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The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

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An enthralling and completely original book. The characterisation, world and plot are all excellent from the start. The author provides eight perspectives, and makes everyone feel real and distinct. Thoroughly recommended for fans of literature, mysteries, time loops or great writing.
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I think I made a huge error … I read this book via audio. This book was far too twisting and turney to read on audiobook. It would be similar to someone describing the film ‘Inception’ scene by scene. I had no idea what was happening 90% of the time. The bits that I managed to grasp I really enjoyed but I feel that I missed out on a lot of the cleverness of the book. The concept was brilliant, the plot was ridiculously engaging, and the characters were flawed. 
However, it was unrealistic in the sense that the main character, Aiden, was coping very well trapped at this creepy stately home, full of strangers, reliving his days trapped in different peoples bodies!
Also, just a warning, this book contains vulgar descriptions and serious hate talk regarding weight. I don't know if this was to fit in with the ‘thoughts of the times’ but it did seem unnecessarily cruel 

So overall, it is a great read. But don't ruin it like I did, read the physical copy, take your time and keep track of the characters and I think it would be a worthwhile read.
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After a year that has been taken over my blog tours, I have found very little time reading my own books. So at the Christmas period, I found some time! I gave Rae and Eva the chance to choose me any book, any book that I should they chose this. I can’t repeat the conversation because there was a lot of shouting that I hadn’t already read this! Psst…there may have even been some swearing! I know right! So logged onto Goodreads to mark it as being read and then I spied the page count! I mean how many pages?! I started to get a cold sweat now I knew I wouldn’t read my book total of 180 it was going to take me forever..ok after I got over the drama and the shouting at the girls I settled down and opened the book.

I will be completely honest, I wasn’t gripped from the start, and I was worried it might be a case of a book that has been over-hyped to me and I wouldn’t be able to read it. Eva told me to put my big girl pants on or she would disown me so I went back on and something magical happened…


I mean it took me a while to read it as I was on the run down to Xmas and I had been out and about but when I had the chance to sit and read, I sat and read. I got annoyed with interruptions, I got annoyed when I couldn’t read it. I was completely 1000% hooked!

Seven deaths is one of the most amazing, clever books I have read in a long time! How Mr Turton has managed to wind 8 lives into 1 story in such a unique way = mind blown!

I loved how Mr Aiden lived a different whole life each day and when all the characters started working together. I didn’t get confused I was just sitting there trying to figure it all with Aiden. How did someone know that Aiden would be in a certain place at a certain time? It was just so clever and still hurts my brain trying to figure it all out! There were certain bits where sweeping comments had been made and then later on in the book I was like OMG I remember that from before!

Even with solving the murder, I did not have a scooby! I mean how could you! Just when you think you were close to solving it something new happened! I can hand on my heart say I had zero eureka moments, I didn’t even bother trying to figure out what was going on I just followed Aiden, Anna and the Doctor!

I think this would be a fantastic book to see on the big screen. Yeah, it’s a huge book, so you know 2 hours 40-3 hours would be perfect as I think it would work wonders. It’s a bit of a Poirot story if Poirot could change bodies every day!

I will admit I was bereft at the ending, in one hand it was satisfying and on the other hand no it frigging wasn’t! I wanted more, but I do not know what that more I want is. My world has been turned upside down and inside out. I have been recommending it loads to people but trying to explain what this book about just confused them, I was like “Well you have this guy, he has to solve a murder and it’s like Groundhog Day and it’s just awesome when he meets himself but doesn’t know it’s him and then has to live the day as someone new but no one else knows. Oh, and someone is trying to kill and then there’s is a girl.” And through my excited babble, they just stare at me so what I have resorted to is “Just go and buy the book”

I have heard that Turton is writing another book. I don’t know what it’s about but yeah I want to be first in line to read it. He has blown my world away with this book and I need an author like this in my life. Rae and Eva you work here is done! Now can we be friends again?!
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I really enjoyed this book, fantastic premise and well executed.  A definite must read!  A bendy, twisty mind stretching whodunit, Essentially a classic crime drama with a twist of magical realism thrown in to keep you on your toes..  Well written plot that probably needs to be read in big chunks to really feel the benefit of the fast pace.  Will definitely be recommending this to our customers.
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An old fashioned murder mystery with a huge difference. I'm always attracted by books that have an unusual narrative so thought this would be perfect for me. I did enjoy it, however, I think for most people it's a book that would need to be read when they've time to linger.  I feel I didn't enjoy this book as much as I could because I could only snatch a few paragraphs at a time. It was well written, and it felt authentic to the time period.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Bloomsbury for this electronic ARC.
This follows an unnamed protagonist who over the course of seven days wakes up in different bodies and is tasked with the job of solving the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle in exchange of being set free from this absurd purgatory state. This is Groundhog Day meets Agatha Christie. I thoroughly enjoyed this intricate locked room mystery. The prose was gripping and there is a whole cast of characters. Despite the elaborate set-up I found this is an immersive read. An atmospheric, clever and original with plenty of twists and turns. 5/5
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An incredibly compelling murder mystery with a twist. Gripping until the very end, this thrilling tale borrows much from Agatha Christie; from the old crumbling mansion setting to the cast of untrustworthy characters. 

