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KILL SHOT is the second book in Ms. Sleeman's White Knights series, and while it easily stands alone, fans will  want to read Fatal Mistake to get Cam's story.  This is romantic suspense so both are key ingredients in this story.

Both Olivia and Rick hold their emotions close and therefore readers are kept at a distance too.   At times Rick comes across as a bully and Olivia is just plain annoying  answering questions with questions. But both are in sync with  their personality  and their job descriptions.

The story does get a  bit technical (smart bullets? Really? that  is just  plain scary) as the White Knights race to figure out who-dun-it before the killer strikes again.  I wondered what Olivia's ties to the killer was.... why was she and her clients  targets? I couldn't guess and had to keep reading to find out.

Fans of romantic suspense will want to read this story. Ms. Sleeman is a master at romantic suspense. Kill shot.  Grab a copy now.

I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.
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This was a fascinating book! The premise of someone stealing AND USING self-steering sniper bullets is terrifying--how can you stop them?? (Scarier yet is that this technology has already been developed.) Olivia, a caring and intuitive therapist helping military vets with PTSD, is suddenly a target and a suspect as well! Rick, a tough FBI agent and former Marine sniper, is determined to succeed in his mission to take down the thief and prevent more deaths, but he has to work with Olivia. Their opposite and conflicting personalities plus the deadly premise made riveting reading! This is another awesome book in the White Knight series. Highly recommended!
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Genre: Suspense.
My Rating: 3 and ½ stars.
Recommendation: 16 up, warning below.
My favorite character is: Rick was a cool guy to read about and I loved getting to see his part in F.B.I. But the not so great parts of his story were sooo sad and he needed someone to love him. ;D Maybe like a therapist?
My Verse for Rick is Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (King James Verison.)
My thoughts: Wonderful, that is what this book is! I loved the suspense but there were some places I skimmed because of to in-depth mentions violence, and murder. In all, it is a wonderful book!
Warnings: Mentions of blood, abortion, and murder.
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This Christian romantic suspense was right on target for me. My rating 4.5.

Olivia is a Christian therapist who has counseled a number of vets suffering from PTSD. She is trying to help a particular patient who is acting paranoid, thinking someone is going to kill him. The man takes off in anger and she decides to try to catch up. When she finds him, he has just been killed and she narrowly escapes the killer. The next thing Olivia knows she is being interviewed by the FBI even thought she doesn't understand why they are on the case. Soon it is apparent that she is not just a person of interest but may be a suspect.

Rick is the lead of the FBI team brought in on a rush to investigate the murder. They are there not because of the victim but because of the use of stolen self-steering bullets. They cannot reveal the secret nature of their mission to anyone as the team implements their special skills to uncover the theft and plot that is bigger than the murder.

Rick doesn’t trust anyone. He hasn’t even let his teammates get too close to his personal frustrations and vulnerabilities. Rick is with Olivia when a sniper tries to kill her. Now he is determined to keep her close so he can better keep her safe while he discovers if her caring nature is real of if she has a nefarious connection with the criminals.

The chemistry between Rick and Olivia is nicely done. It is clear they try to keep things professional, but the attraction keeps pulling them closer together. Rick’s team of forensic experts contributes strong interest and personalities. Olivia’s family adds distraction - some pleasant and some very stressful.

There is a full story with danger and suspense and the romance is a nice add in. I especially enjoyed the Christian foundations shared by Olivia and the way her patience wore down Rick’s resistance. I have some other titles by Ms. Sleeman and I need to get to read them as I enjoy her style. I'd like to read the other books in this series too. I recommend this to readers who like romantic suspense.

Source: NetGalley.
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Wow, How have I not reThe idad anything by Suasn before.  I love love this book.  It was intense but a great read.  I like books about the FBI and save the world stories.  The painful thing of PTSD and how it effects our hero is seen here in a way that I hightly approve of.  how she brings it to light.  I didnt realize this book in a series so It doesn't matter if you have read the first one or not.  I will be buying the first book in the series as well as others she has written.
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Every clue seems to lead to a dead end...literally

Another nail-biting novel from master of romantic suspense, Susan Sleeman! In Kill Shot the stakes are higher than ever as readers are taken on a wild ride of danger, betrayal, and romance. 

