it.
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An emotional and heartfelt story about family, addiction, learning to accept yourself, and allowing yourself to be happy. 
I love the author's voice. Her style of writing is so smooth, the story has a lovely, natural flow that pulls you in. The rich and variable plot holds the interest throughout, and I found the book hard to put down, as I was invested in the characters and their lives. 
Sofia Gallardo has had a rough life but she is a survivor, and I admired her toughness, her ability to beat her addiction and hold herself clean while being a single mom working in a low-income, constantly changing jobs. The vulnerability, the past hurt, the raw and realistic emotions running through Sofia's mind went straight to my heart. I can't say I could relate to her or should I say know where she has been and understands her pain and situation, but the author paints a picture that shows the challenges clearly, points out the obstacles she has overcome and celebrates the victories she has achieved. 
I really loved Sofia, and her son, and the kind of mom she was. The love between those two was palpable, I wanted to reach out and make everything better for them. 
And I understand that this was the goal James Cade also had, but oh, I struggled with James. He is a bit too controlling, too adamant, too stubborn, too rude, too unforgiving, he was just too much for me. And I kept reading, hoping there would be redemption for him, that he would overcome his problems with control, and he would see the error of his ways. And yes, he is not completely blind to his overpowering ways to control and command everyone around him, but is it enough and was it too late?! 
A story that smoothly blends together the sweetness and magic of Christmas, a family trying to hold it together after a tragedy, the raw and real struggles of addiction, and the Wonderwoman state of survival many single moms perform daily. A story that will touch your heart and makes you appreciate your blessings
~ Four Spoons
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What can I say?  Another Karen Rock book that is a Harlequin Heartwarming and she hits it out the park for me.  There is something about an author that can write emotional, at times raw, heartwarming romance like this and then funny young adult books.  I couldn’t wait to dive into this book and dive I did.

This book is about addiction and the after effects that linger well past being clean.  I wish I could have known Jesse Cade.  Just listening to his mother and siblings, he sounded like a really good person.  Even Sofia really couldn’t say a bad thing about him in the end.  I’ve seen addiction in my own family.  My brother still struggles every day with it so I could identify with the Cade family in that sense.  I’m was glad that Sofia went to NA meetings.  But it did bother me a bit that James was the one that told Javi about her.

There are a lot of issues that come to light throughout the book in regards to Jesse and how it greatly affected his entire family; not just Sofia and Javi.  This is a family that will always grieve for Jesse but also needs to get some understanding of what he did and the why through Sofia.  Sofia is a great character.  I could see her strength when she didn’t; her ability to love even when she felt like she wasn’t lovable but more importantly, how she really was trying to be a better person and parent for Javi.

I didn’t like James in the beginning.  Yes, I didn’t.  Too controlling, at times self-righteous and basically a douche when it came to Sofia’s motives or lack thereof.  When he finally started to warm to Javi, my heart melted a bit but it wasn’t until he realized that he was truly going to lose Sofia and Javi, that I fell for him.  Stubborn man.  Fiercely loyal to his family, it was almost like he resented Sofia for living instead of Jesse.  Like I said, this book is very emotional, raw at times and deals with a lot of family issues.  Sure there is a romance and it’s sweet but also swoon-worthy.  It just takes a while for the true romance part to come to light.  Not complaining.  They had to work through it to get to that point.

I can’t wait to see what Ms. Rock has in store for the other Cades.  I can’t wait to get an update on James, Javi, and Sofia.  Plus, I must know about the feud and hopefully, Joy and Boyd will find some happiness in the end.  Oops, I said too much.
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Something about this book wrapped me right around its little finger and captured my heart. I typically read to escape and although this story had plenty of chances to do that, there are some hard matters to process. Karen Rock magically transported me right into the thick of things and allowed me to watch the characters change and develop. Their trials and pains were almost tangible and it was enlightening to work through things right along with them.

Single mom, Sofia, and her young son, Javi, are trying to get on their feet. Sofia has had a very rough life but to see where she is now gave me so much hope. Rock takes the reader through some tough situations and struggles, but it's not depressing; I have so much admiration for Sofia. As for Javi, that little kid stole my heart. He's precocious and hasn't had the best shot at life, despite Sofia's efforts, but all he wants is love and acceptance and the way he warms up to this family, eager to please, is so sweet that it's almost heart breaking. James is stern and precise, but this second chance even melts him like a snowman in the sun.

