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This is Helena’s best book to date. It’s absolutely fantastic! I’d give it all the stars if that was an option. It’s definitely worthy of more than 5 stars. 

The hero is so, so, so, so, so amazing. My god. I can’t even. He’s... Everything. Perfect. Sexy. Swoony. Funny. Muscly. Those sock washing muscles... *drools* LOL!!! He’s the epitome of a perfect book boyfriend. Gah!!! I love him.

Amie is also fantastic. As much as I hate what happened to her, I’m glad it did because Armstrong is a d-bag of epic proportions. I love the way she reacts to all the things, a bit ragey, a bit crazy. Totally accurate.

The chemistry between Amie and the hero... *fans self* Whoa. This book is uber-steamy and sexy and dirty. The mouth on this guy... Lord, have mercy.

I can’t say it enough, this book is perfection! It has the usual hilarity and steam and wee bit of angst that Helena is known for. And this is my favorite from her.  Read it! Right now!!!
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I really loved and enjoyed Hooking Up. I hate myself for putting it off for so long. It was better than I expected. The characters were so perfect for each other. Was hooked right away. cant wait for more.
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Love love every book this author write! This one was no different! Highly recommend!!
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I have read more than a few Helena Hunting books to know that I will not be disappointed in her new romantic comedy. It's everything I expect in a Hunting read- the laugh out loud moments, the surprise dramatic storyline and the off the charts chemistry between two very like-able characters. I could not and did not want to put this story down once I started it.

I don't even know who to begin with when it comes to these two characters, should I start with the beautiful bride that is left emotionally and physically freaking out on her wedding day or the sexiest man you could picture having a bride throwing herself at him instead of being with the man she just married. 

Amalie Whitfield is left embarrassed and thrown for loop when her husband is heard being satisfied by someone other than her. Instead of the wedding speech that is suppose to be taking place during the reception, the guest and the blushing bride hear the sounds of the grooms moans. In need to get away from the wedding catastrophe, Amalie runs away to Bora Bora. It was suppose to be her honeymoon destination, instead she wants to take the advice of her best friend and have lots of revenge sex. Amalie's plans take a turn when the man she literally threw herself on to is on the same plane heading to the same location. Will  Amalie be able to face her douchebag of a husband and get her life back in order?

It's impossible to not fall head over heels for Lexington, who finds it difficult to stop thinking about the woman that his cousin swooped in and married. He can't forget the heartbroken, extremely upset and sexy bride that was humiliated in front of all her family and friends begging him to alleviate her pain. In his best interest, his father sends him on a business trip hoping to bypass all the wedding night drama brought on by his cousin. Lexington is more man that can be imagined, his flirty banter will have a woman buckling at her knees and his sexual appetite is fierce. It is his need to take care and protect Amalie that had me falling in love with him. Will he be able to be the perfect gentleman and resist temptation even though she is everything he wants?

I loved everything about this romantic comedy, it had me swiping the pages like a mad woman. It has the perfect amount of heartbreak, love, sexual escapades, witty banter and cheering for that happy ever after. Including the characters Bane and Ruby from Shacking Up in the story is a bonus treat and introducing new characters left me excited for Helena Hunting's next release. I'm pretty sure my review is spoiler free most of what I wrote is found in the blurb. It's just really hard not to want to write and talk about a book that left me feeling all giddy as Hooking Up did. 
It's 5 Read As Soon As Possible and Leave You Smiling  Stars!!!
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Oh my! This story is EVERYTHING it promised to be. I love how the author used the prologue to introduce the two main characters. Good grief, that wedding! The scene in the bridal suite and in the airport had me in stitches. Lexington and Amalie will have you laughing out loud, heating up, and melting into a puddle with their story. I could not get enough of these two. Their chemistry captivated me from the very beginning. Lex is beyond sexy! This is definitely a Helena Hunting novel that you don't want to miss!

