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Acorn Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Carry Me Home.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

Fifteen year old Lucy and seventeen year old Ruth are given no choice but to go with their mother, after their father's abusive ways make staying impossible.  Temporarily living with their grandparents in a single wide trailer in San Jose, Lucy falls in with the wrong crowd.  When it leads her down a destructive path, will Lucy's issues destroy the whole family?

Written in a multiple perspective format, with Ruth, Lucy, and their mom all contributing to the narrative, Carry Me Home brings readers into a family who are profoundly affected by the choices they make.  As circumstances lead Lucy into the criminal underbelly of society, readers are given a birds eye view into a world that is often invisible to most.

The problem that I had with Carry Me Home was more with regards to the characterization than the story itself.  The author rushed through to get to the meat of the story and did not take the time to give the characters life.  The words are all there, but the lack of feelings make the book not seem genuine.  It is almost as though the author had a certain agenda, a list of situations that needed to make it into the book.  As Lucy self-destructs, her story is not as compelling as it should be.  Overall the book was good, but it ends up being not all that memorable because of the lack of character development. For these reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend Carry Me Home to other readers.
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This is a story of 3 women finding their way. As much as I liked to see how things worked out in the end it still made me angry while reading. I feel like the book needs a disclaimer about touchy subjects (violence, drugs, addiction, and rape). It's a great story just surprised me is all.
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This is a story of a young girl spiraling out of control and a mother and sister who literally have no clue how to help her. It's a story of second chances and just wanting a simple life. It's a story of redemption. The bond the 3 share truly is unbreakable even pushed to the farthest limits.

The story line of this one is an interesting idea, however I found that I didn’t connect with, or particularly like, any of the characters.Carry Me Home is extra special in that you get 3 POVs, but one is of the mother! We never get the parent's perspective in a YA.
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Could not get into this one. It is depicted as a YA, but the point of view switched to the mother by the second chapter. It should be labeled as an adult because of that unexpected shift.
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It's one thing to highlight sensitive, realistic issues and completely other to not address them in the rightful manner, even though the story is fictional. Just centering a story around gang problems, loads of violence and rape, is not enough to weave a story that would connect to readers. I would've much preferred a single problem that would've been dealt with at the end, even if only for the possibility left open, rather than three characters who're all drowning in their own sadness and the plot not going anywhere forward. 

The characters are under-developed and start ranting, whining and complaining before I can even care for them. Lucy and Ruth's mother has left her husband after being abused and heads to her parent's house, with her children. Ruth is fine, at least, but again nothing about her makes me feel empathetic...or feel anything at all. Maybe because I don't personally prefer characters who are always willing to give up things (or themselves) for their loved ones; I don't like the notions of it and they seem spineless to me--it's better to stay alive yourself to care about others than to die. [Just to clear up, I haven't spoiled anything] The mother is probably more immature than the girls; I understand she had gone through a lot and too a huge step for the betterment of her daughters but her work doesn't end there. She never tried to figure out what might be going wrong in Lucy's life or take any step to fix it all up. Again, this might be another personal preference of mine, but such character makes up for a really bad mother and fictional or not, I don't like reading about them. 

Coming on to Lucy, she's a selfish little child who keeps grousing and makes herself look like a victim when she clearly isn't. She loved her father and was shook by the whole shift to grandparents' house, and I tried feeling sad for her BUT WHY CAN'T ANYBODY SEE THAT AND TRY EXPLAINING TO HER WHY HER DAD WAS A JERK OR WHY HER MOTHER HAD TO TAKE THIS STEP? She takes a bad decision, okay, fine! Teenagers always do that especially when they're struck by circumstances but again? Then again? No, it just went too far and could've been well avoided. Anyway, then the ending came and it didn't make me feel anything either. It was okay, expected and nothing satisfying. 

I tried liking this book, I really did especially because the cover and the blurb (and the best-selling author) impressed me but I'm deeply disappointed. Let me break it to you, though, that the book has received quite a praise and might be for some intended audience, I'm clearly not a part of which.
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Carry Me Home really sticks true to its title. The captivity and pace of this novel was very pleasing and interesting. This novel was refreshing and relatable due to the different perspective of having a first person pov from the main characters' mother which is not typically seen within a young adult genre. The differences between the characters and the diversity was very well planned out. Nothing felt cliche or stereotypical and the story was both heartbreaking and true. This novel is going to be such a treasure for all readers.
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Carry Me Home is a fast-paced novel that takes you along on a family journey into darkness and redemption. An eye-opening page turner that weaves together family ties, friends, hope, self-destructiveness, and second chances. This story will stick with you long after you read the last page.
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While I found the synopsis and general of this novel pretty good, I had a really hard time connecting with this book. Even though I struggled through it, the life lesson and hard truths sprinkled throughout are great.
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Carry Me Home was not what I was expecting. I saw the pretty cover and the fact that it is YA and thought it would be a nice story. After reading the description, I became aware of a few red flags, but I still thought “it’s YA so it can’t be THAT bad”. I feel like I needed a stronger warning. I started reading and not long after that I realized this book is heavy. Once I figured out what I was getting into, I wanted to put it down. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go down this rabbit hole. For some reason however, I found that I cared enough about the characters to find out what was going to happen, so I kept reading.

