Hooking Up: A Novel

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Amalie's wedding day is ruined by a despicable groom and an embarrassing situation with the groom's cousin, Lexington.  When she decides to go on the honeymoon by herself, she runs into Lexington who is there on a business trip.  I liked both of these characters immensely, by themselves, but something about their chemistry together just felt too forced to me.  This is also a very steamy contemporary romance and I think I was looking for something lighter and more fun.  I think this book just wasn't what I was in the mood for at the time.  I received a digital ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Another great book by Helena! This time we are in the Shacking Up world with some really great characters.
We are first started with Amalie's wedding to the selfish and slimy Armstrong. I wont give away what happens but eventually Amalie decides to go on that honeymoon and happens to run into Lex who is there for business. They have a great story and I would totally recommend this book.
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Hooking Up will finally bring Amalie her happiness even though she will experience her nightmare in the beginning.
Amalie is such a sweet and loyal woman that any man is luck to have her. She does not feel that way when she discover her now husband on their wedding day cheating on her. I did fell for her because it is so hurtful and embarrassing but I know she got herself saved. He was not right for her at all especially when he wanted to change her all the time. She is perfect who she is that she should not change whatsoever. And she knows it that she takes a solo trip until she see that she has company, the sexy Lexington. 
Lexington has always had the hots for Amalie that he never understood why she would marry his rat cousin. He was definitely glad that it ended but he is going to pursue no matter what. She is so incredible that he is making the effort even when they leave the trip and return back home. 
It may be challenging for them but Amalie is getting in the process of divorce which her husband is fighting. But she is determined to make it finally and she is also sorting out her feeling for Lexington. He is totally in love with her that he is willing to bend her rules until she realize that they are meant for each other. 
I absolutely love Amalie and Lexington together. They have insane chemistry for each other that their romance is easy. But they have a bumpy road since family always complicated things.
4 1/2 Stars
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If you know me at all, you will know that I hate to have one of the main characters hook up or have a relationship with a person who is close to the other main character. In this case, I didn't mind it in this case because Amalie's husband is trash. On their wedding reception, he got a BJ from another woman and dared to play the hurt party. So I didn't consider Amalie's actions to be cheating in any way even though she was not divorced for a portion of the book. Armstrong is kind of the villain of the series and I want to see him going down. Lex and Amalie's relationship had a good development and I liked how everything went down between them. Overall the book was good and I liked it.
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*4.5 Tickle Trunk stars* 

Hot, hot, hot…

This series continues with another story that opened with a huge bang! Hmm, blow out maybe? Either way, the drama was sky high as Amalie found herself not honeymooning with her new husband, but hiding from the latest scandal. Oh, man did I feel bad for her. She was doing all the right things, determined to leave Anarchy Amie behind. When she decided to hide on her now solo honeymoon trip, little did she know trouble was going to follow. And he was over six feet of deliciousness….

And when I said trouble, what I really meant was a man who cared for her. About her feelings. About her self-worth. Not only about her adventurous spirit and many, many charms. What followed was a meeting of minds, souls and other body parts in an unexpected but sensual adventure. With everything going on around them, finding a way in the real world where they could be together was something else entirely…

