Troubled Waters

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All of the books in the series are amazing and this one is no exception. Lots of drama, clean romance and fun characters. Highly recommend this series! loved it!
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Another adventure with the PEAK crew. When Sierra plans a fundraising Caribbean cruise to obtain funds to repair the team's helicopter, Ian tags along to make sure his rich buddies keeps their hands off Sierra. The cruise is successful until the weather changes and the boat capsizes. Ian will learn to depend on God as he waits to be rescued. Looking forward to the reading the next book. Highly recommended!
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Billionaire Ian Shaw’s life is crumbling fast. He’s had to liquidate his fortune, his niece Esme remains missing, and the woman he loves wants nothing to do with him.

Sierra Rose has loved Ian for years, but as long as Esme’s disappearance continues to consume him, there is no future for them as a couple. Of course, if he knew the truth, there probably wouldn’t be a hapily-ever-after anyway. Sierra knows where Esme hides and why, but a promise to the girl prevents her from revealing that fact to the uncle.

After the PEAK chopper is damaged and the rescue team lacks the funds to repair it, Ian and Sierra combine forces to host a fundraising event on his yacht. But what should have been three, fun-filled days turns into a nightmare when a rogue wave destroys the yacht, tossing the passengers overboard. Ian and Sierra find themselves stranded on a deserted island with nothing but each other, the land, and the hope of rescue to help them survive.

Susan May Warren’s Troubled Waters plunges readers into a non-stop, action-soaked tale. I have been chomping at the bit for Ian and Sierra’s story ever since the prequel. Their turn finally arrived leaving me with mixed feelings. Apparently, it is possible to have an intense, adrenaline-laden tale that drags. After all, what doesn’t happen to the characters? Fire, a rogue wave, lost at sea, hurricane, and more. It reached the point where it felt like a never-ending string of bad events that happened with little story and character development.

Despite my early fascination with Ian and Sierra’s romance, as the Montana Rescue series has progressed, I’ve found myself increasingly disappointed in Sierra. She toyed with another man’s feelings (Book 2), removed herself from Ian’s life blaming his obsession with finding his niece even though Sierra was more part of the problem than the solution. Not to mention that withholding the truth from Ian, especially considering the threat to Esme’s life, was not only unwise and dangerous, but no way to build a foundation for any sort of relationship. All in all, even though she had me firmly planted on her side early on in the series, it became increasingly hard to sympathize with her.

Though it was an okay read, it doesn’t rank amongst Warren’s best works. Having read the prequel and three books prior to Troubled Waters, I had no trouble keeping the characters straight or following the story. However, if you’re new to Montana Rescue, I recommend starting at the beginning. Otherwise, a lot will be missed and potentially lead to a confusing read.
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Susan May Warren is one of the best Christian contemporary authors in the market today. She always delivers heart-stopping adventure and toe-curling romance that grips me from page one to the end. 

I finally caught up with this series and I'm loving it as I knew I would. In this book, Ian and Sierra are finally able to get over hard obstacles to find their happy ending. It hasn't been an easy journey for either one of them, especially with Ian's niece disappearance still in the way. 

I also love catching up with the other characters and couples to see where they are and/or how they're getting there. 

Highly recommend this series!

I received a complimentary copy through NetGalley from the publisher and this is my own opinion.
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Oh, my, the drama!  Honestly, if this had been the first book of the series, I might have not minded...but I read these books for the survival tales, the rescues—not the recurring emotional angst.  Emotional angst gets me tired, so it really did damper my enjoyment of an otherwise well-written book.  

I think my main issue with this series is that years are passing and no one is maturing much.  People get together and break up and date other people and long for the one true love and get back with the one true love and argue and break's starting to feel like high school all over again.  So while the book is interesting and good, I am just so ready for this team to learn how to talk to each other and communicate like grown-ups.

The action starts at about the halfway point and I grew much more invested in the story.  The rescue depended heavily on some improbable happenings, though, so it didn't ultimately end in raising my rating.
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This series has been amazing. This is the 4th book in the series. The characters are well written, the storyline keeps you going. I love the desciptions that the author puts into her stories. They are always so well crafted. 

Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book
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Another hit in the "Montana Rescue" series by Susan May Warren! I have been loving these novels and was eager to read Troubled Waters. It was even more eventful than I anticipated and I was glued to the pages of the book (actually my Kindle screen, but it's really the same thing). ;)

One thing I loved about Troubled Waters (and the whole series) was how the story wasn't just about one thing -- there were several different story lines. You had Ian and Sierra's story, a subplot about Jess and Pete, and then the whole drama regarding Esme. It made for an entertaining read and I never got bored.