While I have to confess that I did like book 1 a little better, I did enjoy every chilling minute trying to puzzle things out alongside Rick and Olivia in Kill Shot. And I was definitely in for a few surprises along the way! 

Susan Sleeman really is one of my favorite authors and I'm seriously looking forward to more spine-tingling adventures of the White Knights. Not to mention, it's always fun getting to 'visit' with characters that have become old friends.

(I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions are entirely my own.)
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Edge of your seat excitement! Susan Sleeman knows how to write a story that once you start you can't put it down. I highly recommend this book! Thank you FaithWords via NetGalley for the copy of this book. I will be reading more of her books. This is my honest review.
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Self-steering bullets, the weapon of choice in this story, the ammunition is in it's development stage so it shouldn't be a problem, wrong, when they are stolen and a homeless vet is killed by one, Rick Cannon with the FBI must work with Olivia Dobbs, a therapist who works with vets.  Olivia was counseling the vet who was killed and when she finds his body it throws her into the mix.  Together they have to figure out who is behind it before Olivia becomes the next target.
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Kill Shot by Susan Sleeman is the second book in the White Knights series. A homeless vet is killed. The FBI’s special task force is brought in to solve the murder and find the weapon that was used. Olivia Dobbs was the vet’s therapist, known for her work with veterans with PTSD. Rick Cannon, the lead agent on the case, thinks she may be involved. As the sparks fly between them, Rick must find the truth before the sniper strikes again. As they work together to find the next lead, Olivia becomes a target. Rick must use all his training as a Marine to protect her before the next bullet becomes the kill shot that takes her out. Talk about a page-turner! You’re hooked from the first page to the last. I didn’t want this story to end. Every time Olivia told Rick thanks for his service to his country I wanted to stand up and add my thanks, too. Susan took a very real-life illness and made the reader more aware without being boring. The spiritual battles of the characters were very real. I felt like I was right there going through everything with them. I loved the way Rick was very aware of his teammates and how he was man enough to include the women without being intimidated. I can’t wait for the next installment!

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
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Wonderful Christian novel. It is up to the two main characters to discover why some individuals are being targeted and killed after the theft of self-steering bullets. Fast paced throughout. Highly recommend this novel.
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I've been shooting guns all my life, and I've been raised with the adage from the Old West - Shoot straight and you'll hit your target.  But what if a new technology was invented where you didn't have to shoot straight?  What if anybody could get a gun, pull the trigger and hit anything they want?  That would be a cop or soldiers worst nightmare.
   Susan Sleeman has written a wonderful thriller that deals with that very scenario.  Time is racing as a specialized FBI team and a therapist are trying to find out who stole this new technology, and who is using it to kill.
   On a side note, I appreciate the way Susan Sleeman mixed the very important issue of PTSD into this story.  What a great way to bring more attention to this very important issue and the men and women who deal with it on a daily basis!  
   Overall, I give this a 5 out of 5 star rating.  It was a great page turning story.  Thank you to FaithWords publishing for the opportunity to review this book.
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Ace said he was going to be killed, but his therapist, Dr. Olivia Dobbs, did not believe him. After all, PTSD had defined his fears over the last few years. She thought they had made real progress, but now he was back with the delusions again.

Except this time he was not delusional and before the first chapter was half over, he was dead.

The FBI’s Critical Incident Response team was called in to investigate – not because of who was killed, but because of how he was killed. And that was Top Secret and could not be shared outside their own unit.

Agent Rick Cannon, though not the team leader, was asked from the beginning to take charge the investigation. But from the moment he first crossed paths with Dr. Olivia Dobbs, he had to separate his personal reactions to her from his professional responsibilities – after all, she was the first person on the scene and was a likely suspect. That distinction would not come easy.

Both Olivia and Rick would have their faith challenged as they worked the case. Their families would find ways to interfere with their personal lives and hard decisions would have to be made in response to each of their families of origin.

