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Manga Classics: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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This was literally just Huckleberry Finn in manga form. I think it's a great way to have classics become more accessible to kids and teens that might not want to read them. Overall, I enjoyed it and would definitely read more classics in this format.
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A great way to take in the classics in a new and artistic way. Often I find myself unable to digest the classics because the language gets in the way of the visual. That is not the case here.
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I simply love these Manga adaptations of classics. They are beautifully drawn and tell the classic stories in a really nice way.
Huckelberry Finn wasn't one of the classics I read before but eventhough I quite enjoyed it.  
I really look forward to reading more of these classics.
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I've never read the original classic, but having read this I want to give it a go. This was fun and quirky. I'd love to see how it compares to the original.
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Thank you netgalley for letting me read and review this book. I enjoy the classic books turned into manga. It makes them easier to read and more fun. Love the art style and the story.
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I think I would actually give this book 3.5 stars. I liked it, but it just didn't hit the spot completely. As with all the manga classics, I enjoyed the art. I think it was done very well. I do think some of the story was lost in the adaptation. Something just felt missing. I have read the actual book and really enjoyed it. It wasn't that this book was bad, just felt lacking.
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book! The title and this beautiful cover drew me in and i was excited to read this book! I will be recommending this book to others for readers advisory
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There is something a bit jarring about seeing a classic story like this in a Manga format, but it's also a wonderful way to connect this story to reluctant readers, or just people who want to read it the story with a fun new visual element to it. I can't be mad at something that gets kids reading.
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I absolutely loved the manga version of Anne of Green Gables so I was excited to read more Manga Classics and requested the rest of the available ones through NetGalley. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is another flawless adaptation into Manga. The art is wonderful and the characters are colorful. I really enjoyed this one! The artwork brings a lot of emotion into the story, and firmly connects the reader to the characters. This version of the story does a commendable job of maintaining the original intent of Mark Twain. It left me feeling somewhat nostalgic for the original tale.
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I love the manga versions of the classic books I have always been intimidated to read when I was younger. I will happily recommend any of the manga classics to my students so everyone can enjoy the classics.
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This was cute, just like the original class story. I enjoy reading re-tellings and altered versions of the classics. That does include graphic novels/manga.
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Generally speaking, I love comics, graphic novels, mangas etc etc. I also love the concept of classics being adapted into such media because I think it is a funnier and more digestible way for the audience to be introduced to those stories.

But I really didn't like this one for a number of reasons.

Let's start by saying that the plot felt both complicated and tedious. It felt like it dragged on forever and I couldn't connect to any of the characters. Oh and the heavy usage of slang didn't help at making much sense of what they were saying.

And now, let's go to the "juicy" part.

Even before reading this, I knew the original had been judged due to its heavy usage of the n word and I wanted to see how the creators would handle it.

The creators put a note before and after the story, stating that even though they are not racist or pro slavery, they didn't want change the n word because it would affect the story's originality and they wanted to keep it true to its time.

And I get that, I do, but please explain to me why you censored some of the "bad" words from the original, as well as excluding Huck's smoking because you allegedly didn't want to encourage kids to do the same. And you have no problem encouraging them to use racial slurs?

Also, on a minor note, I didn't get why the scene where the King and the Duke were punished by being paraded in town while covered in tar and feathers was censored too, while we have seen much worse in other issues of the series (like in Manga Classics: Romeo and Juliet for example.)

Anyway, even if the outdated terms and ideas were cut, I still would have had a hard time reading this, even though I still applaud the creators for their hard work.
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I really enjoyed this one. The art is very good and has a great deal of emotion to it. The characters are very colorful, especially Huck and seeing the world through a 14 year old boy's eyes during the 1800s was very interesting. At times, it was absolutely hilarious. However, since the original novel was published in the 1800s as well, the multiple dialects used are, at times, very hard to understand. I had to re-read some speech bubbles multiple times just to understand what the character was trying to say. All in all, the story was fun, a bit dark at times, and we'll worth a read.
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This story is depicted very close to the original. The dynamic between characters was interesting to see and overall the art style was incredible. 
I've really enjoyed the manga classics series so far and look forward to reading more!
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For some a version of Little Women for boys, for others a book to be banned and for others a beloved book that must be read. It was with these opinions transmitted to me that I started reading.

With a hick, naive and very funny language Huckleberry introduces himself to those who did not know him in the previous book (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), which was my case because I took this book without knowing that it had connection with another one.