The banter and conversation was funny yet the heat and the drama took center stage in another great read in this series. If you love rom-com with all the feels, then you want to dive in right away!
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I love Helena Hunting-she is my go to for romcoms.  I'm not usually a sports book fan but her books just work for me.  They are an awesome blend of humor and heat.  I enjoy reading her work and often go back for a reread on a day when I need a pick me up.
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*jumping up and down* YESSSSS!!!! I've been so excited for Amie's book since it was announced she was getting one. I adored her character in Shacking Up. Then throw in Bane's brother, Lex.... I was dead. This book was so stinking good. Definitely my favorite of the 2 books. 
This book made me so mad for one character and I just wanted to reach through my Kindle, magically appear in this world, and strangle/slap the character. Drove me absolutely crazy!!!!! 
Amie is such a fiesty, independent character and I couldn't help but smile for her the last few chapters. I adore Amie and Lex together. Actually, probably more than Ruby and Bane, and I loved them!!
If you've read Shacking Up, I suggest reading the novella in Eye Candy for Halloween and you'll see more of Ruby and Bane as well as see Amie and Lex!! Literally, my heart was so full reading the novella; I couldn't stop the smiles on my face.
If you've read any of Helena's books, you know how she adds humor. And I loved the humor throughout the book.
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This was such a great read. I don’t want to give spoilers from Shacking Up, so please take my word for it. It’s SEXY, funny and addictive!  Lots of steam to fuel this story and keep you hooked. SO GOOD!
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Helena Hunting is one of my new favorite authors.  The book was hard to put down and hilarious!  I can't wait to read more books in this series and by this author.
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Not bad, just not what I was expecting. 

I think the problem was more me, than the book. I probably would have been ok with how angsty this book was had it been balanced out, but there was not enough humor to handle all that angst. I was a fan of the set-up, but I wish I had seen more of the connection developing between the characters. I think the sex to story ratio was a little too heavy toward the sex for my liking (probably a little too kinky for me as well), and maybe some of that time could have been used to let us see Lex and Amie's growing affection. 

However, there were some things I really enjoyed. I thought Lex was great. He was totally swoony and sweet, and I always love when the hero is all in. I also liked seeing Ruby and Bane again, and loved how they were always in Amie's corner ready to support her. The chemistry between Amie and Lex was fantastic and the banter was top notch. I really enjoyed those two together, and the ending was great. It did leave me with a smile.
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This was a great story with great characters. It flowed nicely without rushing the story. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author! Read it and you won't regret the time spent.
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Sweet, swoony and sexy, this was a fun read. 
I really enjoyed the story, it flowed well and was engaging.
3.5 stars
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4.5 I can’t believe I waited this long to read this stars!!

OMG! I loved Lex and Amie’s story. I was afraid it would be a silly sex filled fluff story but boy, was I wrong!! The emotion, the feels!! I think this is my favorite book yet from this author!
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I've been reading Helena Hunting for a couple of years and this is by far my favourite of her titles. The humour and pathos are well balanced, creating a fun and heartwarming read. I inhaled Hooking Up and I am really enthused about this series.
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Let me just say.... Helena can write some sexy sexy men characters haha.

This is just one of the many of her books that I've loved over the past few years. And I'm so glad I dove into this one when I did. Shaking Up had been so good. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen with the insanely adorable and sweet Amalie. Then add one hot as heck Lex into the mix, and.... SWOON!!

This story had me sniggering and blushing all through it as the characters got to know and interact with each other. Because while Helena may be the queen at funny romance, she is also the dark lord of the broody drama. And I love it when we get just a bit a both to make the characters and story just a bit more fun.
there's honestly so much I could say about this book. Like my insane hatred for Armstrong (Grrr)

Or my love for getting to see Ruby again. (I honestly adore her as much as Amalie)

