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I was unable to read and finish due to a family emergency. I apologize for any inconvenience.  Hopefully I can purchase and re-read at a later time.
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Roomies by Christina Lauren. I was given an ARC thru NetGalley in return for a honest review. Roomies is a very distinctive romance and something that truly kept me wanting more. Yes, it may be a marriage of convince, but how Christina Lauren weaves the tale makes the story different,  Holland falls in love with a guitar player that she hears on the way home from work. Calvin McLoughlin is a very talented musician who dreams of sharing his love music with the rest of the world. However, Calvin only has one glitch, his visa expired.  Holland comes up with an idea, an idea that may benefit them both. . Roomies is a very beautiful, loving, romantic novel.
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OMG!! I loved this!

Roomies was one of the best Christina Lauren stories I have ever read! The banter, swoon and belly aching giggles just put this story as the Christin Lauren story to beat! Calvin and Holland were to die for! It was sweet and spicy and I could not get enough! I love love love marriage of coveniece stories and this one had so much heart! I absolutely fell in love with these two and this slow burn story! 

5 stars! Highly recommended!
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This might be my favorite Christina Lauren book! It was a great introduction to this author duo. It's full of humor and the romance tropes I love: fake marriage turns into real love, forced proximity...such a fun time all around! I would read any Christina Lauren book that is similar to this one.
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Sometimes you read a book and you are so immersed in it you don’t want it to end, and that’s exactly what happened to me with Roomies by Christina Lauren. I kept swiping my screen hoping for another chapter or an epilogue or twelve, but they didn’t appear and it wasn’t because I was unhappy with the way this book ended, not in the least, but because I wanted more time with this couple. I wanted to see very bit of their live together, like a cheesy movie where it flashes pictures of every significant moment in their lives, that is how much I loved these characters and their unconventional story. This isn’t a typical romance and in fact this book is more women’s fiction with romantic elements to it, but it is a love story and it is beautifully written.

For months Holland Bakker has gone out of her way to a subway stop to hear “Jack,” the busker, play because his music speaks to her. She knows he’s incredibly talented, she thinks he is beautiful, and so one night she asks him his name and so begins the story of Holland Bakker and Calvin McLoughlin.

This story is complex in that these two really don’t know one another and because of his expired student Visa his dream won’t come true unless they marry. I’ll admit Green Card starring Andie McDowell and Gerard Depardieu is one of my favorite movies, so I was immediately drawn to this book, but Holland and Calivn’s story is much different. Holland is twenty five and still trying to find out where her place in the world is and while Calvin knows he wants to make music, he hasn’t been successful in landing a gig in a Broadway show. So between busking and filling in with bands here and there, he isn’t what would be considered a success except once the right people hear his amazing talent that all changes.

While Holland and Calvin work hard to learn what they can about one another to pass their Immigration interviews, they both still hold back some significant information from each other which leads to upset, heartache, and troubled times, but through this Holland begins to discover more about herself, and Calvin becomes a musical sensation. Figuring out who they are together, well that takes time, communication, a bit of groveling, and a whole lot of love.

Despite their faults and they both had them, despite the mixed-up way they came together, and despite their anguish, it was completely impossible for me not to fall in love with both of these characters. Holland was so selfless in her attempts to help everyone even when she knew it might cost her her heart. Calvin’s absolute joy in being able to perform in front of audiences who understood his passion was infectious, and the way he encouraged Holland and tried to make her understand her worth showed his feelings for her were deep.

Roomies was an outstanding story; these characters, their situation, the love they had for one another that they didn’t trust, and the beautiful way they complimented each other much like the way harmony and melody in a song work together, made this one of my top reads of 2017.
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Initially, I did enjoy this book. However, in light of the state of the world, I don't really feel comfortable with a romance about immigration. It feels like it makes light of the struggle to stay in the USA and the really threat of ICE for non-white immigrants.
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Sooo GOOD! I didn't want it to end and tried my best to read as slow as I could to savor as much as I could! PERFECT ROMANCE right here, Roomies was glorious!
Lovers of unrequited love and slow burn will especially ADORE this one.
From sweet and fascinating heroes to endearing secondary characters, the perfect balance of fun and romance, I can assuredly say this is my FAVE Christina Lauren' s story!
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ARC from Netgalley

DNF - so no rating. It's been such a long time since I last picked up this book that I don't even know where I left off. I think it was somewhere around the halfway mark, but I can't be sure. I just didn't care for this story. It felt to me that the protagonist of this book's only claim to worth was getting married. This book just was not for me, and I don't think the author duo is, either. But take my review with a grain of salt. I am in the minority when it comes to this one.
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Oh man, i can't believe I forgot to review this over her, so sorry! I loved this book, very much. The pacing is excellent, the secondary characters are lovely and the central love story left me breathless. As usual, well done!
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This is my favorite Christina Lauren book to date. This talented writing duo is back to give us a look into a marriage of convenience between a wonderfully romantic Irish musician Calvin and a heart-of-gold writer Holland.

