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Very sweet overall. 

Short stories are always a hard sell in our library, but this book has enough big name authors and a great topic that it'll move.
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Possibly my new favorite anthology! There were so many good ones and I finally got to read some f/f romance! 

Involves cheating so I'm naturally not a fan. Not the best start to an anthology. 

I adored this one! It is a female/female love story and it's so, so cute! The language is beautiful and I fell in love with the story from the first paragraph.

African Ameican main character, 18 years old. I liked how the main character stayed true to herself and stood up for herself but the love story is close to non-existent in this one. 

Digital love story about meeting through an app which will find your most compatible partner. Quite interesting story! 

Musician and intern type of story. It's cute and fluffy. 

Transgender main character (own voice) and female/female love story! Special and definitely one of the more impactful stories of the anthology.

I LOVED this one! It's a fantasy-esque story about meeting your soul mate (ofcourse), the twist is that you are born with a number of coils/tattoos and they will gradually disappear as time goes on and when the tattoo fades to one final ring, it creates a unique pattern identical to your beloved's. People with the same number of rings as you is a potential match. 

OOMPH by EMERY LORD (4.5 stars)
Another female/female story set in an airport and with aliases. 

Another one I absolutely loved! It's a library romance and so incredibly cute. 

Mathematics, statistics and research. One morning Samara sees a cute guy on the train and perhaps she has fallen in love at first sight - but what is the odds of her ever meeting him again? Samara intends to find out exactly what her chances are and even conducts research and writes a report. 

Our characters are going through evaluation and meetings to go on a mission to Mars. I'm not the biggest fan of the ending but it was quite an interesting setting and idea. 

Female/female story and involves a TV-show called 'Date with a celebrity' which naturally goes wrong. 

Not the biggest fan at all, okay story. 

Such an interesting story! It's literally a department of dead love and you can go there to get better after a heartbreak or find out what went wrong! Loved the premise and setting.
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An excellent anthology of short stories by popular YA authors that explores the many ways (both new and tried and true) in which a relationship can begin.
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A group of beautifully written short stories on love and what the feelings of love. This is a wonderful diverse book that anyone can connect to at some point in their lives. If you love contemporary i suggest giving this book a try.
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I only read the stories but the authors whose work I've read before. Katharine McGee's CLICK and Kass Morgan's 249 MILLION MILES are both heartfelt tales, dealing with tough topics like grief and public humiliation. I'd happily read more contributions by those authors again.
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This book was fun and enjoyable to read. I would definitely recommend to my students. I think my students would enjoying reading this collection of short stories from some of their favorite authors.
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There were definitely stories that I loved, liked, meh and didn't really like, but overall it's such a cute concept that I can't help but love it, even with some stories I didn't like. It made me feel giddy, and I especially loved a lot of them! Can't wait for the rest of the world to read this and feel all the feels as well. ;)
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As with any anthology, there are some real hits and some real misses. I really loved the stories by Katie Cotugno, Nina LaCour and Emery Lord. I wasn't so thrilled about the stories by Jocelyn Davies and Dhonielle Clayton but it was still a pleasure to read overall. Anthologies are a tricky thing to review and rate but I think there's a few stories for everyone in here!
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Unfortunately I was unable to open the file for this book so I wasn't able to read it and write a review.
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So many amazing stories! As with a lot of anthologies, there were of course stories that I liked and others I didn't, but the majority of the stories were adorable and I LOVED it!
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I loved this novel! All of these stories were soooo cute and I'm so glad I was able to read this novel. I cannot wait to check out each other's own books.
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Meet Cute was my first book of the year and I think it was perfect because each story brought ideas to my head about the type of book that I hope to read this year because each story is so different, with rich characters that made me want to know more about them after finishing the short story.

I enjoyed every single one, some more than others but in all is a great book with original meet cute stories that is going to make you wish some of them were full length books.
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Meet Cute is a bit of a hard book to finish – and a hard book to DNF. Honestly, it’s not really fair to DNF an anthology, but I was so meh on the stories that I did read in this book that I really had no motivation to continue.

Here are my thoughts on the stories I did get through:

Somewhere That’s Green by Meredith Russo – transgender girl/closeted gay religious girl romance. Way too on the nose, barely a meet-cute. There was no subtlety to this at all and I found it hard to get through.

Oomph by Emery Lord – two girls meeting in an airport. I’m an Emery fan, so I loved the writing and characters, even though I was just okay on the story. I did appreciate that Emery never tried to push the relationship past what it was in the frame of the story.

The Dictionary of You and Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout – boy and girl “meet” because boy refuses to return a book to the library. This one was cute, but a little light on substance for me. I found the boy really annoying for some reason.

The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love by Jocelyn Davies – girl/boy chance love at first sight on passing subway cars. I really liked this one – it was unique in using statistics, and the MC was strongly developed. So, so cute. THIS is a meet-cute.

Something Real by Julie Murphy – fangirl meets the object of her fandom on a dating reality show…and gets more and less than she expected. To say more about what this is about would be telling. I really liked Murphy’s approach to this concept, even though it wasn’t really a meet-cute to me. Still, I appreciated that the characters had a lot of depth and heart in a short amount of space.

Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick – girl and boy get together at girl’s waitressing job. Boy is rich kid, girl used to be but is now in reduced circumstances. Again, not really a meet-cute to me, and way too light. I also found the story forgettable – I could barely remember whether I’d read it the next day.

