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The story starts out a bit slow at first the starts to pick a little. The world building needs a little work. I don’t feel to invested in the story by the end of the storyline. Maybe the next book will be better.
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I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I’m happy to having gotten an e-arc by the publisher & net galley in exchange of me leaving an honest review.

I think this world was super interesting and original. There are these mutated creatures, plants and humans that are larger, stronger and overall more dangerous than ‘before’.  There’s also a king of brutality present sometimes that I liked. It gave the story a bit of a dark edge to it. I think the world building on its own could’ve been a bit more developed, but seeing it’s a first in a trilogy, I hope we’ll get more of that in the next installment. 

In general I think the characters still need ‘some work’ but there were definitely some enjoyable features as well like our MC isn’t your typical flawless person with awesome skills. I thought her way of reacting and coping to situations was really well done and made her more imperfectly perfect. 

I truly enjoyed this story. It has an interesting storyline with some familiar elements but the author definitely gives an original take on things as well. The characters were fun to read about and I’m curious to see how much more they’ll develop in the next installment for example. Same with the world and the world building; I’m excited to read more about it! This is definitely a book I’d recommend if you’re looking for a fast paced story set in a really interesting post apocalyptic world.
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This is a great book! Definitely add to a must read list! The characters are great and the story is well written!
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I liked the concept, I liked that it made me think about who’s right and who’s wrong in general.This story is a dystopian story happening in a future where cars and planes are things from the past. The metal is a rarity and mutants are feared by humans.
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In this dystopian YA book, we follow a girl caller Sorrel. Her village, Amat, is ransacked and destroyed by a group of marauding mutants. The mutants also kidnap her 2-year-old brother Eli, and the boy she loves, David. Sorrel is determined to find them, and thus starts her adventure as she leaves behind everything she has ever known. 

This is an exciting concept and the adventure aspect drew me in. However, the dystopian genre has a lot of competition. I love reading a good dystopian YA, and this one was good but it did not stand out in the sea of other books from this genre. 

The characters were interesting and some of them had depth, but I found most were stereotypical or monotonous. I didn't connect with any of them because they felt like shells of characters we had seen several times over. Sorrel does go through some character growth and she learns things throughout the book that change her perspective. David was also an interesting character but he was a little generic and he didn't have much of a unique personality. 

This was a short read with a varied pace. There were times where I wanted to story to move faster than it was. The second half was not as exciting as I was expecting it to be. 

There's a lot of things going on in this story, at one point there is a little bit of a cult vibe, there is an adventure, a post-apocalyptic setting. Overall, it was an interesting story. It was good, but it did not stand out amongst the rest.
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The stark juxtaposition of the female protagonist swooning over her love interest while he's dismembering an animal is really not great. It doesn't bode well in terms of the tradition of toxic relationships romanticised in YA since Twilight. I don't know if this book quite has the self-awareness it needs to pull this one off...
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“The New Dark” by Lorraine Thompson is a short read at just 221 pages and yet I struggled to finish it. I don’t even have a strong opinion on this little guy to be honest. It’s not a book that I not like it, but I also that I not not like it? Resigned indifference might be a better way to describe it.
The book attempts to cover a wide range of issues, including racism, sexual assault, and slavery, but it attempts to tackle so much that it just falls short of the mark. Again, the book is pretty darn short and yet we are expected to have everything wrapped up relatively neatly by the end of it? Sorry, not happening. 
The plot also still has me trying to figure out what or rather why we went through it all in the first place. The book has potential but it just fell flat by attempting to take on more than it could chew.

A copy of the book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.
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I'm a fan of dystopian novels, and YA novels, and all that jazz.  This one was decent.  Nothing spectacular, and a few elements that made me think "I hope young kids don't read this."  But it was some decent world building (bleak, but that's dystopian for you), and some decent characters, and I was kept engaged.  May or may not read the next one, we shall see.
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I am no longer interested in reading this Title, and will therefore not be reviewing it. My Interest in books have changed over the years so due to my personal tastes changing, I cannot review this.
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This was just ok for me. The premise sounded really good but I was disappointed by the execution. Not what I expected.
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This story reminded me of the MOVIE version of Gone. Here you have a dilemma of the lines being blurred between good and bad and right and wrong. I love dystopia's, and the fact that there are "others", aliens, mutants, whatever you want to think of them as, is a plus for me.
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I decided not to read and review this book, unfortunately. I lost interest in the title and description once I came around to reading it.
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This was the first book I picked up as a netgalley arc and was SO disappointed as I just felt it was really shoddily written. I think it could do with another pass by an editor.
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This is a fabulous book in a new to me series and author! I very much enjoyed the premise of the story line and look forward to more from this author!
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First off, the cover love is real! It's absolutely gorgeous. This one was a hit and miss though. It had the usual lesson that not everyone is good and those you are prejudiced against arent all bad. The storylines premise was interesting and drew me in but some parts were just slow and didnt do it for me .
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*I received a free copy of The New Dark from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
I was not a fan of the New Dark at all. This was one of those books that I was really intrigued by, but when I started reading it, it just didn't hold my attention at all. I had to stop reading about 50 pages in, because I could not get through it at all. The characters didn't seem to be really fleshed out and it was so hard to really care about someone's journey if they don't seem like a real person.
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*I received a free copy of this ebook through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

And that's the only reason I finished reading it. Seriously, I lost interest after like the first chapter.