These poor women. The mom didn’t have enough sense or self confidence to be a good parent and Lucy was too self-centered (as many 15-year-olds are) to stop putting herself at risk. Ruth was the glimmer of hope throughout, and she was one of the reasons I kept reading. We follow these girls through a never-ending spiral of Lucy’s self-destruction. The author did a good job of putting us in Lucy’s shoes, and describing her attachment to her “friends”. I even found myself understanding some of her choices, but most of the time I found myself face-palming.

I really enjoyed the way this author writes, and I am a little tempted to pick up more of her books because of it. The short chapters of alternating view points paired with me being stressed out to the max. while reading, made this a fast-paced novel. I also liked that the ending was positive and wrapped everything up. I was worried I was going to be left with the dark feeling the rest of the book gave me, but it leaves you with some relief, not only that it was over, but also with the feeling that everything works out in the end. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

I gave this book 4 stars for what it was, and not what I thought it was going to be. It gives some insight into the life of teens who make the wrong friends and how quickly drugs and violence can take over. If you decide to read this book, proceed with caution. Based on my own personal rating scale, this is an R-rated book. I get why it is featured as a young adult novel, but the violence is most likely to be a turn-off for some.
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The book was ok, but it's my my kind of book. I feel like the character was asking like someone she wasn't. I didn't feel like it was genuine. So I couldn't really get into the story, that I actually stopped reading.
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This book was not at all what I expected, but I really enjoyed it!

This story was an intense rollercoaster at times. There were a lot of serious situations, involving drugs and gangs. These things were even more scary since the story is told from multiple first person perspectives so we get the firsthand account of what was happening. 

I liked how the stories of the two sisters were often conflicting. One would be in a gang fight, while the other was out camping among the wildflowers. These dueling images highlighted the different lifestyles of the sisters and created great tension. 

I didn’t think that the cover of the book suits the story. The light blues and pinks make it appear to be a softer plot than it is. It was actually quite dramatic. I think the cover should have been darker to reflect the story. 

Also, I think the father’s role was forgotten for much of the book. I would have liked to see what happened to him later in the story, rather than them just moving away and forgetting about him. 

I really liked this story. I recommend this book for a thrilling read, that’s reminiscent of the summer.
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This was an intense story. I must admit I couldn't stand Lucy's character. It pissed me off that she would constantly place herself into gangs and live a dangerous lifestyle. I mean, I know teens can be rebellious and that in real life many fall into the wrong crowd after growing up in a bad neighborhood or having gone through terrible situations. But in Lucy's case, I felt like she was just a spoiled, attention-seeking brat that constantly put her sister and mother through hell. Then again, the mother was a whole other situation. 

This woman wasn't the best, and her lack of self-worth kept her from her true potential as well as hindered her ability to parent. Lucy overpowered her all the time. In fact, she would just lean on Ruth for everything, which wasn't fair because Ruth deserved to live her own life without doing her mother's job and always being the one that had it together. I really liked her character and wanted her to succeed, especially after she found such a good relationship. But that all got damaged because of Lucy's destructive ways.

Anyway, that being said, it was an interesting story with nice writing, and I like how things ended up for each of the women. It shows that no matter what you go through in life, you could always turn your life around.
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Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien

I really enjoyed this book! It was exciting and fast pace but the closer you got to the end it seemed a little rushed! I wish it would have gave more details on what happen to the other characters in the book, specially Angel and Ro!! I loved how she told the story from Lucy, Ruth and her mom! I always wonder what the other characters are thinking!!

