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The ending is the best thing abut this book. K is an intriguing character, but due to her living style I couldn't identify with her. drugs and prostitution make for a seedy tale and she's ok with it. a book that wasn't for me but it was fascinating
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While at times a bit confusing, this was an endlessly fascinating read that kept me hooked once I caught on to the tone and the style. The ending absolutely blew me away.
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The protagonist of Ultraluminous is a prostitute named K. who has just come back to New York after several years in Dubai. She immediately books five clients, one for every work day, and continues to do heroin; she has given herself a year to decide on something that will be revealed at the end of the book. Ultraluminous is made up of very short paragraphs often depicting very mundane situations (chitchat, sexual intercourse, outings at Duane Reade), something with a convincing turn of phrase. It's super flimsy stuff, though not unengaging. A gifted genre writer may have turned this into a decent noir, but as it's a superficial novel that gives its plot away when trying to foreshadow the...

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