I have no idea how old any of the characters are except for Eli, who I assume is probably 1-2ish. Sorrel and David are probably teenagers, but they could be anywhere from 13 to 19 for all the info we have about them. (Yes, Sorrel refers to David sometimes as the "man" she loves, but even a 13-year-old girl might imagine she's a woman.) Either way, they're rather bland characters. The book description says David is Sorrel's boyfriend, but he's not--they like each other, but nothing ever happens between them to make them anything but friends. Mara is a stereotypical boy-stealing mean girl. Einstein is the requisite gateway character (the one who makes the main character realize that all (fill-in-the-blank) are not what she had thought). Martin and his creepy cult are, well, creepy. He's like Mr. Collins on personality steroids. Times a thousand, plus some Mr. Wickham. Just, ew. I think the most interesting character was Brig, and he wasn't in it very much. Overall, I just didn't care about the characters. I'm still wrecked about a character death from a book I finished last week, but these characters could all die, and I wouldn't feel a thing.

PS: Every time I read about Black Angus, all I could think of was the restaurant.

So this takes place sometime in the distant(?) future when things like metal, plastic, cars, books, regular clothes, etc. are inexplicably missing from the world. They're from the time Before. So . . . what happened? What caused this failure of technology and knowledge? What caused the mutants? There's no explanation given for any of it--it's just the way things are.

This book is basically a narration of the characters (mostly Sorrel--we only see David sometimes) going from one misfortune to another, falling into trap after trap after trap. And the thing is, I didn't even really care.

Most of the dialogue felt stiff, forced, and unnatural. Yet another reason the characters were just meh. The writing itself was rather uninteresting and could have used a few more rounds of editing (mostly for content, flow, and overall style).

I know it's a series, but I'm fine stopping here.

Note: Nothing offensive.
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Quite enjoyed this series. I found the concept interesting. Especially regarding the inviables. I even purchased and read to the end of the series.
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I was disappointed in this one.  Another grab on Netgalley that didn't pan out quite they way I was hoping.  Picking new books is tough.  When I have high hopes for a story from the synopses and it doesn't deliver on the premise advertised, I find it very hard to support the novel.

This novel plus The Queen of All Crows really put me in a bad place when trying to write helpful, objective reviews.  Even when I dislike a book, I try to remain objective that others may find what I consider faults to be entertaining or essential to their reading experience.  

Now that I have recuperated with some very excellent reading--reviews on those in the next couple days--I feel ready to write about The New Dark. 

This is a book about an EMP future.  There are no electronics, there is no grid; there are only mutants.  That was the hook that made me pick it off the "shelf."

I am really attracted to the idea of a world without the grid.  I gravitate towards books that have this premise.  Then the author threw in mutants.  How very X-Men.  Plenty of room to make a book impossible to put down.  Except that didn't happen.  I never really made a connection with the story and didn't feel the need to invest my time in it.

Then Sorrel comes across the Free People.  Wow.  I could be reading it completely wrong, but I really just did not like this section.  I felt like the story had stepped away from itself and onto a soapbox.  The reader was left there to wallow in the politics.  We also end up in a major metropolis run on slave labor.  Mutant and human race relations abound.  How many tropes can we shove in one manuscript?

Unfortunately, the story suffered from mediocre editing.  Maybe in ten years they can get a new editor on it and release a reboot edition.  While they're there, they can eliminate a few of the extraneous YA stereotypes.  Best of luck to any who go forward and try this novel.  I hope you find something to enlighten you.
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I have received this copy from NetGalley, on behalf of the publisher and author, in return for my honest review. 

I had a really hard time focusing on the plot or storyline or characters at first, and on throughout the book. However, there were parts that would catch my interest for a few pages. For me it just seemed a little confusing at times. None the less it was an awesome concept for the story line. Sorrel gets split from her friends and family when Mutants raid them. Breaking off meant David and the others were captured. Sorrel and David happened to be looking for each other, then their stories become two. Sorrel gets lost and while making her way, encounters something, or someone. However she wakes to man at her bed, and unclothed. She later discovers more about the people around her, and the place she is brought too. Her fear really rise when told she is to marry their leader, Martin. Their dark secrets she now knows. David has his own problems separated from Sorrel. When one mutual tries to help, their chances are blown when Elijah doesn't want to leave the mutant. He has become attached to it. None the less, not one of them can truly fight, not like Sorrel. He and Mara must figure out a way to get past the mutants and get DLI without him screaming. Along the way only more problems arise. 

Like it said, it wasn't horrible, just didn't keep my attention. I do feel that science fi fans would love it!! So try it out, and see what happens to Sorrel and David, and the others!!
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