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Meet cute is exactly what the name says - CUTE! This collection of short stories written by famous writers is absolutely adorable and it makes you giggle and smile like crazy.
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It was...cute! I liked some more than others. There was only a few told from male main character pov. Many were LGBTQ. Since it was only about who each pair met, I guess I was left wanting more from most of the stories, but of course, that is the whole theme of the collection.
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Buddy read with Holly, one story a day.

Siege Etiquette - 3/5 I wasn't a fan of the narrative style but it grew on me.
Print Shop - 5/5 F/F That was A D O R A B L E, I'll definitely read more by this author.
Hourglass - 4/5 I know it's a meet cute but I wanted MORE
Click -
The Intern -
Somewhere That's Green -
The Way We Love Here -
Oomph -
The Dictionary of You and Me -
The Unlikelihood of Falling In Love -
259 Million Miles -
Something real -
Say Everything -
The Department of Dead Love -
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Overall, I thought this was definitely an entertaining anthology. But there were massive quality differences - some stories were quite good, but others were bland and unoriginal. Below, I've reviewed every one of the stories separately.

Katie Cotugno - Siege Etiquette 2/5

Starting this story, I was immediately weirded out by the 2nd person POV. This POV can work really well, but there's a good reason it isn't used often, because there has to be a clear point to it. That's not the case here. On top of that, the setting was a little strange and exaggerated, and the story was very forgettable. It especially confused me that this was chosen as the opening story, which should really draw the reader in and get them excited for what's to come.

Nina Lacour - Print Shop 4/5

I read We Are Okay by Nina Lacour before, and I loved her writing. I loved her writing in this story again, so I'll definitely be picking up more of her books! The setting and plot of this story interested me so much, I actually wish it was a full novel and I could learn more about these characters - not just the main character and the (hopefully) budding romance, but the side characters as well!

Ibi Zoboi - Hourglass 4/5

Hourglass was another story that could easily be a full novel. I want to know what happens next! The main character was in a friendship very similar to one I used to be in, which was relatable for me. And on top of that, there was quite a lot of body positivity, as well as insecurities.

Katherine McGee - Click 3/5

I can't say this was a bad story - it was pretty cute and overall very much okay. It just wasn't anything new. I thought it was a strange choice to write a 'futuristic' story set only two years in the future, and it turned out the app Click was the only futuristic element. I did think it was a cute and heartfelt story though, it was definitely entertaining enough.

Sara Shepard - The Intern 2/5

I don't really know what to say about this story other than that it was seriously lacking. It was very cliché, but not in a good way.

Meredith Russo - Somewhere That's Green 3/5

I have really mixed feelings about this story. On the one hand, it portrayed a strong, confident trans girl, which I thought was awesome. On the other hand, I thought she was quite quick to forgive the transphobia around her and everything felt quite rushed.

Dhonielle Clayton - The Way We Love Here 3/5

First of all, bonus points for that wonderful title. I really liked the concept of this story and the way it dealt with how destiny and choice relate to each other. But it was all a little too sudden to really enjoy it much.

Emery Lord - Oomph 4/5

This story was cute and fluffy and I loved the characters! The setting was fun and I thought this was the perfect example of a meet cute.

Jennifer L. Armentrout - The Dictionary of You and Me 2/5

I'm really fussy when it comes to romance stories, and this is exactly the kind of story I don't like. I found it to be very generic and  predictable, and the characters didn't stand out in any sort of way.

Jocelyn Davies - The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love 4/5

"I may or may not have fallen in love at first sight with a boy on the B train. I'm doing my final project on the likelihood of seeing him again."

Stalker alert, right? Normally, I would probably end up really disliking a story like this, where someone obsesses over someone they don't even know. But this story made up for it by being quite funny and having a great feminist and math-obsessed main character.

Kass Morgan - 259 Million Miles 4/5

This was a charming sci-fi story about how we sometimes have to meet the right people to help us realize our self-worth. I loved that it wasn't too romance-centered as well, it was more about two people sharing a goal and getting to know each other.

Julie Murphy - Something Real 2/5

I have to say, I already read Dumplin' by Julie Murphy and I really didn't like it. To me, it felt like bodyshaming concealed as body positivity. The same kind of thing happened here: it was clearly meant to be feminist, but all it did was show really sexist stuff and say how it was sexist. I found it to be a really annoying read.

Huntley Fitzpatrick - Say Everything 2/5

This story was very bland, unoriginal and cliché. And just what is with second POV in this anthology?!

