A World without 'Whom'

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 20 Nov 2017

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Emmy Favilla is chief copy editor of BuzzFeed, the digital news company, and has compiled the first style-guide for the internet age.

A couple of things: 
1.	This book covers mainly American English but there is a chapter and an appendix for British English. 
2.	Although it’s got emojis on the cover this is not a humorous book on language. It’s written by a passionate, if a little geeky, linguist.
3.	If you love your ‘whoms’ you won’t like Favilla’s point of view.

I really liked this book and it’s fresh and common sense approach to how we use English in blogs, tweets and emails. I found it very useful and it also explodes a certain myth that the English language is doomed just because of a few silly (and admittedly annoying) web trends. I bet in the olden days some Elizabethans disapproved of whippersnapper-phrase-slinger Shakespeare too.
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