Your Guide to the Apocalypse

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A short book on Biblical passages that relate to the end times. Nothing new here, however the information deserves to be covered and looked at from multiple perspectives.

I didn't agree with parts (how looking after the earth is going to ruin the economy and bring on destruction, didn't God challenge us to take care of what we are given?), but others align with my current viewpoint and understanding. I did like that the author would always turn the focus back on the reader and challenge the reader to know where they are in their salvation through Jesus Christ.

An easy read for those beginning to look into end times prophecy.
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This is an easy to read and understand book about a controversial subject. Pastor Matt Hagee did an admirable job tackling it in this, the first book that I've read by him. I will be looking forward to his next.
Loaded with Scripture to back up the writing, this would be ideal for a small group study. 
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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My thoughts:

I very much enjoyed reading this book. I have read similar books in the past, that to be honest, were hard for me to get through. This book is easy to read with clear and concise instructions on how to be ready for the coming of Christ. I love reading about end time prophecy and am still learning a lot, but I feel like I know so much more after reading this book, as well as understand so much more. No matter where you are in your walk with God, everyone can benefit from reading this book. It gives us the knowledge of the signs of the coming of Christ and helps us to be prepared. Informative, easy read that I highly recommend!

Side note:

I have heard about Matt Hagee, but this is the first book I have read by him. I very much enjoyed it and will definitely seek out more of his books in the future. 😉

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I have been a fan of Pastor John Hagee for 20 years and now I can say I am a fan of Pastor Matt Hagee as well.  His insight, his writing style is much like his father's but unique in his own way.  I love how this book shows us what the bible clearly says and gives us the scripture to look it up for our self, but he also gives us a break down of the different prophecies that related to the times we are living in right now.  It's very well written, clear and easy to understand and gives me, a Christian reader a sense of peace knowing that God is in control and has planned this very time from the beginning! .  His explanations and break down of the prophecies  take away the fear of the unknown and allows Christians of every level to understand what those bible prophecies mean,.
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This book answered many of the questions I had regarding the end times and today's world.
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While Hagee begins with a discussion of modern-day events and parallels to passages of Scripture, the latter part of the book is a study of the seven churches in Revelation and their parallels to the seven ages of the church. He concludes we are living in Laodicea--a phrase which brings back memories of an old contemporary Christian song (1983) by Steve Camp. I enjoyed the author's illustrations based on his own family history. This is a readable book encouraging believers in the midst of spiritual darkness. I received an electronic galley from the publisher via NetGalley with expectations for an honest review to be published and shared.
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An easy to understand study of the mysteries, prophesies, and riddles surrounding the future End of Days.
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