This book just had it all for me. And made it extremely hard to want to do things like school. Or work. Or sleep. haha
And definitely gets 5 stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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It’s official: I’m obsessed with Helena Hunting’s words. This series has become my go-to when I need a sexy and feel good romance that’s full of laughs and sizzle. It just never disappoints and I will never get enough of it. Admittedly I did things a little backwards by reading I Flipping Love You before this book, but since these are all interconnecting standalones, I never felt like I lost anything in the story by doing that.
Hooking Up was a totally addicting read full of laughs and sizzle. The premise of the story was a delicious page turner. I was riveted to the pages from beginning to end with a goofy smile on my face the entire time. I simply couldn’t get enough of these characters.
What could be the worst thing to happen on your wedding day? For Amalie Whitfield, it’s hearing your brand new husband getting a bj from someone that’s not you over the reception loud speakers. Talk about your embarrassing disaster. So what’s a girl to do? Cut herself out of her dress with shears and proposition her soon to be ex-husband’s incredibly hot cousin in the bridal room, of course. What? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Besides, she did Lex before her groom. It just happened to be that he looked like the epitome of bad boy and too good looking to be good for her. She’s not exactly known for her great choice in men. Her current predicament is a prime example. In an embarrassed and devastated fog, she decides to go on her honeymoon alone to recover…only for Lex to end up on the same tropical island to work a deal for his family’s hotel business. Suffice it to say, steamy moment ensue.
Can I just tell you all of the ways I adored Lex? God, this man was utter perfection. He’s sweet with a side of dirty talker, tatted, muscled, and totally gone for Amelie. They know that all the odds are stacked against them, but a tropical temporary fling can’t hurt, right? Until feelings get involved. And then things get a whole lot more complicated.
Amelie was a great heroine. I loved her sass and how she took no sh*t from her cheating “husband”. As for Armstrong, the douche? I have never wanted a character to be killed off more than I did him. I swear I spent half the book hoping he’d be hit by a bus. Talk about your king of douchebags. This man took the cake. I absolutely hated him.
The romance was fantastic! I loved Amelie and Lex together. I loved their chemistry, in and out of bed. I loved their banter and watching them fall hard for each other.
If you’re looking for a lighthearted, feel good romance that’s full of steam and humor, this series is an absolute must read. Hooking Up was another amazing addition to this addicting series, and I’m already itching for my next fix.
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Can a tropical island rebound turn into forever? Amalie has always displayed poor judgement in men, but she thinks she’s turned a corner when she agrees to marry a respectable a man her parents are proud to see her with. When he publicly cheats on her at their wedding reception, it’s clear that he wasn’t what she thought he was. She’s in no condition for a rebound fling an,d the man she keeps running into has plenty of reasons to keep things platonic between them. But some things are just inevitable.

Amalie spends a great deal of this book reeling from her situation. The more distance she gets, the more she sees how toxic her relationship was and how much damage her assface husband has done to her psyche. After letting the crazy out a little, she rallies and decides to stick it to the man by going on their honeymoon alone. Of course, fate intervenes and she ends up on the same plane and on the same tropical island as the assface’s handsome cousin Marcus.

Marcus should definitely keep his hands off of Amalie. He and his cousin have been in a bizzare competition with each other for most of their lives and it’s gotten especially toxic in recent years. He’s not a fan of leaving human casualties in their feud’s wake, so he’s long since given up dating anyone lest they get stuck being a pawn in a nasty game only one person is playing. But the attraction between them is more powerful than Marcus can resist.

I’ve been a fan of Helena Hunting’s for a while and I’ve been really pleased with the direction her writing has been taking lately. She’s still writing funny romances, but the crude humor of her hockey books, which aren’t to everyone’s tastes, has been dialed down a few notches. I’m really enjoying it. This isn’t the world’s lightest rom coms, but I did enjoy watching Amelie get her confidence back and Amelie and Marcus compliment each other well. I look forward to future Hunting books in this vein.
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I don’t even know where to begin. You know how you just can’t put some books down? Well. This is one of those. From the minute I started, I was addicted. The characters leap off the page. They’re real and relatable. I can’t say enough good things here.
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Sexy. Sweet. Unforgettable. I love this author and the stories she writes. Great chemistry. Undeniable attraction. Smoldering tension. Characters that make you feel everything. Highly recommended this book y'all!
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Love the plot!! Amelie was about to get married to Armstrong but the turn of even when he was overheard making a lot of sex noise and it is not with his to be wife.  Amelie was devastated but decided to waste a perfect honeymoon so she went alone.  Once she got to the tiny island she found that she was not alone at all.  Lex was there on a work assignment.  The two have encountered each other before and this time Lex is not going to hold back his felling for Amelie.  Well let’s just say … what happened in this island stay in the island 😊 This book is sweet, sexy, hilarious and a little bit of a forbidden romance component. Amazing chemistry.  Entertaining read.
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