The emotion and triumphs are what I love best about this story. With a sweet and gentle romance blossoming in the wings, second chances at life and a family's love give the characters power to change prejudices and allow for stunning growth. Family really is everything and this whole family is fantastic, even with their flaws. I ran the gamut with my feelings and was enveloped in Carbondale, CO from the first page to the last. This is one series that I'm definitely watching out for.

Content: mild romance; very mild language; mild talk of drug use, death, violence.

*I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions.*
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Christmas At Cade Ranch is one of the first Christmas books I have read this year and with the winter coming nearer, it made me get excited about Christmas and the joy that the season brings. Although for Sofia, life haven't always been joyful with her own personal issues she is hoping to make changes for herself and her son, Javi.
The story starts out with Sofia and Javi having had some unexpected news although to Sofia she knew it would only be a matter of time before her past came back affecting her present once again. With Christmas drawing nearer, Sofia and Javi have the chance to escape their life and spend time at the Cade Ranch, with the family that holds a past linked to bad memories. Although Sofia is soon taken with James Cade, her son's uncle and the brother of the man who gave her, one of the best things in her life...her son.
Moving on from her issues proves harder than she originally thought due to having different focuses in her life now but maybe Sofia can find the happiness she needs to move on from her past and to a future that is full of joy and not heartache. She just needs to see that she deserves happiness and focus on her future and not the past.
Christmas At Cade Ranch is a truly inspiring story about a mother's journey and her wanting a better life for herself and her son, along with finding love along the way. I liked how the story drew on a topic, such as substance misuse which not many books draw upon as it is a sensitive subject. Although it is one of those things that is relevant in the world today and I am was really pleased to read this amazing story that can put it into a truly modern spin on a brilliantly written Christmas story.
Three Words 
Magical, Romance and Hopeful.
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Christmas at Cade Ranch is my kind of story … filled with an atmospheric setting that you can see in your mind, serious real-life issues, dynamic romantic chemistry, and characters who experience healing restoration. It’s emotional, even raw at times, but beautifully uplifting. Romance is central to the story, yet there’s so much more depth and character development. Karen Rock has written an entertaining and powerful story that touches the heart. I haven’t read much from Harlequin’s Heartwarming series before now, but if Christmas at Cade Ranch is the norm, then I’m a fan. 

One of the main themes is the importance of family – reflected in the loving, tightknit Cade family of James, and in the lack of love and approval in the dysfunctional family of Sofia’s growing up years. This story also reminds us that no family, no matter how caring and close knit, is shielded from the effects of drug addiction – and that no one should be defined by their past, but rather receive the grace of a second chance. Christmas at Cade Ranch is written from a biblical worldview, and actually has more Christian values than some of what passes for Christian fiction these days.

I loved James and Sofia so much and found them easy to relate to. There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing a character like James, totally inflexible with rules and daily schedules, thrown off track by unexpected feelings and attraction. And oh, how I admired Sofia’s courage and strength in overcoming her past mistakes and pouring everything into her son, Javi. In the beginning, James reminded Sofia “of who she was, not who she wanted to become.” I could understand both her desire to be accepted and believed in, and James’s desire to protect his family. 

I thought the drug addiction theme was handled well, especially Sofia’s determination to succeed by herself, without the support of NA meetings. The first one she attended was one of my favorite scenes, as she questioned … “Wasn’t it far worse to wallow in ancient history than to simply let it go and step away, clean and free?” The romantic tension between James and Sofia is palpable, and the growing relationship between James and little Javi is beautiful to behold.

Readers will love James and Sofia, as well as the whole Cade family, and I eagerly await further stories in this series. I encourage you to add Christmas at Cade Ranch to your seasonal reads and get to know this appealing family.

Highly recommended.

I was provided a free copy of this book through Prism Book Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Karen Rock is one of my favorite author in the Harlequin Heartwarming line.  She is so good at telling me a story with characters I feel something for.  I am loving this Cade family!  I sure am glad this is a big family with plenty more stories to come.

Sofia is a single mother, struggling to take care of her boy.  She's made some mistakes in her life, but ever since becoming a mother, nothing has been more important to her than her son, Javi.  I loved Sofia.  She is strong and determined and such a good mother.  She fills Javi's life with love.  I had such a growing respect throughout this book for Sofia because she did what was best for Javi even when it meant swallowing her pride and doing things that were hard for her.  She has the heart of a mother.