♥ Review by Lys
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4.5 STARS!
The perfect combination of sexy, erotic and laugh out loud humor! All the reasons I have become a die-hard Helena Hunting fan! Of course if you read Shacking Up, you got to know Amalie a little bit. Oh boy. If you thought you disliked Armstrong, you haven't seen anything yet. I was ready to dish out throat punches on her behalf. After the disaster that is her wedding, she's ready to let "Anarchy Amie" out to play. Let me tell you. She is SO MUCH FUN! And Lexington was the perfect partner in crime. After reading this book, one thing is for certain. I'll never again go through airport security without thinking of this book!
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Talk about hot mess!!!

With the return of everyone's least favorite Whoreton, Amalie's wedding crashes in a a spectacular way. I can't even begin to guess how the anger would motivate someone. But with Anarchy Amie lurking inside, I can only imagine...

It's a terrible situation. It's complicated beyond belief. It's also sweet, romantic, and crazy. So of course it's a great read!!!

I just hope for a little extra bone breaking. It would certainly make me smile.

Lex is all kinds of wonderful. I wish it dove more into his mind. I think this heartbreakingly hot man is more intense and amazingly sweet than he gets credit for. 

So to Sexy Lexy and Anarchy Amie, may you figure it all out and stick it to the tiny dicked assh@le!
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**Lex and Amie**
Lex met Amie first before his cousin. Who is the biggest horses A*& ever. Lex and Armstrong have the biggest family rivalry ever. 
Amie just married the biggest jacka*& ever. He cheated on her at their wedding! Amie decides that the honeymoon will go on with our her new husband. Little did she know that Lex would be on the same small island as her and they pick up where they left off before Armstrong. Lex has been in love with Amie since he first saw her. So for him its nothing to pick up where they left off. Amie falls for Lex hard when he keeps saving her and treats her like a women should be treated. But when they have to return to reality they don't know what to do. They don't want to give each other up but Amie is still married. What will happen?
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We all think that when we finally agree to marry someone that it’s going to be forever. Amalie certainly thought so, but that all went out the window when she and the whole wedding hears her new husband getting attention from someone that is not him. So what does a girl do? 
Go on the honeymoon without him and get the kind of revenge. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And she gets that and more when she runs into a man that she passed over, Lexington. 

Lexington and Armstrong have a history that goes back to when they were kids and it only gets more intense now that he has his eye on Amalie. 

The scenes between Amalie and Lexington are explosive. Helena Hunting really knows how to write a love scene and having you fanning yourself at the intense connection between the two characters. She doesn’t shy on the details and the passion that these characters have for one another explode on the pages that you can feel it in your own body. 

There is a HEA for the couple and there is no cliffhanger, which is the kind of book that I love reading. The story doesn’t have a huge blow out scene (though the build up before the climax could have certainly of had one). There is a some back and forth between Lex and Amalie that could have been (and I would have liked it) better to have bigger and more intense, but overall I am ok with the way that the book turned out.
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Whoa. Intense and crazy and so much fun to read. 

“I feel like the foulest version of Cinderella ever.”

Amalie Whitfield, bless her heart, is in the middle of her wedding reception to douche bag extraordinaire Armstrong when the speakers start blasting the groom getting a blow job - FROM ANOTHER WOMAN. 
Cringing - I was literally cringing in sympathy embarrassment for Amalie. "

She has every reason to freak out, and in a moment of insanity, she throws herself at the first hot-blooded male she sees"
LEXINGTON! Hell yes do we love us some Lexington (Bane's older brother). 

 "But he’s not interested in becoming her revenge screw." 
Because he's totally been torturing himself for months over Amalie and now that she's single he isn't going to screw it up like this. 

"Mortified and desperate to escape the post-wedding drama, Amalie decides to go on her honeymoon alone, only to find the man who rejected her also heading to the same tiny island for work. But this time he isn’t holding back. She should know better than to sleep with someone she knows, but she can’t seem to resist him. 

Gah this was great. Like a soap opera and reality tv show all in one!!
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I really enjoyed Hooking Up. When I met Amalie and Armstrong in Shacking Up, I was really hoping that Amalie didn't marry the douche! I fell in love with Lex as he tried to help Amie through this awful time in her life. Amie has no reason to trust people. All her life she has been burned by those she loves and just when she thinks Armstrong is the answer to all of that, he hurts her the worst! I loved Lex's strength in this book and the way that he cared about Amie. He never pushed her and let her find her way. Bane and Ruby are here helping them through this debacle and I loved catching up with them!