These characters meet in an unlikely place as Calvin plays the guitar in a subway station and she is his “not creepy in any way” stalker drawn to him by his good looks and musical talent.

As their lives intersect because of extenuating circumstances and they enter this marriage of convenience to keep Calvin in the country, what starts off as a business arrangement becomes something so much more.

In any marriage of convenience, you always have the thoughts and questions of “Could this be more?” or “Does he/she feel the same as I do?”… the insecurities, the getting to know each other, the passion, the friendship, the anxiety, the hurt, and ultimately the love took center stage and I fell in complete and utter love with this couple.

Their bantering, the texting, the slow build to that something more had me glued to my kindle. I smiled, I laughed, I cried because the emotions consumed me and I didn’t want it to end.

What I loved most about these characters was Holland’s character growth and finding herself and Calvin always staying true to his feelings—never wavering and never changing despite his growing fame. Together they just made my heart melt ❤️ With every marriage comes mistakes and boy do these two make them… but the talking and the making up all made it so worthwhile.

This writing duo can certainly write seamlessly and have given readers an epic romance that will remind you of why you love to read… the characters, the music so unforgettable… so beautiful… so perfect… that you will close this book with a smile on your face and joy in your heart for a story so completely amazing!

P.S I do wish there was an epilogue because I wasn’t quite ready to let them go!
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Is there anything better than a Christina Lauren book? I love the mix of heart, wit, and fun. This book is one of my favorites, though I am pretty sure I say that about every new book I read from them.
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Is there every really a marriage of convenience? As much as Holland may have a simple crush on the mysterious street musician, fate has other plans for these two.
Thrown into a situation where Holland feels as if she owes Calvin for helping her, she helps him find his way to a stage.
But as all good stories go, there's a reason he runs.
A marriage of convenience is proposed so Calvin can live his dreams and Holland can live with her crush.

Can Holland keep her crush a secret? Will Calvin find himself falling for the woman who gave him his shot at everything? Told in a way that only Christina Lauren can tell it, you'll find Roomies to be well thought out, well written, and told in a way that will capture you from the very beginning. Ultimately, Roomies will have you cheering for love.
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This was my first read by the duo authors and did enjoy it. Just thought it fell short to its concept could of been better. Did like the characters and romance between the two.
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I enjoyed this book but the enjoyment did not last all the way through. It is definitely an interesting take on the “marriage of convenience” trope. However, I wasn’t convinced that the hero was as enamored with the heroine as the heroine was with the hero. And for a hero who wanted the heroine to become “a main character in her own story,” he sure had no problem asking her to pretend to be someone other than herself.
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Had a Blast reading this amazing book by these two incredible and talented authors. They capture you like the book is hugging you to read from start to finish! Cannot put it down!
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Roomies has certainly climbed to my top favorite by this duo authors. Christina Lauren have created a sweet, heartwarming and filled with humor that most romantics would love. I mean, this should be a hallmark movie! 

Holland’s Uncle and his husband have influenced music into her life. Even though they want her to pursue the same passion, she’s leaning towards being an aspiring author, however that doesn’t sit her from enjoying the subway musician that’s captured her attention sense the first note strung through the busy subway. When Holland finally builds up the courage to speak to the mystery musician, they exchange names. 

Calvin McLoughlin is an immigrant from Ireland. He went to Juilliard, but now he’s a musician just waiting to get his break in the industry. When Holland suggest him to meet her uncles to audition, he decides to take a chance. As talent would be, he’s perfect for the show, but there’s just one problem. Calvin’s visa (green card) is about to expire and that makes him unable to join… right? 
Now, Holland and Calvin are exchanging more than just names. Legal speaking.
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I didn't really enjoy this book. I never got a clear picture in my mind of who these people were. The story didn't grab me, either.
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A great addition to the romance section of our library. Christina Lauren is a great author who is an immediate holds list for a lot of our patrons. This title, in particular, has a unique premise and will keep the reader motivated to finish.
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Yet another super cute title by the authors behind Christina Lauren. Holland was a likable character and Calvin was cute enough as the busker turned Broadway star.  Robert and Jeff were a cute couple and I am incredibly jealous that I don't have them to raise me in the city.
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A ridiculous premise saved by a main character who becomes more likable as the story goes on and a very swoon worthy male lead. The many misunderstandings get old towards the end (it's one of those books you spend a lot of time yelling "just talk to each other already!") but still a fun, quick romantic comedy in book form.
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