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This is a beautiful book!  I probably won't ever carve spoons, but I loved learning how an experienced craftsman makes useful tools that are also works of art.
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Disclaimer: I am not a wood carver of any other kind of artist.  I read this book because I have a spell affinity for spoons. I have a chronic illness and one of the way we talk about how we do that is with spoons as an analogy for energy. I read this  book because I wanted to know more about spoons and see how they are created.
I can't give you a review about how well it taught me to make spoons. But I can tell you how lovingly the author talked about these implements I saw them as art through his eyes.  I loved reading about the different woods and how you could turn imperfections in the wood to beautiful patterns and personality. I loved learning about the different kinds of spoons really challenging me to think about the wide functionality of the implements.
The artist loving render his work in words and pictures. I cam away inspired and touched.
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A guide to the art of spoon carving step by step picking the right wood guide to carving the art the end product this master spoon carver shows us.Fun to read easy to learn a fun educational book of lessons&doh those gorgeous spoons.
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An intriguing book that is a hymn to the beautiful, but humble, handmade wooden spoon. The book has three sections. The first tells the author's story and talks about wood. You'll learn about green wood, including what it is and how to find it. 

The second section focuses on the tools the carver uses and the steps to making a spoon.

The final section has detailed instructions for making 16 different spoons, including background information on each of them.

It's also beautifully illustrated with photographs.
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4.5 Stars! This book was great! Lots of info that was easy to understand & helpful photos to go along! This book tells about everything you'd need to know if trying to carve your own spoon! Types of wood, tools, techniques, types of spoons, etc!! I actually tried carving my own spoon once before & almost cut my finger off!! Now, with this book, I'm hoping it will be easier & that I will actually get it finished & it will look like a spoon & not a complete mess! It's not as easy as you'd think to carve your own spoons! If you'd like to try it, I definitely recommend this book first!! This book definitely made me appreciate the authors skill in making hand carved spoons!!
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!*
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