The unique concept was utterly refreshing and the reader is left feeling as unsettled as our protagonist. And wonderful to hear that they will be making a tv adaptation of this!
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I really enjoyed tihs title - I like the concept of waking up in another body or reliving the same day over again. It took me a while to realise what was going on, that Aiden had awoken that morning in someone else's body (but I guess it took him even longer to realise!), but once I got the gist of him waking up in a different body each morning, I was intrigued to read on - characters cross eachother, events that you know may/may not have an impact on the day etc. 

All in all a great read, highly recommened!
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One of my top books of the year and a well deserved Costa winner! Twisty, turny, spooky, thrilling, dark, weird, I absolutely adored this story and would happily have stayed lost in this wonderful book.
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It has taken me too long but I am so glad that I finally got myself around to reading this one! I started it a few times but I think you need to be in the right place as it requires a great deal of concentration to be able to follow the complex, twisty plot. Although many of the classic mystery elements are here it's like nothing I've ever read before and I am in awe of Turton's ability to construct such a fiendishly complicated and inventive thriller. I will be buying it for everyone this Christmas and I cannot wait to read what Turton does next!
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The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle opens with the narrator waking up in the forest, covered in blood, in a different body and no idea what is going on. He makes it front door of a large country house and from there he discovers that's he's Aiden Bishop and that he has 8 chances to stop the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle. Each day he will wake in a different host body and have the chance to relive the day and hopefully stop the murder. He has some advantages (he remembers his memories from the previous days and which host he is so he can set up and change scenarios) and disadvantages (He's hindered by his hosts' physical attributes, like being overweight or old as well as the hosts' personalities like their temper or impulsivity). Plus there's other obstacles in his way to further complicate things. Can he solve the puzzle on time? And what will happen if he doesn't?

I loved this book! It sucked me right in. It's like Gosford Park and Agatha Christie meets Inception and Groundhog Day. A murder mystery with a twist. It was really atmospheric and descriptive, I loved finding out who the new hosts were and was constantly guessing what was going on and how things would work out. Of course I wasn't anywhere close to getting it right! Complex and thrilling, I'll definitely reach for it again in the future.
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This was such an enthralling and addictive book! It's hard to believe that such a complex and captivating book is a debut. The plot is so intricate and the characters so very real, I found it incredibly hard to put down.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite books of 2018. Definitely one that lives up to the hype and I can't wait to see what Stu Turton does next!
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Brilliant book, just the right level of suspense. I have chosen this to be a featured title in our Christmas catalogue and intend to sell very many copies. 
The end was even more satisfying than I expected it to be - questions which I had assumed would go unanswered, like how this strange world is at all connected to our real one, were all resolved. I didn't expect a truly happy ending. This was very satisfying and I look forward to a next title from the author.
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‘The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’ by Stuart Turton is a whodunnit version of ‘Groundhog Day’ set at a country house party. There is a twist: the Bill Murray character must live each day in a different body, a host, and solve a murder or never escape back to his normal life. I found this to be a tortuous, convoluted and mystifying plot, impossible to review without giving away clues (intentionally or not), but I will have a go.
If you like conventional detective stories which follow the rules of crime fiction, presenting a challenge to be solved, this may not be for you. If you like going on a mystery journey where nothing is as it seems, you will like it. Mysteries work when the reader has something to cling onto, to make them identify with a character, to make them care, to give them someone to root for. This story has so many unknowns I spent most of the story in a state of confusion. Like Coco Chanel dressing for the evening and then removing two elements to ensure she wasn’t over-dressed, I finished this book wishing the author had undertaken a similar cutting exercise. The solution to the murder, and the fate of the protagonist were not the elements I found most fascinating; I enjoyed the challenge faced by Aiden – if that is his true name – when he inhabits the body of a host, a stranger. The obese body but sharp mind of Lord Ravencourt; the over-excited Jonathan Derby who acts without thinking and molests the chambermaids; the beaten-up butler who knows a lot but lays in bed drifting in and out of consciousness.
The list of characters is so long – with too many similar names, Millicent/Madeline, Daniel/Donald – plus others who are simply unnamed background extras, I couldn’t remember which each one was. This is complicated by the fact that the hero – whose name might be Aiden Bishop – doesn’t know who is who either. He doesn’t know who can he trust, who has he already met at Blackheath House, and who he knew before arriving at the party – as he also has amnesia about his real identity and previous life. Two/three other people are also experiencing this mobile bodied state, and Aiden is competing with them to solve the crime. Because only one, he is told by the mysterious fancy dress Plague Doctor, will survive. Oh and there’s a mysterious footman too who may or may not be trying to kill Aiden. Oddly, none of the other time-trapped people appear in Aiden’s body.
By a quarter through I was seriously confused and becoming seriously irritated. Is this a story best read in one sitting, so you are better able to remember all the twists and obfuscations? But the book is not short, 528 pages. Or could it be that there is just too much going on? A closed room mystery, each day repeating itself, a hero with amnesia who must relive each day in a different host body and be influenced by the stranger’s body and personality, a murder that happens every night meaning the victim cannot be rescued, a competition to solve the murder in order to survive, obtuse threats from sinister unidentifiable figures, key characters introduced rather late in the game. There is no doubting the planning skills of the author but at times I did suspect he set out to wilfully confuse rather than tease the reader. I ran through various scenarios: is it a game show, is it a wind-up like ‘Candid Camera’, is Aiden the murderer and doesn’t know it, is Aiden the murderer and cleverly duping everyone?
Ambitious, overwhelming, fantastical, mysterious, I can’t help but admire the ambition of the author and the scope of his story. Hidden beneath the machinations are two serious questions: how far will a person go in order to escape an intolerable situation, and is it ever possible to escape your own past? A Marmite book: love it or hate it.
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Firstly, thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book and apologies for the delay in the review.  However, we have it as a Top Notch title with 20 copies and it’s going out like hotcakes!