James is Sofia's polar opposite in most ways.  But one thing they share in common is love for their family.  James is pushy and bossy.  He is a stickler for rules because rules keep people safe.  James and Sofia both both learn and grow throughout this book and that is always a satisfying journey as a reader.  

If you are looking for a book to put you in the holiday spirit, this book has plenty of that as well.  'Tis the season for a good Christmas romance!  I can't wait to get back to Cade Ranch with the next book.

Content:  talk about drug addiction, death, mild swearing, kissing
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Christmas at Cade Ranch by Karen Rock is a great read when the weather outside is cold and snowy – or even just when you wish it were! Kisses to make you melt, a sweet message of family and faith and restoration, and vivid characters who settle right into your heart… when you want a clean read that isn’t short on romance, it doesn’t get much better than this! This isn’t just a romance though. It’s a story about family – the one you’re born into and the one you collect as you go through life. It gives us permission to own our pasts, even the moments we’d rather forget but it’s also a reminder that we aren’t defined by them. Change takes courage and so does trust – and we see both represented in James and Sofia.

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)
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This story wasn’t about the love interest between James and Sofia, it’s about so much more. It’s about love of family, and one’s self. It’s about addiction and the long and difficult road to recovery. It’s about acceptance and finding the strength to forgive. It’s about finding the courage to claim the happiness you deserve, despite all the wrongs in your past. And it’s about second chances, giving them and receiving them. 

I loved the story. I love meeting James, his wild and crazy siblings and his wonderful mom. Sofia and her son Javi are a wonderful addition to their lives and this story. Sofia is a true warrior. She’s fought indifference, abandonment, addiction, accusations and is still fighting for her son and her sobriety. Javi is a beautiful soul and such a loving child and I saw so many parallels between him and my own son. 

CHRISTMAS AT CADE RANCH is a heartfelt holiday read full of family, love and forgiveness and I’d recommend it to any reader in search of the same.
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Good read. Complex characters with tough issues to deal with. Liked the story flow. Christmas is a good time for families to come together and work through issues. Liked the characters and reading their individual struggles and how they work through them. Would recommend this book.
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It is early for me to be reading Christmas books. I usually don't like to start anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

This week I have had the good fortune to read three books centered around the Christmas Season and it has been wonderful. All three of them have had a central theme about second chances, helping out those who are less fortunate, and are generally about loving others. I need these themes in my life. I need the reminder about what the season is about, even if it is out of Holiday order.

Sofia is an amazing character. She has endured many hardships and overcome drug addiction. She keeps it together for her young son, Javi. He is the center of her world and she does all that she can for him. It is heartbreaking to think of a young mother with little to no income, on the brink of starvation, carving out a better life for her and her son.

The Cade's are a pretty incredible family. They were rocked by the death of Jesse, Javi's father. He was the son who they couldn't save from addiction. His older brother, James, has taken it upon himself to be the protector of the family. He doesn't want to see his mother hurt again, and that would include getting Sophia and Javi out of her life before they become attached.

As I stated above, this is a story about second chances. I also found the themes of redemption, second chances, and forgiveness in the book. This book can really be read at anytime, even though it centers on the Christmas Season. The messages that it contains are good for anytime and help me feel a little more thankful in the month of November.

Source: I received an electronic copy of the book from Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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A heart wrenching story of love, forgiveness and redemption! Sometimes the hardest forgiveness to give is to yourself … and watching it occur is a beautiful thing. James carries a guilt no one else can understand … until he meets Sofia and learns of her own self-doubt. Apart they are haunted, but together they can see the strength in forgiving themselves and honoring Jesse’s memory the only way he would have wanted. This story delves into a touchy subject and brings us two very different sides of the picture. We learn the innocent family’s side and how it can tear them apart to have to doubt their loved one … and we learn the agitators side and how they hope and pray every day for answers that their body just isn’t willing to give them. A very powerful message … and a sweet story of coming out on the other side!

James Cade would do anything for his family, and when they are all blindsided by his little brother’s death, he steps up to take charge and keep them all afloat while their hearts are crumbling. When a surprise shows up at the ranch when they least expect it, he has to stay on guard and protect his family from whatever deceit may be hiding within … but as his heart starts to defrost and warm up to the interlopers, he might be in bigger trouble than he thought!