Nicola Yoon - The Department of Dead Love 4/5

The concept for this was so original, and it worked really well as a short story. At times the main character seemed a little desperate and obsessive, but the ending made up for a lot of it.
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Some of the best authors in YA :)
My students love to read everything by a favorite author, so this is an great book for my classroom
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I personally did not really like this book. I tried to read it at least six different times and could not do it. The writing style of the few stories I read felt kind of amateurish, and I felt as though I was trying to push through it rather than truly enjoying myself while reading.
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There's something for everyone in this short story collection about first meetings. My faves: Print Shop (one of my fave short stories ever!); Click; The Way We Love Here; and The Department of Dead Love.  Like all short story collections, readers' mileage may vary on which of these stories will work for them, but this diverse grouping will have something to please anyone who loves a love story.
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This is one of the cutest books I've read! Each "Meet Cute" story was interesting in it's own way. Most of them left me wanting more, wondering where their relationship was going. While not every story is one of my favorites, most of them make up for that with diversity which is rare in most books I've read.
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Sometimes I just need to get sucked into a feel-good story and stay there until I'm finished. Thankfully, I accomplished just that with this anthology full of short bursts of sweetness with meet-cutes, butterflies, first impressions, and so much more.

Meet Cute is a collection of contemporary stories about cute first encouters turned into romance. Not all people enjoy insta-love but once in a while, you'll want it if you're looking for something fluffy. The stories were hit or miss to me but my favorites were written by Katharine McGee and Sara Shepard.
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This is such an excellent, charming, and enthralling anthology! I thought that most of the stories were very, very good. Of course, not all of them connected with me but I enjoyed it as a whole. It's a diverse collection of feel-good romances that most lovers of YA fiction and contemporaries will like, too! I recommend this one.
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Insta-love and I don't mix well. Perhaps I should have known that a short story collection based entirely on the premise of meet-cute and instant-attraction would not be my cup of tea, but considering the great reviews it was getting and its roster of incredible authors, I thought I'd give it a go. And it's not a surprise that it was, for the most part, a disappointment. Maybe it's one of those cases of, "It's not you, it's me!" Because for readers who don't mind stories about instant-attraction, and reading about your main character getting the warm fuzzies within 2 seconds of meeting their potential love interest, this might be perfect for you. But for me? I found myself rolling my eyes throughout 90% of these stories.

Which is not to say that there weren't some standouts. There totally were, and from a lot of the authors that I had already been anticipating good things from. I found some new authors whose work I enjoyed so much that I'd be willing to pick up their other works too. There were some creative twists to the meet-cute trope, some amazing writing, some really nuanced characters, and some stories that I would have no issue picking up 300-page books of. But on the flip side, there were a lot of stories trying to do too much with too little, trying to sound quirky and edgy and unique but coming off pretentious and try-hard. But let's stop all that, and jump right into the individual ratings.

Also, for the sake of full disclosure: I did not read Dhonielle Clayton's story as several reviewers have pointed out that it is aphobic. I have also refrained from rating it.

1. SIEGE ETIQUETTE BY KATIE COTUGNO - 1 star. First of all, there was no reason for this story to be told in second-person except to maybe look edgy. It made the narrative seem clunky and awkward. Secondly, I will NEVER be on board with cheating narratives that are passed off as “cute.”

2. PRINT SHOP BY NINA LACOUR - 3 stars. I liked that this didn’t focus necessarily on the relationship’s development but more on a side-task that eventually led to the relationship's development. It was told well, and I loved the setting.

3. HOURGLASS BY IBI ZOBOI - 3 stars. This was really nice. I loved the way it focused on a wide scope of things like the main character’s friendships, dreams and university aspirations. I felt like I knew her. The meet-cute aspect itself lacked spark though.

4. CLICK BY KATHERINE MCGEE - 3.5 stars. This was fun! It reminded me a little too much of a couple of Black Mirror episodes but I liked how it was told and the characters were given distinct personalities.

5. THE INTERN by Sara Shepard - 1 star. This was cringe-worthy lmao.

6. SOMEWHERE THAT’S GREEN by Meredith Russo - 3 stars. I enjoyed how well-developed all the characters were, and it was a good length. The topics discussed were also done deftly. I don’t know how I feel about the love interest, though, and how her coming-out was handled.


8. THE DICTIONARY OF YOU & ME BY JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT: 3 stars. I liked the concept and the setting, but the dialogue was so cheesy. 😩

9. THE UNLIKELY LIKELIHOOD OF FALLING IN LOVE BY JOCELYN DAVIES: 4 stars. YAY for girls in STEM! I loved the concept of this, and it was told so fluidly with an interesting format (like how you structure a Statistics paper!). Also super props for including a realistic, positive family dynamic on top of everything else in a short story!