The writing was light and fun and made me laugh in some spots. I fell in love with Lex and Amalie and I hope that they end up with a happy ending (hint....they need a novella or something). Great read!
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Well, this will be an awkward review to write, as it was advised not to mention the name of the hero, unless it was only pre-publication. Anyway, I will go by this guideline. So, there is this jerk, and this nice guy, and this rather confused young woman, Amalie. “Amie” always manages to make the wrong choice when it comes to men, and she has done it again, and big time. Only, he didn’t show his true colours until it was somewhat too late. HOOKING UP was my first book by Ms. Hunting, so needless to say, I hadn’t read the previous book, Shacking Up, and I have the nagging feeling it might have made a difference when it came to Amalie, at least, and maybe the two men. Maybe it might have helped to have really known how “Anarchy Amie” was in the first book to better understand why she did what she did.

So, well, no summarising here because of abovementioned advisory… I guess I can say there was a HEA, after much, oh so very much rehashing of the situation in which Amalie finds herself; HOOKING UP could have been shorter, because the rivalry was mentioned so many times, it was a bit dizzying. I loved both men; the nice guy, because he was really adorable and exuded sex in a believable way, and the bad guy because he was unfortunately very credible in his persistence. The dialogues are excellent, but I admit to having had problems with the writing at times, which was rather uneven. On page 1, I was wondering if I had made a mistake in choosing to read HOOKING UP because of the puzzling syntax in the first few paragraphs. Even if the book did drag on too long in places, in my opinion, the sex scenes were torrid and very well written, and the characters extremely well fleshed out, even Amie who gave me a hard time, but it was the way she was, and with regards to the situation she was living as well.
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I have been a fan of hunter for many years and this book is no different. the writing is about a serious subject - breaking up at the wedding after the bride hears the groom getting a bj, in fact, the whole room heard. going off on the honeymoon she meets with the husbands cousin who originally tried to woo her and the pair get on and he helps her heel. however serious the subject Hunting adds her own personal brand of humour with lights up the pages.
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Hooking Up review

Get Hooked Up!

Hooking Up by Helena Hunting is a standalone contemporary romance novel.

I decided to read this book because I saw it offered on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of Ms. Hunting’s books so I was delighted when I saw this on Netgalley and they was offered an early copy to read and review,

 I was so excited to finally have an opportunity to read a Helena Hunting book since I have heard so many good things about her stories.  The story begins with Amalie on her wedding day and the disaster it became.  During the reception Amalie and all the guests hear her husband “hooking up” with another woman.  Amalie mortified decided to go on her honeymoon solo and use those 2 weeks to hook up and forget the disaster her life has become.  While on her honeymoon she runs into her husband’s cousin Lex who she knows would be a huge mistake to shack up with but neither of them can resist each other no matter the repercussions. 

I wanted to absolutely love this book, I really did.  How I gauge my love for a book is when I open it and can’t stop reading.  I get so involved in the story I neglect my family until I am finished.  Where this story fell flat on me was there just wasn’t much of a story to begin with.   There wasn’t strong emotion or angst and it took me a month to finish this book!  The story itself is pretty typical which is fine but the emotion and angst between the hero and heroine just wasn’t there in my opinion.   The beginning of the book was great in how the wedding went all wrong and then Amalie’s difficulty getting through airport security.  It was hilarious.   My main problem with the story was Armstrong.   Armstrong is the horrible husband.   I had a difficult time finding his character believable and every time he would pop up in the story it just became annoying.   His character was borderline disturbing and I think someone that unstable wouldn’t be getting married.  He was just too weird and Amalie was just way to smart to not realize his craziness before the wedding.    The other issue in the story for me was Amalie remained a stranger to me.  Every new chapter I kept thinking I would learn more about her or feel some connection and I felt nothing.  Her character just didn’t have the development that Lex’s character did.  Between the two of them I never felt the relationship was more than just hooking up although they did say to each other they loved one another.  I just wasn’t feeling the love as much as lust. 
 Ms. Hunting is a talented and clever writer so I am not giving up on her and I plan on reading her other books.   In fact I have Shacking Up on my TBR shelf!
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4,5 stars. I've been waiting for this book so much and I'm not disappointed. Just wonderful book! Sexy, funny with swoon worthy hero.
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4.5 Stars

Hooking Up is a second chance, forbidden romance that follows the title Shacking Up, although it can be read as a standalone.