Sofia Gallardo only intended to make a quick stop through Carbondale, Colorado, but when she finds herself stranded at Cade Ranch with her son, she hesitantly accepts their help and hopes to give her son the best Christmas he’s ever had! Javi might no longer have his father, but letting him get to know his extended family might be the next best thing.
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This story certainly lives up to its heartwarming genre! It is a superbly crafted story dealing with emotive issues such as grief, trust, abuse and family relationships in a manner which brings the characters to vivid life in the imagination of the reader. Sofia Gallardo is a single Mum, doing her very best to raise her son after his father was murdered.

She had no plans to contact his family, but his Mother got in touch and convinced Sofia to let her meet both her and her grandson. She then connived to get Sofia to stay on the family ranch by offering her a job there - much to the chagrin of her child's Uncle, James Cade. He is initially reticent to trust Sofia and makes his feelings plain. However, as he gets to know her, he is in a real turmoil as he is attracted to Sofia but feels he will be betraying his younger brother's memory if he acts upon the attraction. Sofia is similarly conflicted. She's never experienced family life like the Cades take so much for granted. This is what she hopes her son will always experience but she's only supposed to be there for a limited time. As Christmas draws near, can the festive season bring new happiness and a fresh start for all those on the ranch, or will it be a distant memory, left behind forever?

The story is a real emotional roller coaster, with the characters coping with their grief and new circumstances in their individual ways. The author makes it easy to empathise with them all as they develop throughout the story. The dangers of addiction are sensitively dealt with in a manner that doesn't minimise their impact but does stress the importance of support to help sufferers endeavour to avoid succumbing again in future. Even the impact on child is portrayed brilliantly. This is he start of a new series and I have to say that this is an author I certainly want to read more of in future. I was impressed by how she brought all the characters to life, making it feel like I was there witnessing and sympathising events. This truly is a heartwarming romance and I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys escaping into this story which has "home, family, community and love" at the heart of it.

I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.
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Christmas at Cade Ranch is a great start to Karen Rock's Rocky Mountains Cowboys series! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books in this series. 
James Cade is doing is best at trying to keep the family ranch going after the death of his younger brother, but having to take care of Jesse's family also makes it not only more difficult but complicated as well when his feelings for Sofia begin to change.
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An unforgettable story of brokenness, forgiveness, and healing.

After a prequel story in Cowboy to Keep, Christmas at Cade Ranch officially begins a series featuring the Cade family, their recovery from grief, and their hard-won journeys to happily-ever-after.  Although the Cade matriarch and siblings are all introduced and featured within this first book, the romantic focus is on eldest brother, James.  After the death of sibling Jesse Cade, the family is still dealing with their grief and guilt when Jesse's son and mother of his child are brought, unwittingly, into the Cade fold.  While James is leery and suspect of Sofia, the rest of the family embraces the positive changes she and her son, Javi, bring to the Christmas holiday and possible future.

Within the first three chapters of this book, my heart was continually breaking.  I know what to expect from Karen Rock's writing, but still the poignancy in her stories never fail to give me pause.  I knew from these first chapters that the HEA would be mightily welcome and well-deserved.  Impressed is the only way to express how I felt about the depiction of substance abuse.  Rock never gets too gritty, but she’s honest and didn’t shy away from the negative effects it brings to the abuser and their loved ones.  To temper the addiction storyline, there was the sweet and swoony romance between James and Sofia.  At times I wanted to throttle James with his blatant suspicions and hypervigilant scheduling, but the author flawlessly turned his character around until I fell for him myself.  My only insignificant critique was the seemingly implausible quick about-face of Sofia’s dad with his there-and-gone appearance.  Overall, a poignant, sweetly romantic and compulsively readable story by this author.  (This is my voluntary and honest review of an advanced copy of Christmas at Cade Ranch via Netgalley.)
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Christmas at Cade Ranch

The book deals with how addiction can affect family. What a sweet boy Javi is. Love how Sofia cares for her son (Javi).and how she overcame addiction. Love the Cade family and looking forward to more in the series. I really loved Joy, who is the Grandmother of Javi and mother of the Cade clan. A lot of feeling to be deal with, learning to love again and forgiveness, mainly forgiveness of self. I love Karen Rock writing and I have to say this is one her best books. Sometimes a really special book is hard to write a review on, even if never dealt that close with addiction or someone that experienced it this book will touch your heart. I would love to give this book ten stars. I received the book from NetGalley and thru Prism book tours.
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