The author has written an exciting, thrilling, story that would take the FBI unit and its home office, more than simple forensics to solve. The number of bodies would grow – including members of Congress and personal friends of the FBI team. Their team would travel from Washington DC to Atlanta, GA. And the 7 days would see non-stop action for those involved in the case.

Two comments. First, the book involved more romance than I would normally like to see in a book I would choose off the shelf. Relationships, healthy relationships, do not develop in seven days, though that is part of the thesis of this book. However, the book was a romantic thriller and those kinds of relationships are often found in the plots of these novels. Regardless, this reader was disappointed.

Second, if the author would choose to create a series of books using these characters, there would be time for a healthy, growing, relationship to be modeled. The Critical Incident Response team did not have a profiler on staff – Olivia could easily fill that position – as a consultant, if not a formal FBI agent. Perhaps this is planned, but it was not obvious to this reader.

Even with these two concerns, the book warrants 5-stars. The plot is intense, the characters are real, and settings are believable.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions are mine alone.
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An excellent read. Gripping. Action-filled. Clean. Christian. Not preachy. Fast-paced. Easy to read. Realistic. Love the author’s writing style. Will definitely be reading more by her and highly recommend it. I received a copy from the publisher but felt no obligation to review. It did not prejudice my views and these thoughts are entirely my own.
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This is the second book in this series that I have read, and yes, they can be read alone, but if you like mystery don’t miss either of these.
Some of our friends are back, and we have a top-secret weapon missing, and people using it to take out former snipers.
The author has us dealing with some really tough subjects here, mainly PTSD, and how it effects the lives of so many people.
Soon all seem to be running for their lives, and the FBI team is trying to find the perpetrator, who are they after and why?
There is a little romance here, but there is also action around every corner, and these people go to any length and don’t care how many innocents they harm.
A read that is going to keep you page turning, you have to know!

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher FaithWords, and was not required to give a positive review.
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I solid thriller that grabs you right from the start.  A great read for those who love romantic suspense novels.
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When you begin a Susan Sleeman book, get ready for a thrilling ride! She hits the ground running with pulse-pounding excitement and continues throughout the book without giving you a chance to get off this powerful roller coaster ride of suspense. 

Sleeman has created a great cast of characters for this book, her second in the White Knights series. These men and women are FBI agents who have all served in the military, and now they work to bring down criminals of the worst sort. The author keeps the reader invested in her characters from the first page, even the secondary ones.

There are two main characters, Olivia and Rick. Dr. Olivia Dobbs is a Christian therapist who counsels mainly ex or current military who suffer from PTSD. When her last patient is murdered nearly right in front of her eyes, the FBI team, White Knights, are called in. There is something indeed very ominous about this case or the regular police would have handled it. A serious threat to national security is in play here and the agents are in a race against time to track down the culprits before there are unimaginable consequences. Agent Rick Cannon, fighting demons of his own, is assigned to guard Dr. Dobbs because she is in the line of fire as well. He doesn't trust her and believes she is involved in this case.
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Kill Shot Is a suspenseful romance, one that is difficult for them to get together. Boy howdy - what will it take? The book is very dramatical but very suspenseful with Love now how can that fail? You have the FBI working with the local police, can you believe that - awesome isn't that? Now they are hunting down a serial killer - cool eh? Will they be able to find whoever it is before it is too late? Will they give in to their own true feelings? Will they even admit that they even exist?
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This is the second book I have read from Susan Sleeman. Excellent reading. I would highly recommend this book as well as the first in this series Fatal Mistake. 
I received this book free for my honest review from Faith Work.
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Kill Shot by Susan Sleeman

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars


Story Notes

Susan Sleeman’s latest installment of the White Knights series is one that you will lose sleep over as you just have to find out who the killer is and his why.

