I Am, I Am, I Am

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Feb 2018

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Maggie O'Farrell's I Am, I Am, I Am is a fantastic little memoir focusing out the author's "Seventeen brushes with death." Though the title might be a bit of a simplification, O'Farrell brings us into 17 of her ups and downs, her moments of the extraordinary and the mundane. Framing this collection as seventeen brushes with death forces us to think about the mortality of everyday life; where one simple change in routine, or stupid teenage dare, means the difference between life and death. The writing is excellent, and each story perfectly crafted. A great read. 

I highly recommend this memoir, especially to folks who appreciate their memoirs a bit more on the literary side.
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We all have brushes with death, whether we know it or not, times where a different choice may have changed your life. For Maggie she knows of at least 17 of these brushes with death and in this memoir she goes through many of them. 

This was such a touching book and I felt connected to the author in a way I don't usually do. All the stories were told in a way that made me feel like I was there and even though I know she made it through, it was stressful to read. 

This book made me think about life, death, and everything in between
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“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” – The Bell Jar

I am I am I am a memoir by Maggie O'Farrell could be entitled Alive Alive Alive. She has been encountering death at every turn and knows to appreciate life. The book is at once impossible to put down and impossibile to read in one sitting. Reading about so many close calls and perils takes one's breath away and is simply heartbreaking, but we remind ourselves that it ends well, she is writing about it after all. Maggie O'Farrell writes very well. I simply loved this book. I loved her love of life, her drive to travel, her unstoppable energy and her ability to overcome her...

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✪ Maggie O’Reilly has eluded death more times than anyone you know. In I Am, I Am, I Am, the brilliant Irish novelist faces down medical catastrophes and multiple stranger-dangers, exploring her curious knack for escape as she persists in fully embracing each day she’s granted. A nuanced and compelling testament to the wonder of being alive.
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