10. 259 MILLION MILES BY KASS MORGAN: 3 stars. Cute idea, and I thought the way the story progressed was unpredictable and interesting. The love interest had that manic-pixie-dream-girl vibe to her, though.

11. SOMETHING REAL BY JULIE MURPHY: 4 stars. I would definitely read a whole book with this premise and these characters. It was also kind of relatable because I'm also involved in fandom culture, and before I met my favorite celebrity, I had this nagging question of "what if he's not who I think he is?" So, integrating that and diverting the attention was really clever! 👌🏽

12. SAY EVERYTHING BY HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK: 1.5 stars. Yet another story told in second-person, rendering it clunky. @ authors, stop using second-person just to be quirky. It doesn’t work, it makes the whole piece sound pretentious and it ruins an otherwise good story.

13. THE DEPARTMENT OF DEAD LOVE BY NICOLA YOON: 2.5 stars. I'm so mad about this one because this had, by far, the most fascinating world of all the stories I read but it was carried out so lazily. The meet-cute aspect of it was such a let-down with things being wrapped up ridiculously quickly in the last few paragraphs. It's a shame, because this is one of those stories that could have really benefited from being longer - perhaps even novel-length. But as it exists now, it wasn't what it could've been. :(

BEST 3: Oomph by Emery Lord; The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love by Jocelyn Davies; Something Real by Julie Murphy.
NOT-SO-GOOD: Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick; Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno; The Intern by Sara Shepard.
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Very sweet overall. 

Short stories are always a hard sell in our library, but this book has enough big name authors and a great topic that it'll move.
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Possibly my new favorite anthology! There were so many good ones and I finally got to read some f/f romance! 

Involves cheating so I'm naturally not a fan. Not the best start to an anthology. 

I adored this one! It is a female/female love story and it's so, so cute! The language is beautiful and I fell in love with the story from the first paragraph.

African Ameican main character, 18 years old. I liked how the main character stayed true to herself and stood up for herself but the love story is close to non-existent in this one. 

Digital love story about meeting through an app which will find your most compatible partner. Quite interesting story! 

Musician and intern type of story. It's cute and fluffy. 

Transgender main character (own voice) and female/female love story! Special and definitely one of the more impactful stories of the anthology.

I LOVED this one! It's a fantasy-esque story about meeting your soul mate (ofcourse), the twist is that you are born with a number of coils/tattoos and they will gradually disappear as time goes on and when the tattoo fades to one final ring, it creates a unique pattern identical to your beloved's. People with the same number of rings as you is a potential match. 

OOMPH by EMERY LORD (4.5 stars)
Another female/female story set in an airport and with aliases. 

Another one I absolutely loved! It's a library romance and so incredibly cute. 

Mathematics, statistics and research. One morning Samara sees a cute guy on the train and perhaps she has fallen in love at first sight - but what is the odds of her ever meeting him again? Samara intends to find out exactly what her chances are and even conducts research and writes a report. 

Our characters are going through evaluation and meetings to go on a mission to Mars. I'm not the biggest fan of the ending but it was quite an interesting setting and idea. 

Female/female story and involves a TV-show called 'Date with a celebrity' which naturally goes wrong. 

Not the biggest fan at all, okay story. 

Such an interesting story! It's literally a department of dead love and you can go there to get better after a heartbreak or find out what went wrong! Loved the premise and setting.
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An excellent anthology of short stories by popular YA authors that explores the many ways (both new and tried and true) in which a relationship can begin.
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A group of beautifully written short stories on love and what the feelings of love. This is a wonderful diverse book that anyone can connect to at some point in their lives. If you love contemporary i suggest giving this book a try.
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I only read the stories but the authors whose work I've read before. Katharine McGee's CLICK and Kass Morgan's 249 MILLION MILES are both heartfelt tales, dealing with tough topics like grief and public humiliation. I'd happily read more contributions by those authors again.
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This book was fun and enjoyable to read. I would definitely recommend to my students. I think my students would enjoying reading this collection of short stories from some of their favorite authors.
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There were definitely stories that I loved, liked, meh and didn't really like, but overall it's such a cute concept that I can't help but love it, even with some stories I didn't like. It made me feel giddy, and I especially loved a lot of them! Can't wait for the rest of the world to read this and feel all the feels as well. ;)
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As with any anthology, there are some real hits and some real misses. I really loved the stories by Katie Cotugno, Nina LaCour and Emery Lord. I wasn't so thrilled about the stories by Jocelyn Davies and Dhonielle Clayton but it was still a pleasure to read overall. Anthologies are a tricky thing to review and rate but I think there's a few stories for everyone in here!
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Unfortunately I was unable to open the file for this book so I wasn't able to read it and write a review.
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