All in all, Troubled Waters was fantastic! I recommend it and look forward to reading Storm Front (book #5).

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This is book 4 in a series of adventure, intrigue, and romance by Susan May Warren.  I’ve personally read a couple of the others in this series.  This was a book that could stand alone but adds on to the other 3 if you’ve read them.  I found myself very drawn into this one.  The characters are loveable for the most part and “real.”  I love it when a book teaches me while I’m enjoying a fiction read and this book did just that for me.  Now every time I see a wave I think about what this book has taught me.  I also love the dialogue between a couple characters and one of them is saying, what happened to you and how did you come into relationship with God all of a sudden.  The reply was, I went through a hard thing just like you did and God provided just what I needed.  OH so true!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Ian Shaw can pretty much buy anything he wants, except the whereabouts of his niece, Esme and Sierra, the woman he loves.  And now he finds himself liquidating his assets to pay government fines for a devastating fire they say he’s responsible for starting.  Sierra Rose still loves Ian in spite of everything that’s happened between them, but his obsession to find Esme has totally consumed his life.  Sierra knows where Esme is and wants to share that with Ian but has promised Esme she’d keep it secret.  When the PEAK chopper is badly damaged during a rescue and there are no funds to repair it, Ian offers his yacht for a three day Caribbean fundraiser excursion.  Sierra organizes it and Ian invites his closest friends who he hopes will donate the money to fix the chopper.   The excursion turns into a nightmare when a rogue wave hits the yacht and sends everyone overboard.   Ian and Sierra find themselves washed up on a deserted island.  Will working together to survive bring them closer together? And if they are rescued what will happen when Ian finds out Sierra’s kept the truth from him?

Wow!  Talk about an edge-of-your-seat-can’t-put-it-down story, this one is just that!  From the very beginning until it’s climatic conclusion you will be glued to the pages.  This is the long awaited story of Ian and Sierra and it does not disappoint.   At the same time, you have the Pete and Jess story continuing on as well.  Two stories for the price of one.  I love that!  Be prepared for emotional ups and downs but with that you’ll also get some great nuggets of spiritual wisdom and encouragement.  I like that you see all the familiar friends you’ve come to know from the previous books.  To me, that makes the story much more endearing.  Along with the emotional ups and downs, you’ll encounter action, suspense and some heart-stopping moments.   If you can ride out the ‘Troubled Waters’ you are in for a real treat at the end.  Although this has a conclusion it sets the stage for the next story (Storm Front) which I can’t wait to dive into.  I highly recommend not only this book but the whole series.  I recommend you read them in order though because, although each book can stand alone, there is certain parts of the story that carry from one book to the next.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Revell through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite quotes:

“If I didn’t know that God had my back, I’d be a basket case”

“Our team chaplain told me to count it a gift when God is my only option, and…he’s right.  I decided to refuse to believe anything but that God is good and he loves me.  Doesn’t mean life isn’t insane sometimes, but I’m not in this alone.”

“Love isn’t about how she makes you feel.  It’s about giving of yourself to her.  And doing what’s best for her.”

“Your worth to God has nothing to do with your actions.  He loves you because he wants to Because he chooses to.”

If you want to know more about this book or other books by this author I recommend you visit her website at
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I was so excited for the next book in Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue series to be released and it was so good!  "Troubled Waters" continues on with the saga of Peak Rescue and Ian searching for his niece Esme.  However, Ian has decided to leave things be and not search for Esme since apparently she does not want to be found by him and he is facing another dilemma as his funds have been frozen and he is considering moving back to Texas.  Without Ian, will Peak Rescue survive?  This is troubling to Sierra especially as this is her only job right now, her "family" and of course she is in love with Ian, although he wants nothing to do with her as she kept Esme's secret from him.  Sierra plans a trip on Ian's yacht to raise funds, and Ian decides to join them; however, the trip does not go according to the plan.  
This was such a great book!  It really tied up a few things and really advanced the storyline that has been carrying through the series.  Pete returned and so he and Jess have their story continues as well as all of the other characters.  I was disappointed at the end of the book as it left me hanging a bit and  I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next!  This is such a great series and if you hadn't read any of it,
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Can't pass up a Susan MaIn Troubled Waters, Ian Shaw and Sierra Rose have fought their attraction to one another. Their journey to a happy ending has been disrupted by misunderstandings, secrets and singular focus (some would say obsession) of a niece’s disappearance. As long as Ian’s niece Esme is missing, that is his primary focus, causing him to have no room for anyone else in his life. When Sierra solves the mystery of Esme’s disappearance but promises Esme to keep it a secret from Ian, it causes difficulties in their being together.

