Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

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 Thank you, Netgalley and Udon Entertainment, for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

I have been wanting to read classics lately and i was searching netgalley and found these Manga Classics. So of course I have to start off with one of my favorite authors. 

First off the art is different for each story but it matches each story so well. I figured these would be cut a lot shorter but, even though things were changed it still felt like you were getting the full story. I loved seeing these in manga format and will defiantly be buying a physical edition when it releases. 
I am giving this four stars because i am not a fan of fall of the house of usher. i have never been able to get through it without skimming half of it.
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I actually truly can not fault this book. If you are a classic lover like myself, or someone who just wants to give them a shot. honestly this manga version is perfect it added a whole new element to the classic Edgar Allen Poe stories and made them feel so much more alive! The art work is different from each story and it is stunning in every story. 
So all in all I highly recommend this version of Edgar Allen poes work 👌😍

More in depth review and photos on my insta soon I promise 💛
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This would be great for my younger brother!

I am not a huge manga fan but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Poe's writing can be hard to get through at times but I feel like this is a great place to start. I would recommend this for middle grade readers, people that don't read very often, people new to Poe's work, and Poe fans in general. I will be looking for a copy for my teenage brother.
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I had a lot of fun reading The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe. There are five short stories included in this manga, and I loved the visual representation of each one. I think this would be a great addition to a classroom or a library for younger audience (even in high school as an aid) so they can familiarize themselves with rudimentary concepts of plot, conflict, characterization, and figurative language. I think this must be my favorite manga version of classic tales. Thank you NetGalley and Udon Entertainment for this eARC. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Wow, just wow. I love Edgar Allan Poe, he’s one of my favorite authors, so I was very excited when I got this ARC. I was already familiar with the stories but I got to expeience them at a whole new level because of this gorgeous edition. The art in this manga is beyond beautiful, I fell in love. If you are a fan of manga, Edgar Allan Poe, or both, you need this book in your life, Seriously, just read it.
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Received through NetGalley

This was a fascinating way to read a classic, while I'm not a fan of realistically drawn mangas, I thought it worked well for the manga. This contains one of my favorite Poe stories, The Telltale Heart,  as well as, The Cask of Amontillado, The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Masque of Red Death. My main problem was that it's written in the same language that Poe originally wrote it. When I read manga, I usually can finish them rather quickly, but with this one, it took a while because you have to take the time and to let the writing sink in so that you can understand what's going on. I wish that there was some aspect that was modernized, either the dialogue or the boxes that describe what's going on.
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I have always enjoyed the works of Edgar Allan Poe and am glad that they have been illustrated so that they may continue to draw in future generations.
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I've been a fan of Poe's work for years, and I love the art style of manga. To have both combined into one is such a fantastic idea. To read these stories with this style of artwork was a treat for me.

The artwork goes perfectly along with what is being said per panel, which I can imagine to be somewhat difficult with the langue use of Poe's work. 

This is a well executed adaptation. I especially enjoyed The Masque of the Red Death and The Raven. 

I think that any fan of Edgar Allan Poe can appreciate something this create!
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This lovingly illustrated collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories provides the perfect bridge to Poe’s classics for manga fans of all ages. 

I enjoyed the faithful adaptation of Poe’s writing. Unlike several other manga and comic book reproduction of classics, this book contains the full text from the classic stories. From there, the skillfully done drawings really pull readers in and manage to infuse each tale with some of the terror that earlier readers must have felt. 

The usage of emotions, shading, and crosshatching perfectly fit the mood of the stories and kept my attention even though I’ve read Poe’s work countless times in the past. Highly recommended! 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free copy. This review contains my honest, unbiased opinion.
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ARC received from the publisher in exchange for honest review. 
An excellent way to introduce new readers to the tales of a classic horror writer.
This collection adapts the main works of Poe faithfully with excellent storytelling and competent narrative skills. Although, the art in general was stunning, the shift in art styles between some of the stories was jarring for the reader which is what drops this from a 5 star book for me personally.
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This Manga Classic in particular was awesome. Poe’s stories are already dark and haunting without pictures to help you get an idea of what’s going on but, with the pictures the stories are even better. My favorite story of Poe’s has always been the Tell-Tale Heart and this book made it more haunting. Being able to actually the characters and their actions along with the writing makes the stories easier to understand and imagine. 

