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Not a fan of this book. Mr. Clutterbuck's friends just lets his friend sleepwalk into dangerous situations. FYI - it's ok to wake a sleepwalker when they're walking into traffic! I didn't like the message of this book and it needs better translation in parts.
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Mr Clutterbuck is a mild mannered goat by day, but at night his alter ego comes to the forefront. Unbeknownst to him his sleepwalking antics gets him noticed. The illustrations are reminiscent of Richard Scarry. Kids will laugh at loud at all the hijinks.
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I love the illustration style here. Very cute and cartoony. The plot is okay. The direction is obvious pretty early on but I'm sure little kids will enjoy it.
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'Goodnight, Mr. Clutterbuck' by Mauri Kunnas with translation by Jill Timbers is a story about a poor creature who can't understand why he is so tired during the day, but the reader will know why.

Every night, Mr. Clutterbuck has a routine so that he could get a good night's sleep.  It includes brushing his teeth, drinking a glass of warm milk, and tucking his guinea pig Gus in for the night.  But every night, Mr. Clutterbuck is the busiest, noisiest sleepwalker in his town.  Poor Gus has his hands full keeping Mr. Clutterbuck safe.  Along the way, he manages to solve mysteries in his town, but what about all those missing spoons?

It's a really funny story which is only funnier with the great illustrations.  I feel so bad for little Gus who is fully aware of all the close calls that Mr. Clutterbuck gets in to.  I think this would be fa fun book to read aloud with kids.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Elsewhere Editions, Archipelago, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This children’s book was so entertaining, I just hope I am not Mr. Clutterbuck when I sleep, causing so much ruckus. The gorgeous illustrations in this book were adorable, they fit very well with the book and translated well with the story and the mishaps in the book. Mr. Clutterbuck is a very unique character, one I think many children will remember especially for his antics of sleepwalking. The repetition in this book is a technique well used in the Children’s Book industry and is clearly seen in this picture book as well. The storyline wasn’t at all complicated and very easy to follow, especially with all the onomatopoeia.

This book was translated from Finnish and I am happy to know that this amusing book was not lost in translation because it was highly entertaining, something that you can read to your child at night, leaving a smile on their face.
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Goodnight, Mr. Clutterbuck was a did-not-finish for me. The text was too overwhelming for a picture book to me. However, I loved the guinea pig! (But unfortunately, all my DNFs get only 1 star.) I’m sure other people will enjoy reading about Gus = and Mr. Clutterbuck!
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 I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review. 

Mr. Clutterbuck gets ready and goes to bed. Unbeknownst to him he is a sleepwalker. He makes his way through town every night solving people problems in his sleep. The illustrations of this book are really cute and detailed. There is a lot to look at and find. 

3/5 ⭐
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*thank you to Steerforth Pre­ss and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

2 stars.
While I liked the sound of this from the description, and I also really like the cover, the story had potential but just wasnt for me. The illustrations are really good. Some of them have alot of detail so its nice to just take a bit extra time to go over them before turning the page. I would like to give this another go at some stage and see what I think of it a second time round, now that I know what to expect. 
So, if you are trying to decide to give this a go or not, id recommend to try it.
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I loved this book from start to finish.  The hilarious and very detailed illustrations are amazing.  They are full of action, humour and emotion. They are brilliant!  

      Mr. Clutterbuck is a lethargic, kind of boring goat by day but boy does he change his demeanour during the nighttime hours.  You see, Mr. Clutterbuck is a sleepwalker and his nightly body guard is Gus, his loyal and loving guinea pig. Gus sticks with him through thick and thin trying to keep his owner out of danger and safely back home to his bed.  All Mr. Clutterbuck's friends kindly ask him to join them to go rollerskating, to a cookout or to participate in karaoke, but alas, he declines each invitation opting to have his familiar bedtime rituals and then head off to his bed. 

       Once asleep his nightly adventures lead him on wild and wonderful escapades.  He breaks up motorcycle gang rivals, rescues Wally Wurst's sausage business from cashing and burning, causes havoc and destruction due to a humungous mustard spill he incurred and even becomes a rock band's lead singer (even though he cannot sing), just to name a few.  

      His bravery and bizarre antics do not go unnoticed by the local town folk. With very grateful hearts they descend upon his home to offer their praise and thanks to him.  They give the confused and rather stunned Mr. Clutterbuck the ideal gift that a sleepwalker could ever dream of having. The ending is spot on perfect!  This book will be thoroughly enjoyed by both younger and older audiences.  The excellent detailed illustrations will have kids going back again and again to revel in their complexities.  This book is translated from Finnish by Jill Timbers.   I highly recommend it.
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Yeay! Another children book for me.
Well, when I read children book, I always remind my self that, there's always no word of late to read this kind of book. *self-defense. 

Actually, I read this book because I wanna some escape from reading article journal or any other material for my college. Eugh. I know that being a final year student is not easy. But, I just need some escape beside playing in Telegram. Ups. Yes, I am playing some game in Telegram and it's really fun. You have to try some day.

Okay. Back to this ARC. I got this ARC on Netgalley. Since the first time I joined Netgalley, I always like to read children book because I am falling in love with illustration book. For this book, I really apprecate what Mauri Kunnas did. Kunnas, in my opinion, did a great job with the story. Of course. I like what Mr. Clutterbuck did.