I have long enjoyed reading the various Susan Sleeman short books, finding her writing style flows well and sparks my imagination with her descriptions. And having read the first book in this series, Fatal Mistake, I was hopeful I would be offered this next book as well – thankfully my hopes came true. The intensity of this special focus FBI team is awesome to see and I love how deeply Ms. Sleeman dives into the personal and spiritual lives of each of them. This story concentrates on Agent Rick Cannon, a former Marine Sniper with plenty of baggage from his past. He comes face to face with his worst fear when the team’s newest case involves a psychologist named Olivia Dobbs. Harboring deep resentment for those of the therapist profession from childhood, Rick will have a hard time letting go of his preconceptions and letting Olivia be seen as she truly is – someone who works hard to help others. Olivia never dreamed that her life could be so turned upside down by a client. The most action she has seen in her work is a frustrated client who shouts or punches a couch cushion. But she is committed to those in her care and when a patient named Ace Griffin requests a session outside her office, she agrees with only slight hesitation. Tragedy will strike quickly, however, and Olivia will be right in the middle of the fray. Having followed Ace after he abruptly leaves her on the park bench during their impromptu session, Olivia is confronted with Ace’s dead body and a knife-wielding man intent on chasing her down. She barely escapes and is soon surrounded by local police and, strangely enough, the FBI. Olivia will find herself faced with a challenge when she meets Agent Rick Cannon though, as he has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide when it comes to her profession. But getting him to tell her why will be a fight she must engage in every day until he is willing to breach his long defended walls of bitterness. Trust does not come easy for Rick – way too many people in his life have abused his trust so anyone new will have to work hard to earn his respect. But there is something about Olivia that he just can’t shake and his instant attraction to her is so unexpected he will have to work hard not to let it show. But as is the case in Ms. Sleeman’s books, both of them will have to make changes if they are to move past their preconceptions and find the love they don’t know they need. And if they are also going to find the killer they will need every bit of knowledge and experience they possess. I loved the way that Ms. Sleeman was so very honest and open through her characters about the struggles that our military members face when they return home. So much of their time oversees is spent just surviving each day that when they come home they are at a loss for how to process what happened to them and where they go from here. PTSD is a very real and devastating problem for those who are responsible for taking many lives and without real help a lot of soldiers cannot deal with what they experienced. I was so glad to see that Ms. Sleeman offered the best solution to all problems, mental and physical, as allowing God to forgive and heal you. War is not a pretty thing and much of what happens is barbaric but necessary. But carrying guilt over the death of one that was called home is the burden that many refuse to release. Ms. Sleeman carefully points out through Olivia that God does not intend for us to carry our past mistakes like a rucksack, we must lay them down, ask for forgiveness, accept that forgiveness, and seek to do the things He calls us to do. Ms. Sleeman also tackled the idea of enabling with Olivia as she had relatives that took advantage of her kindness. She needed to realize that the only way someone can stand on their own is when we let them fall a few times so they can learn. Ms. Sleeman showed the hurtful cycle that can be created by helping someone too much – which sometimes results in them resenting when that help is not given every time they have need. I loved how she kept Olivia from acting rashly but also made her face the problems she had created. I also really enjoyed the way that Ms. Sleeman crafted the romance of the story by allowing her characters to grow beyond their personal beliefs of who and what kind of person they should love. How very much like God to bring us someone we never would have chosen and bring forth a wonderful relationship to challenge us in our faith and daily life. Additionally, I was glad to see that Ms. Sleeman kept a good balance of plot in her story so that nothing was too focused on, allowing for the case to be solved with completeness and for the spiritual/romantic journey of the main characters to be moved along to a satisfactory place. The writing was very well done and the story left enough open in the personal lives of rest of the team to point to the next stories. I am greatly looking forward to whomever Ms. Sleeman will write a story about next as there are several team members who will be excellent main characters in their own story. I will highly recommend this story and the series to others as I truly believe they will enjoy it as well. Hopefully the next story will be released soon – I can hardly wait to see what comes next for the White Knights!

I received this E-book free of charge from FaithWords Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. I will receive no fiscal compensation from either company for this review.
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The premise of this book is slightly terrifying -- Self-steering bullets -- and all too real. The action was crisp, the romance light, and the satisfaction at the end perfect. A great read for those of love romantic suspense.
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