He tells  his relationship with the woman who raises and educates him, with the man who takes care of his money (as he found a small fortune in the previous book), with the abusive father and with his dear friend Tom Sawyer. This time, he is going to live  unusual situations to escape from his father and help Jim, a slave who wants to be free.

In the midst of encounters with bandits, rascals, feuding families, Huck becomes fond of Jim, a man who surprises him with every attitude, and gets to know various aspects of the human being, from kindness, loyalty, credulity to greed, lies and farce.

The manga has a linearity of events very close to the original text.

4/5 stars
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I read the original novel version of this book a long time ago, and as far as I can remember this manga version is fairly accurate to the original story. Good artwork.
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*Thank you to Netgalley and Udon Entertainment for giving me this digital copy in exchange for an honest review*

This was a fun way to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn! I haven’t read the original story or Tom Sawyer, so I went in to this completely blind. I find that Manga Classics are a easy way to consume classic tales and I’m able to read stories I wouldn’t normally pick up. This particular one was a bit darker than I expected, but I still enjoyed it. Some parts kept my attention more than others though and it took me longer than I expected to get through it. Overall, this was a fun way to read this classic tale and I do recommend it.
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I absolutely loved the manga version of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ so I was keen to explore some more ‘Manga Classics’. I read ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ when I was a child but I never got around to reading about Huckleberry Finn. I thought this was a great opportunity to find out what I’d been missing. I expected I’d want to read the novel once I finished the manga version but it turns out I’m not a fan of this story.

In the introduction we are told that Twain’s “use of coarse vernacular and racial stereotypes in this novel was intended not to endorse but rather to ridicule the racism of his day.” Despite knowing this I still hated all of the racism in this story, especially the consistent use of racial slurs. Even if I could find a way to ignore the racism I still don’t think this would be the book for me. While adventures on rafts sounded interesting to me I found myself getting bored.

But you know what? The revelation that this story is not for me has made me want to read more ‘Manga Classics’, not less. The manga version Anne’s story made me want to read ‘Anne of Green Gables’. I now know for sure I don’t want to read ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’. It turns out that manga is a great way to get a feel for a book.

Even though I didn’t like Huckleberry Finn’s story I really liked the artwork. The story was easy to follow and the illustrations helped bring the characters to life. There’s definitely going to be more manga in my life in the near future.

Content warnings include alcoholism, physical abuse, racism and slavery.

Thank you to NetGalley and UDON Entertainment for the opportunity to read this book. I’m rounding up from 3.5 stars.
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I think this is the first time that a Manga Classic adaptation has let me down. 

I haven’t read the original work and honestly I don’t think Mark Twain’s writing style would be of my taste, so I decided to read the manga adaptation based on the impression I got from the cover. 

Truth be told, I’ve got nothing but praise for the art style, because it is pleasing to the eye and at moments, it turns a heavy, boring scene into something more entertaining and easy to follow. The character design and the ambience are an excellent combo and I truly want to keep reading these series.

Unfortunately, the story by itself isn’t going to be a life-changing book for me. But let me tell you a little bit about Huckleberry Finn: he is a young man that goes into several adventures along with a slave called Jim. Throughout the volume we see the young man as an opportunist and though he doesn’t mean any harm, it was a bit hard to feel empathic towards his case. 

I think that what stopped me from enjoying this adaptation is the fact that they tried to keep the slang a bunch of characters used, when it could easily have been toned down a little so it would be more understandable for bilingual readers like me. Instead it came off as annoying –I even had to stop myself a couple of times to re-read several dialogues that made no sense to me. Also, I know this was written a long ago, but I still get mad when white folks use the N-word to talk about black people. 

Thus, the only good thing I have left to say is that Jim was really a good friend to Huck, even when he didn’t deserve it. I guess I’m just tired of seeing white people get away with everything they do. 

I would only recommend this book to someone that has read and liked the original work. I’m giving this 2/5 because the art work is really good, but the story is so boring and tedious, I wouldn’t read it even if someone payed me to do it.
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Reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn In Manga form was difficult. I understand the need to keep the story intact, however, having a story from such an ugly point in history coupled with the beautiful illustrations seemed counterintuitive. There was a need to downplay some of the harsh imagery, but not the coarse and ugly words?

What I like about it, as with any of the Manga Classics, is the illustrations. They are very emotive and, when appropriate, hilarious.
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