I think the idea of Manga Classics is genius. Turning classics such as Tom Sawyer, Great Expectations, and Poe’s Stories into manga brings them to a whole new level. People who have never even read the originals can now pick up these manga books and get an idea of what they’re about. I have two of the Manga Classics books so far and I liked them both. I would recommend this book to any Poe fan and other Manga Classics to any manga lover or someone who loves the classics.

Thank you to NetGalley and Udon Entertainment for an advanced copy in return for an honest review.
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Overall I enjoyed it! Loved the art style and how it complimented Poe´s stories. I would have liked it better if they changed the text a bit in the sense that it wouldn't be only adding illustrations to the story, does that make sense? Would probably recommend it to any Edgar Allan Poe´s fans out there as it was an enjoyable way to go back to his tales.
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Well this is the first time that i read any of this authors book. plus i have not read Edgar Allan Poe book yet.  and i liked how this was easy to read and understand where the stories were going. there is something about reading a graphic novel that is so enjoyable. 
I will keep reading books like these in the futur.
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I received this E-book from the publisher for an honest review.

This E-book manga version of Edgar Allan Poe stories was soooo awesome. It is very unique and was very fun and interesting to read. The visuals were A1 and excellent. 

I would recommend this book to those who are interested in Manga and who loved Edgar Allan Poe stories.
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A fun way of reading Edgar Allan Poe! 

Though some of his works are cut due to the length, all in all this little manga was fun to read and I would suggest it to middle grades who want to get a head start on some high school reading. It gives them something to look at while they read, so if the poems and tales themselves are a little dense, it serves to help them make sense.
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Ah, Edgar Allan Poe. A name famous among horror fans like me. However though I heard of his accomplishments I somewhat found his writing confusing. You see, I was more into contemporary writing and his prose was of the fancy kind common around a couple of centuries ago. I once heard some writer say, not everybody drinks wine but they do drink water. Meaning there is something to simplicity that people find appealing. And so I gave up on understanding Edgar Allen Poe and moved on.

But then I found this book which illustrated his writings into comics....and it chilled me to the core.

The tell tale heart. A story of a murderer.

The cask of amontillado. The tale of a man who entombs his annoying friend alive.

The Raven. A grieving man is faced with a curious and unexpected visitor late in the night.

The masque of the red death. A prince throws a party while his people lay dying of the plague and then death barges in uninvited.

The fall of the house of usher. A man goes to visit his mad grieving friend in his creepy mansion.
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This is such a fantastic interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s text! With his original works, I need it quite hard to understand exactly what going on and would often need to look up interpretations, but the manga makes everything so much clearer — with also having such beautiful illustrations that fit the text! Loved this so much!!
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At first, when I requested this on NetGalley, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love the works of Poe and wasn’t sure how they would translate in the form of a manga. I can say in all honesty that this was a surprisingly great read. Seeing his works brought to life in this form was a really great experience. The artwork was amazing and the way scenes were portrayed gives you a much greater experience emotionally. I am an avid reader of manga, comics and graphic novels as well. I believe that you get a real sense of the characters emotions and the atmosphere when reading manga. I would love to see more of my favorite author’s works in manga or comic form. I think this truly deserves the five-star rating I’m giving it. I would definitely recommend this to others who love Poe’s works even if they do not really or have never read a manga or comic before. Though it was more difficult to read it on ADE. Since, to read it properly, you have to skip to the very end of the book and read it from there. The Raven is most definitely my favorite in this collection. Thank you, NetGalley, for giving me the opportunity to read this. I hope more people pick this up! I’ll be ordering a physical copy of this for my collection, for sure!
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My favourite classic 'The stories of Edgar Allan Poe'' in the famous Japanese Manga comic format. Beautiful illustrations and word bubbles precisely convey the horrifying & fascinating short stories, The tell tale heart, the fall of house of usher, the raven & many more.  If you are a beginner in classics or you don't want to read the original unabridged editions but still you want to know about the classic story, this one's the perfect pick for you. Once you are used to reading in the Manga style, it's easy-to-follow. Don't miss out reading your favourite classics in their Manga style.
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I liked the book so much. it was a delightful and interesting read.  thanks to the publisher and netgalley for providing the arc.
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