Overall, this anthology was a disappointment for me. I was very very excited for it, as it included some of my favorite authors, and great cover. Unfortunately, I can’t actually recommend it. I think this group of stories would have benefitted from some editing and solid advice on how to approach the theme.
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Not my cup of tea, unfortunately, but others will love it I'm sure.
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I really, really loved this anthology! A great and memorable collection of diverse and feel-good romances. I'm really surprised that the rating on this isn't higher because this was such an enjoyable read for me. It's rare for me to find an anthology where there isn't at least one story that I didn't really like but I thoroughly enjoyed every one of these!

There were some stand-outs though, of course. Jennifer L. Armentrout's was cliche in a good way but still a very cute, if not slightly intense romance. I loved Emery Lord's and Huntley Fitzpatrick's melty, gooey romances. Sarah Barnard's was also very emotional, and the relationship felt very genuine. Nina LaCour didn't surprise me with hers as I always love her beautiful and honest writing. Dhonielle Clayton's very unique story was stunningly and lyrically written. Kass Morgan also had a great concept for her story, and the character dynamic was on point. My favourite was probably Katherine McGee's story. Hers was beautiful and heartwarming, with a refreshing take on finding love in the modern world with the aid of technology.

Highly recommend this for lovers of romance and anthologies. Can't wait to see more like this from YA authors..
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Unfortunately, I feel a bit let down by this book. Some stories were absolutely great (I enjoyed Katherine McGee’s, Jocelyn Davies’, Emery Lord’s and Jennifer Armentrout’s stories) but others felt a little dull, or flat, or just missed the mark for me. Although it was cool to see some racial diversity, and some queer and trans love - this book just wasn’t for me.
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I absolutely loved this collection. Not only are the stories quick and cute, it allows the reader to get a small taste of authors they may have not read before. 
My favorites: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Emery Lord, Nicola Yoon
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This collection of short stories assembles some of the most popular contemporary young adult writers to explore the start of relationships in fourteen short stories. They use the ‘meet cute’ as a theme to throw very diverse characters into unusual situations which unfold in charming ways. Some of these stories are really farfetched and unrealistic, others are quite entertaining. Among the 14 are also some sci-fi stories which add some variety to this collection. What they all have in common is 1. their inclusiveness and 2. the fluff. The sheer number of LGBT characters promote representation and tolerance. Moreover, these saccharine stories are just this side of silly. Who needs realistic? This anthology is a sickly sweet dessert you either completely indulge in or gag on. Keeping the intended readership in mind, I would say ‘Meet Cute’ is perfect for teenage girls who look for love stories with queer characters, imaginative plots, and unconventional  points of views. I particularly enjoyed Katie Cotugno’s ‘Siege Etiquette’ about a high school queen who finds herself locked up in a bathroom with an outsider; Ibi Zoboi’s ‘Hourglass’, in which a chubby girl has to juggle college applications with finding the perfect prom dress; Dhonielle Clayton’s time travel short story ‘The Way We Love Here’; and Kass Morgan’s ‘259 Million Miles’ about two teens who might find themselves on the first Mars mission ever.
Overall, a very entertaining and sweet collection of short stories about the blossoming of first love.
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Overall, I am giving this super cute collection a 4 star. I have rated each story below along with themes of the story! 
Siege Etiquette - 3 stars, f/m romance, hate to love, party
Print Shop - 3.5 stars, f/f, social media
Hourglass - 5 stars, f/m, POC, self-acceptance, standing up for yourself, also I NEED THIS WHOLE STORY OMG
Click - 5 stars, f/m, futuristic (it was right about this time I wanted to make a drinking game for every time in these stories it was mentioned that someone's touch sent a "bolt" of something through a person)
The Intern - 2 stars, f/m, boyband fic like, didn't feel the chemistry and didn't feel realistic, very rushed
Somewhere That's Green - 3 stars, transgender girl and lesbian, religion
The Way We Love Here - 5 stars, f/m, fantasy, time travel, gods, felt like a full fleshed out story
Oomph - 5 stars, f/f, airport meeting, possible friendship instead of love?
The Dictionary of You and Me - 3.5 stars, f/m, not very interesting, honestly don't recall anything about the story looking back
The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love - 5 stars, f/m, math geek girl, cute and thought provoking
259 Million Miles - 2 stars, f/m, unrealistic and kind of dumb, honestly
Something Real - 4 stars, f/f, bi, liked the idea of this story with a reality tv show
Say Everything - 4 stars, f/m, kind of weird, involved space shuttle and Mars, not sure this ends on a good note
The Department of Dead Love - 5 stars, f/m, very Black Mirror-esk, loved the idea of this with different departments of finding out why relationships end

I thought this collection was diverse and very well put together and have already went out and bought a copy.
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HONESTLY? The only reason I am here is because there was a short story written by the always marvellous Jennifer L. Armentrout. And as you know, I trust her with my feels, thank you very much.

I am not the hugest fan of anthologies or short stories because I am not made for tastings or samples. I am that person that when given a tiny piece of cheese, wants the whole thing. And unfortunately, I also am that person that when tries or samples a cream or lotion in a shop empties the whole thing into their hand. AND guys, that's a tone crap of lotion.

Anyway, being completely honest again, I only read a few of these. And they are cute and fluffy and short. So if you are looking for something that checks those 3 boxes, you are in for a treat.
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