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Finding Leda, The Science of Happiness

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Didnt realize this was the fifth book to a series when i requested it. Can't say much about it because I havent read the first four!
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(I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for letting me to read this book. This will not affect my reviews)

A continuation of Leda’s story in a new book series named Sonder Series will make your heart flatter and filled with happy memories of your teenage years.

In the book 1 of the Sonder Series, Leda graduated in high school and she’s now a college student. She took Genetic Engineering, which she didn’t liked at all but have to for her future.Basically, the story is about finding herself again and following what her heart desires.

What I could describe about her is that she’s a happy go lucky and opinionated person. She didn’t settle for less, she wants more and doesn’t scared of what other’s might say. Well,for me that was great, it’s more of a self-discovery and will make the readers ponder on the things they’ve done for the past or will make them go for more the things that they want. If you started reading the Italian Saga wherein Leda from child to grownup, you will see her transformation and where did she gother wisdom from.

However, what I certainly not like about this book and why did I rated this low is that, she’s getting whiny.Yeah, there’s nothing wrong about having lots of perspective in life but the story is getting repetitive. Then, there’s this guy (hmm spoiler alert excuse me) well they been together for years – named Claudio. I feel bad for him and sad by the fact that she broken up with him because they’re not like they used to and he’s growing up and focusing on his career. Yeah, we can make our own choices but ugh their relationship is sooo good. I ship them both. But yeah, he chose the Sergio-the bad boy characteristics.

Second, there are some part of the story that over lapses and I can’t understand the MC.

Overall, the story is kind of meh to me. It’s not that great book that I would recommend but I have big hopes on what will happen next on Leda’s story.

Also, I just want to clarify that it is part of Italian Saga. And for me, you need to read the 4 books in order to understand the story because there are some parts on this book that related from the previous books.
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I really enjoyed this! I love warm reads and this book was a great pass time. Unfortunately, something that was a miss for me was the pretext of the book - I could not follow the Italian culture basis and because I'm not used to being thrown into books that don't explain the background. This aspect of the book could have been better. The concept of this book was unique but the plot could have had a better execution. This was my first read from this author and I will be sure to look out for more!
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*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley*

I loved this book a lot!! I found the main character quite relatable (except the super genius in everything aspect which grated a bit on my nerves).

Anyway, a pretty interesting take on life and happiness. Might take a page or two :)
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I have a love-hate relationship with this book. It started well, the middle bit was endless, and the ending was pretty good.
I can relate to Leda on so many levels. I have not had a single heartbreak yet, but “Finding Leda” is what I’m currently undergoing. I am “Finding Pari”, I suppose, and Leda did things that she wouldn’t have dreamt of. She was inspirational most times. But at times, as lost as she feels she is, there are a ton of things that’s keeping her alive, but she’s struggling to find the things she loves. She’s doing biotech because she couldn’t study literature, and it’s a little demeaning for the subject of biotechnology. I can totally tell that she’s not a science student from the way everything surprises her, and I actually find that endearing. I also loved the fact that in 1998, she was a feminist. She was strong and bold enough to go for what she wanted.
But there were times that I got annoyed. Leda blaming Sergio and vice-versa for running away was just a tad bit unnecessary and annoying. I wanted to slap some sense into each of them when they thought the other was ignoring them. I loved Lexi, I loved Starry and Sergio. Claudio was boring. I don’t even know what she saw in him. Fabio was really cute and Addy was plain annoying.
The Italian culture throughout the book was fascinating. My favourite word was “culo”, which I didn’t even have to look up. Leda just says, “My Culo” and I understand. Somehow.
Rating: 3.5/5
Recommendation: If you like stories of coming-of-age, discovering oneself, you’ll love this one!
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I thought that the interactions between Sergio and Leda were written well. Their chemistry was developed well and felt natural. The conversations that they had were interesting. I enjoyed how they challenged each other on their actions and beliefs.
I had a few issues with this book including being thrown into Italian culture with no explanations for anything. I felt like I was flying blind and I would have liked to have been able to understand things better within the book without having to look them up afterwards. I also don't feel like Leda learned anything throughout the book. It just seemed like she slightly tweaked her patterns of behavior without truly changing. I felt like the whole book revolved around her falling for the "worst possible candidate" which frustrated me. It felt like the book was going around in circles with nothing actually happening. The characters are supposed to be in their twenties but they are acting like teenagers. The funny thing is that she doesn't even meet him until 40% into the story so I expected "the wrong guy" to be someone that had already been established as a character in the book.
The synopsis makes the book seem like a romantic comedy or just funny in general but I didn't get that vibe. I didn't find it funny but rather sad and frustrating
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I really loved this book.  It appears this is going to be a series and I'm anxious to see how it goes.   I loved the setting, the time period, and the characters.  I felt this was beautifully and truthfully written.  The author captures the 90's feel very well (even though I lived in the 90's in the US, not Italy).  I think that Leda's list for happiness really transcends time and is just as applicable now.  Leda is a smart, strong character who is learning not to be afraid of being herself.
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