Sierra uses Ian’s yacht for a PEAK Rescue fundraising excursion for his friends. Things go amiss, causing the yacht to capsize in the Caribbean, and all its passengers to be scattered. Ian and Sierra are washed up on an empty shore. Will they find their way back home, and to rebuilding a relationship with one another?y Warren book - know that I'll read excellent characterization, plot and narrative.
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This is book four of the Montana Rescue series, I have only read the prequel and this one and had no issues keeping up on what was going on. It is a series though and written like one, you will have some unfinished things to look forward to in the next book. I do feel I probably missed out on some important information in the series but still enjoyed this read.

Ian Shaw is a handsome, wealthy man. He is a take charge kind of guy. So when things fall apart and he truly only has God to turn to, you wonder if he actually will. 

Sierra Rose is a very organized, beautiful woman. When put to a challenge  she meets it head on. Yet she must rely on more than her own strength to face the storms ahead.

This book is full of mystery, suspense and since it is a series some question get answered from previous book, which I would assume left you with a little cliff hanger at the end of those books. I look forward to reading more from this series, and maybe going back to read those I missed.
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Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren is the latest book in the Montana Rescue series.  While it could be read as a standalone novel, I think it reads so much better if you are familiar with the characters and their lives from previous books.  This book tells the story of Ian and Sierra.  While all the books in this series are fast paced and full of suspense, I think this book is especially suspenseful.  Don't start reading until you have time to finish.  I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher.  These opinions are entirely my own.
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I’ve never read a Susan May Warren book that I didn’t love and this one is no exception to that.  Strong, compelling characters; intriguing storyline, everything adds up to one terrific novel.  It’s a pleasure to read such a great story with no bad language or embarrassing scenes.
Always looking forward to her next book!
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Romance, clean, Christian
More of a 4.5 for me as a reader, but rounded up. This was another beautiful, suspenseful, poignant, heartfelt (sorry, I really can't help myself!) read by SMW. So glad to read Sierra and Ian's story, along with getting more of Jess and Pete's story, along with of course, some of the other characters. While this is a series, it is a stand alone read. Definitely more coming, but still just a beautifully, honest, redemptive, romantic read. SMW characters lives, hurts, pain, and hopes always come from the heart. They are so beautifully drawn. Her skill at having them live and learn to live Christian faith-filled, and hopeful lives in the face of despair, discouragement, and hardship are always naturally, and beautifully drawn. That, and of course, the element of pulling together as a couple in the face of these hardships or hurts.
I am such a fan, I am not sure I can be considered objective, but there you go.
I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. This in no way influenced my review.
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Troubled Waters is the fourth romantic suspense book in the Montana Rescue series written by author Susan May Warren. Thanks to NetGalley and Revell Publishing for the advance copy.
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I wish there were half stars, I'd give this one 4 1/2.

A was so surpised at how COMPELLING I found this one to me. It's book 4 in the Montana Rescue series and yes it can be read as a standalone, but I'm THIS close to saying that you need the other novels to understand this one a little better.

This installment is Ian and Sierra's story with a dash of Pete and Jess tossed in for good measure. Long story short, Ian and Sierra find themselves stranded on an island (Ian can't swim by the way) after the yacht they were on, capsizes. Lost at sea, and separated from everyone else, they don't know if they will ever be rescued.

This book had me turning the pages and promising myself, "one more chapter" late into the night. I love me a good suspense book and I admit, I was surprised at how well this Christian Romance author could write suspense. An awesome read, I highly recommend.....I can't wait to see what's next

Thank you Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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High quality fiction guaranteed to make you smile, cry, and laugh out loud. Susan packs her stories with the best of everything: characters, heart, life lessons, and authentic faith. Her imaginary people are flawed and very real, and you learn from their choices as you read.  Susan tops my must buy list,  and is in my top ten all time favorite authors list!
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If you're looking for a deep and soulful book that has Christian themes - this is the book for you. There's an innocence to this storyline that I wish all books had today. If you've read this author before, then you know her trademark writing style is deep family roots and traditional themes. This was a wholesome and enjoyable read. 

I was given an ARC copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect anyone else's.
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Susan may Warren is great. This series makes you feel like part of the family. And every family has its own problems. Every story in this series is intense but has a great story line
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