Loving My Actual Christmas

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 04 Dec 2017

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Well thought out book that provides the reader with a good sense of how to go through the Christmas season without losing their mind. The first two-thirds of the book focus on Kuykendall's experience through one Advent and Christmas season. The last third is practical application of her experience to our own. The book follows the traditional Advent structure and is a realistic look at how expectation plays a huge role in the Christmas experience. Highly recommended.
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Do you want to prepare your heart for Christmas? We all have to-do lists down to the hoopla of relationships. “Loving My Actual Christmas” is a book the I will read each Christmas season to prepare my heart. 

Your hope should be deeper than your todo list. “May our hopes be for what is worth remembering.” -(Quoted from “Loving My Actual Christmas)

Joy is grown through us showing love know matter the circumstances or what hasn’t been done. 

We are “To celebrate the Person who is Christmas.”-(Quoted from “Loving My Actual Christmas”)
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The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful, exhausting, bank busting time of the year. Kuykendall takes a look at ways to get the holiday season under control for a more enjoyable experience.
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This holiday season will be an odd one for me. My last one with all 4 of my kiddos living in my house as the oldest will be off to college next year. I was starting to feel more then a little anxious about it. For me that meant making grand plans that I would likely never pull off and our actual Christmas would fall short of the vision in my head.
While I might still do that, because honestly it's kind of who I am. I feel like I am going into the holiday season armed with a realistic game plan now. I will be slowing down and tackling one idea at a time. Using Alexandra's big rocks principle to make sure that what really matters to us fits into my holiday instead of realizing after the season is over that I forgot about something. There are so many great reminders in this book.
I love that the first half of the book takes your through Alexandra's actual Christmas. Then the second half breaks it down and gives you so much good information.
I truly think this book is a great fit for anyone no matter what type of Christmas they are facing this year.
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I read he first book and this was just as helpfu on how to enjoy without stress
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