This twisty and at times convoluted tale was both engrossing and utterly confusing.  Who did what now?  Who is speaking?  What day is it?  How many days are left?  

I understand the hype about it.  It’s a great twist on the whodunit and it does keep you reading.  The pacing though is let down a bit by overwriting.  It could have done with a good edit to cut it down and make it less murky in parts.  However, it is a book that makes you want more and keeps you guessing.  The characterisation was fascinating- what would it be like to suddenly be in another person’s body, with the residue of the deepest aspect of their personalities?  The ones that are really scrubbed in?  How strong is a single soul and their motivation in the wake of that?  

And, the murder mystery is great.  Perhaps it is the time period it’s set, but it does have the Agatha Christie feel to it.

I think my experience would have been better had I read a physical copy of it instead of an ebook, because being able to flip back to find out where we are and who said what would have been helpful.
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Consider my mind blown. Hands down one of the best mystery thrillers I’ve read, extremely well thought and executed. What a movie this would make. I’ll keep it there to avoid spoilers, but I very strongly recommend you give this one a go.
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Basically this is Grounhog Day meets Tales of the Unexpected meets classic country house mystery. And it is cleverly done but unfortunately it did not work for is well written and the characters are well developed but it felt so chaotic, so forced. Of course, the fact that none of the characters were endearing is both an asset and a drawback.
No,sorry,it just didn't work for me...
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If you are looking for a quick and easy whodunnit then don’t read this book. If, however, you enjoy intelligent and atmospheric stories with fascinating characters and a clever plot line then you should enjoy this, but be warned you will need to concentrate.

The book has been described in the acknowledgments as a time-travel, body-hopping, murder-mystery novel by Stuart Turton and I can’t think of a better description.

Blackheath House, a huge sprawling stately home in serious disrepair is hosting a Masquerade Ball on the 19th Anniversary of the murder of 7 year old Thomas Hardcastle and tonight at 11pm Evelyn Hardcastle will be murdered too.

Aiden, a guest at the party, wakes in the body of another guest and has to solve the murder(s) in order to leave the party. Yes, it’s confusing at times, yes, you need to concentrate from page 1, yes, it’s quite a long book (500+pages) but I did enjoy it.

There’s a wonderful feel of historical fiction and the description of Blackheath House and the surrounding areas are so atmospheric it’s easy to visualise the story and the characters. Overall I enjoyed the book, but felt slightly exhausted after finishing it.
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If you fancy a crime novel with a twist (no not one you won't see coming, a genuine different take on the crime novel) then this is the book for you. It was utterly fascinating. A time loop novel with a crime at its heart. 

Because it is titled for Evelyn Hardcastle you would be forgiven for thinking we would be getting the story from Evelyn's point of view, but we don't. We get it from the person who is trying to solve her murder, but he's stuck in a time loop until he can solve it. And he's not alone in the loop. 

I loved this book and would definitely recommend it to crime fans and to time loop fans. It really was ingeniously plotted. To keep up with all the characters over the eight days, where they were, what they were doing and who they were doing it with, it must have been a book that had the author pulling his hair out at some parts. 

It reminded me a little of an Agatha Christie novel because the protagonist had to solve the murder with a set amount of characters within his world, his time loop. It really was the best of a lot of novels all mashed into one fabulous novel. Go read it now!
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Even months after I read it, I can't stop thinking about this book. The premise is so twisty and turny, my brain was working overtime to figure it out. I love a good puzzle, and this was the best kind. I can't wait for this book to come out so I can recommend it to everyone. In fact, I'm thinking about how I can write a puzzle this satisfying!
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