4 Stars!!!
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i had absolutely no idea what this book was about when i signed up to review it on this blog tour. i loved the cover art. i am not ashamed to admit that i will pick a book up simply because of its cover.

truth be told, jessica almost lost me in the first few chapters. i know absolutely nothing of gang culture or lingo and some of that was hard for me to follow at first. i’m glad i powered through those first chapters though.

i really liked this book.

it is marketed as a YA book, and while i agree that it would be appropriate for a mature YA audience, i will say it isn’t going to be for everyone. it is gritty, violent, and graphic.

i loved the dichotomy of the small town girls moving to the big city – but this took a dark turn and quickly separated itself from your typical YA girl with a dream sort of book.

our protagonist is well developed in the present but i would have loved more of the backstory we get a small glimpse of at the end. lucy at times seems overly complicated for a 15 year old girl – but then in the same moment she is your typical teenage girl. she wants to be loved and accepted and thinks she has the world figured out. we can all relate to that feeling. we were all teenagers who knew it all at one time. jessica crafted lucy in a heartbreakingly real way.

i wish that i had felt like i knew some of the rest of the characters as well as i ended up knowing lucy. i definitely feel like her mother, sister, and father have depth, but that we just caught glimpses of that depth. i would love to know them all more. but that is for another book or my imagination i suppose.

this book IS not for everyone and definitely not the faint of heart.

this book IS for anyone who wants to go on a wild ride to the bottom and back with a young girl and her family just trying to find their way.

4/5 stars for carry me home.
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Carry Me Home is the story of a young woman finding her way home again. Lucy & Ruth are two teenage country girls from a broken family. With their mother Rachel, they run from their dead-beat father to San Jose, California. It's there that Lucy turns to a group of old friends for comfort but not everything goes as planned and they are forced to move yet again to Glendale after a bad incident with Lucy and her friends. 

As Lucy struggles with what had happened in San Jose, it's when she meets yet another group of friends that will ultimately lead her down a dark path. With Ruth and Rachel trying to save Lucy before it's too late, it will come down to Lucy to want to save her own life before it's too late. It all leads to a shocking ending with a bittersweet ending for all three woman. 

This book had me on the first page and I'm still thinking about the book long after reading it, yes it's that great of a read! Just reading the parts that had what Lucy was going through will make you cry for the truth that is in this book. Things like this happen everyday in real-life and it's really sad to see what gangs and drugs can do to a family. This book deserves to be in High School's for the message that this book brings, to maybe just maybe save a person before it's too late.

Thank You to Jessica Therrien for writing a story that will break people's hearts until the very ending!  

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours!
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I was so ready to love this book as soon as I read the description. This is in my go-to genre, but I was very surprised to find that I wasn't able to predict the story. Heartwrenching and suspenseful.
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This book was mostly engaging. It was fascinating to see it from several different viewpoints. The only downside is that I had a tough time staying interested in the first few chapters. Once I got about 1/4 of the way through the book, it got better and I really enjoyed the way the book turned out. My only suggestion would be drawing the reader in faster. Otherwise I thought it was great!
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this was an amazing book I loved it from the start! lately I have been craving a book that is new and unique. carry me home is exactly that! I especially liked that you got to hear from the point of view from the mom and sister not just one person. this gave me a chance to understand were the mom was coming from and what she was going through in order to start their lives over again. reading about and understanding how easy it is for any vulnerable adolescent to be completely sucked in is really scary. I loved and appreciated the honesty in this book you felt for every character and I really loved the cover! defiantly a fantastic read I highly recommend!
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I received an ARC from NetGalley to read and review. The below is my honest, unbiased opinion. Thank you, Jessica Therrien, the publisher, and NetGalley, for allowing me to review.

Lucy and Ruth are country girls from a broken home. When they move to the city with their mother, leaving behind their family ranch and dead-beat father, Lucy unravels. They run to their grandparents’ place, a trailer park mobile home in the barrio of San Jose. Lucy’s barrio friends have changed since her last visit. They’ve joined a gang called VC. They teach her to fight, to shank, to beat a person unconscious and play with guns. When things get too heavy, and lives are at stake, the three girls head for LA seeking a better life. But trouble always follows Lucy. She befriends the wrong people, members of another gang, and every bad choice she makes drags the family into her dangerous world. 

CARRY ME HOME is a contemporary young adult novel about loss, love, sacrifice, survival, and friendship. This was a quick read that was told in three points of view: Lucy, her mother, and her sister. However, I didn't have any trouble following along. I enjoyed Therrien's writing style, which was completely immersive. This story was beautifully written and has some of the best underlying themes for YA literature, like darkness and redemption. I highly recommend this one!
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Review copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. So inspiring! This gripped me and held me till the very end! This book consumed me and I finished it in one day, it was so good! If you want a book to keep you on the edge of your seat, go read this NOW! You're welcome.
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