From the blurb, you would know that Mr. Clutterbuck was a sleepwalker. Without realizing, at every night, Mr. Clutterbuck got so many adventures. From helping some food industry until catch a thief. The thing is, Mr Clutterbuck never realized that he became the hero of the town.

When I read this, I really like the illustration. I don't know why but I felt that the illustration of this book is different from another children book that I've ever read--like Happy Birthday and Happiness doesn't Come from Handstand. It's more like painting for me than just illustrated book. Honestly, I really love it.

Then, when I searched about this book in Goodreads, I just realized that this book is the first book of the series. Lol. Should I read the next book? It could be of course. If I could acces the second book. Right then, I feel satisfy when I read this book. So fun and relaxing.

4 stars for the Mr. Clutterbuck's adventure.
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The illustrations are fun and the main star of this cluttered story. Mr. Clutterbuck is a sleepwalker and there are certainly a lot of shenanigans that could be fun, but that's where author Mauri Kunnas misses the mark. The potential was huge, but the execution lacked the brevity needed to make an impact. I even thought Mr. Clutterbuck's sleepwalking noises and his pet Gus's reactions -- from the "Foxtrot rumba..." and "Upsy downsy..." -- lacked the charm and rhythm to enthrall a child.
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Honestly just wasn't feeling this book. My wife and I, neither one, liked it. It wasn't cute, wasn't a great story, and I guess just wasn't for us. I was pulled in my the title and the art, but the story just wasn't there for me.
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I believe this has the potential to be really cute and fun for a young age group. The artwork is silly, and nicely done. I really like how the art goes with the text. The story itself is really silly and just what a toddler would probably find hilarious.
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A fun story of about a seemingly introverted goat who actually spends his nights doing wild and crazy things; unknowingly since he is sleepwalking. 
The illustrations reminded me of a Richard Scarry book with lots of extra details that would make reading this over and over fun for kids and adults alike.
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Mr. Clutterbuck, our sleepy hero, is a goat who can't stay awake to enjoy the invitations of his fellow animal friends to go to a barbecue or sing karaoke.  However, once he falls asleep, he can't help but sleepwalk his way into fantastic adventures involving some aspect of the events he missed while he was awake.  Mr. Clutterbuck unwittingly helps to solve a subplot of the mystery of the disappearing spoons all around town, as well.  The kooky characters and funny situations make up for the otherwise text heavy aspect of this picture book.  Probably best for an older audience of kids, 5 and up.
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I absolutely love the illustrations, which are so reminiscent of Richard Scarry's wonderful work many years ago. The details, the ridiculous, out-of-place objects (lawnmower on someone's sloping roof, car perched on another), the colour and the action are great.

Mr. Clutterbuck is a goat with a pet/friend guinea pig, Gus. He eats only healthy carrots and enjoys a glass of warm milk before bed. They settle down for the night . . . until, Mr. Clutterbuck gets a serious case of the wanders and takes off into the dark, crossing the road, sound asleep with his eyes closed. 

Dear little Gus. with a look of terror, leaps into the middle of the road holding a small STOP sign to protect Mr. Clutterbuck.

Mr. Clutterbuck trips into a shopping trolley and mayhem ensues as he ploughs through a line of washing and careens headlong into the busy middle of town. 

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration of Mr. Clutterbuck 'wearing' some laundry over his horns and across his face as he tears down the hill toward the bikies.]

He and Gus end up back at home, and in the morning, Mr. Clutterbuck wonders why his coat rack is covered with laundry. 

Each night brings another adventure, through which Mr. Clutterbuck snores soundly, sometimes filling himself up with food (so much for nothing but healthy carrots!) and exhausting poor, loyal, wee Gus!

The lively colour and action are terrific, the story less so. (5* for art and 3* for story) But kids (and people like me) will have so much fun finding all the little things that we'll forgive the story. See if you can spot the bird (?) sipping a drink from above while enjoying the chaos below. And the tiny, bewildered cop.

Thanks to NetGalley and Elsewhere Editions for the review copy from which I've shared a picture. I do have an issue with a couple of the translations which I hope will be corrected before publication.
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Weird, but not weird in a way I think the kids I work with would enjoy.
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Mr. Clutterbuck is a story that my children have asked me to read again and again.  They love the crazy adventure  and think that sleep walking is hilarious now.  They even try to get away with it themselves at bedtime!
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Good Night Mr Clutterbuck is a children's book that has been translated from Finnish. It is absolutely adorable, and I didn't fall asleep last night until I had finished it. 

Mr Clutterbuck is a goat that has a habit of sleepwalking. During the day, he is mild mannered, and very shy. He tries to avoid social situations as often as possible. He is completely different in the night, when his true self takes over. I feel he is a true representation of a lot of humans. We tend to worry about what other people will think of us, but if that is taken away, great things can happen. 

Of course, the book poses the question, "Who took all the spoons?" The answer is hilarious and surprising. 

The illustrations are wonderful and bring the story to a whole new level. I enjoyed looking at all the details in the illustrations just as much as the actual story. This is an adorable children's book that everyone, no matter the age, will enjoy. Highly recommended.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
Author: Mauri Kunnas
Publisher: Elswhere Editions
Publication Date: 28 Nov 2017
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An interesting story about a subject rarely talked about in children's books...sleepwalking. lot's of silliness and surprising things happen throughout. The translation of text to English from Finnish is a bit awkward in spots. 
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