Hooking up is a sweet, sexy, emotion and humor filled romantic comedy, that had me giggling, smiling and full out laughing out loud. It's an incredibly engaging and entertaining title with characters that are endearing, unique and quirky.

Amalie's husband Armstrong is an arrogant, narcissistic ass, who has no respect for women in general, much less his new wife. After being humiliated at her own wedding by her new husband no less, Amalie has lost confidence in her choices, and taken a hit to her self esteem. As she recovers from the circumstances that lead her to a solo honeymoon she gains confidentce, and we begin to see more of a wild and fun Amalie.

Amalie's holiday hookup is the complete opposite to Armstrong. He's kind, caring, considerate and swoon worthy and has a penchant for underwear and socks with eccentric designs.

The chemistry and sexual tension between Amalie and her holiday hookup is intense and undeniable. Their encounters are sexy, fun, passionate and kind of kinky.

The side characters add complexity to the story line and the banter they share is flirtatious, fun, full of sass and wit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this title, recommending it to anyone who enjoys a romantic comedy and will be eagerly anticipating her next release.
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I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. The chemistry between Amalie and the hero is so great, and their banter had me chuckling at times. Since being granted my ARC, I've read it twice. It's a fun, and quick (because you won't want to put it down) read that will really hit you in the feels. Highly recommend!
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What a fantastic, funny, emotional book! This is what Hooking Up encumbers and so much more!

Every girl dreams of her wedding day being memorable, but Amalie Whitfield's was memorable for all the wrong reasons. During her wedding reception her groom is caught with his pants down (literally) getting a blow job from someone other than her. Amie's world begins to fall apart and as things progressively get worse, it's hard not to get sucked in (no pun intended!) to her story and how it all unfolds.

To avoid the fallout as best she can, Amie heads off on the honeymoon she and her groom had planned in Bora Bora. She just wants to get away to avoid all of the embarrassment and to try to rediscover some of her now shaken confidence. Amie's best friend encourages her to find herself a hook-up while she's in paradise, but can Amie bring herself to do it?

You bet she can and her Hottie Hook-up is all that and a bag of chips! The chemistry is amazing, but the relationship is also sweet and it is just what Amie needs. But, she also wonders if she can trust herself and what she's feeling after the horrible relationship that was supposed to last the rest of her life.

I loved this book and was thoroughly entertained from the get go, but that is generally how it goes with Helena Hunting books! You can read this book as a standalone, but I think it helps to have also read Shaking Up and Getting Down in order to have met the characters. I am looking forward to what is next from this very accomplished author!
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Very fun read! Amalie met two cousins on the same night, one handsome and sexy the other very charming, Armstrong charmed her away from Lexington and soon Amalie and Armstrong were hearing wedding bells but when her new husband was broadcasted of the speakers at their wedding receiving a very compromising service from someone other than the bride she knew her marriage wasn't going to work. When her best friend talked her into going on her honeymoon alone she had no idea what she was going to encounter. Lexington was sent across the world to deal with the family business as punishment for bring the woman who compromised his cousin's marriage. He expected to throw himself into work but stumbling upon Amalie at the airport gave him other ideas. Great fun read, lots of laughs and steaminess!
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I haven't read as many Helena Hunting books as I would like to yet, but I do know from the ones I have, Helena writes with very engaging characters and good storylines and Hooking Up is no exception.

I love books with characters to hate, characters to root for and get behind and Hooking Up had them in spades. OMG the 'husband' what an arrogant, a$$ he was! Horrible, horrible man and he was great! Hahaha.

I give Hooking Up a sweet 4.5 stars, I'd have gone the whole hog with 5 but some of Amalie's choices left a little bit to be desired in my eyes, but on the whole I really like her and even with poor choices or decisions she was a lovely character.

I received Hooking Up via netgalley. My reviews are my own and 100% honest.
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