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Dan Brown just knows how to hook you in! I read the preview and I absolutely can't wait to read the whole book. I'm a fan of his previous ones and I am just ready to be wowed again!
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I am a huge fan of Dan Brown! I think he is a brilliant author and I jump at every opportunity I have to read a book written by him, with the exception of Deception Point. I haven’t gotten to this one yet. Anyway, when I saw Origin was available on NetGalley, I jumped up and down for joy! This is one of my most anticipated books of the year. I’m not going to lie, I was a tad bit disappointed it wasn’t the full book, but beggars can’t be choosers, so I’ll take what I can get! 

Of all Dan Brown books, my favorites are the ones that have Robert Langdon as the main character. He is an intelligent and brave character and I just really enjoy reading about his adventures. I am glad to say that Origin is of The Robert Langdon series. 

Dan Brown always starts his stories with a prologue that center around the book. I love how he does this. He creates an atmosphere of tension right from the start. It’s always fun trying to figure out how we get from chapter one to that point in the novel. This type of opening really hooks the reader in. 

We also got an excerpt of chapter 1 along with the prologue. This is where Robert Langdon comes into play. In the prologue, the chapter took the point of view of a different character, so I was glad to see we got a chapter in Robert Langdon’s point of view in this excerpt. There isn’t much that goes on in the first chapter but it does kind of tie together the prologue with the rest of the story. I’m so excited to see where this book takes us. I’m very eager to get my hands on Origin and binge read the entire thing!
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I am grateful to Netgalley and Doubleday Books who have just provided me with a sneak peak at Dan Brown’s new thriller Origins which will be published worldwide by Doubleday on Oct 3. The English version that is. All my German readers can purchase a German translation published by Bastei Lübbe from Oct. 4.So what can I say about Brown’s new work? Two words: simply genius.

Dan Brown delivers yet another page-turner by giving his readers a Robert Langdon story that may be predictable in pattern, agreed, but is so suspenseful and skillfully crafted in the beginning that you will find it extraordinarily hard to put down. He gives you mystery and suspense in appealing settings from page one, adds an intriguing mix of topics such as art, religion and science, while establishing a villain (former Langdon student-turned-scientist-wunderkind-futurist) set to not only shake the world’s pillars, but to shatter them.

From what I have read today, Origins has got everything a book needs in order to be a bestseller, and maybe a bit more. So I can absolutely see this Langdon story surpass all his other novels in terms of success. If he keeps the suspense up throughout the book, and keeps luring the reader into the story in his well-known manner, then yes, I won’t hesitate to say that this will be Dan Brown’s biggest hit so far!

Honestly, I can hardly wait to see how the story unfolds. And I’ll bet that if you have not been enjoying Dan Brown’s writing so far, he will definitely succeed in mesmerizing you with this one!
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I must admit that I've long been a fan of Dan Brown, especially Angels and Demons as well as the rest of the Robert Langdon series. I've heard good things about this book and when I got a chance to read the first two chapters, I jumped at it. There's not a ton to go on, however it did at it up nicely for me to want to read the book even more than I already did. Dan Brown has always been known for just jumping right into the action with his novels and, from what I read, this one is no exception. I can't wait for October to begin so o can read the rest!
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This was only an excerpt, but for a Dan Brown thriller, that's all I need to know whether I will want to read the whole book or not. I have enjoyed most of Dan Brown's books, but there are a couple that simply did not grab my imagination and I ended up abandoning them. And I knew they were not for me within the first few chapters. Now I can say with near certainty that I will enjoy Origin - the excerpt was Dan Brown at his best and I cannot wait to read the rest!
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Thank you for making this excerpt open for everyone! I can't wait to read the whole novel when it comes out!
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I loved reading the first chapter of this book! It was so intriguing. I can't wait to read more.
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After reading only the prologue and first chapter, I'm already hooked and slightly smitten by Brown's newest villain Edmond Kirsch. I'm literally counting down the days for the newest installment of the Robert Langdon series.
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Reading the first chapter makes me want to finish the book right now!  I love all of Dan Brown"s books.  You can tell that the rest of the book is going to be great. October 3 cannot come fast enough.
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A promising excerpt. Something I'd definitely look forward to. It's Dan Brown - he has not written anything that is less than spectacular!
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I was lucky to be able to read an excerpt of Origin, and it has made me SO excited to buy and read the entire book! I've missed Robert Langdon and his code and mystery cracking and I'll be pre-ordering this book today! I can't wait to write a full review.
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I loved the excerpt even though it left me in a cliff-hanger and now I have to wait until October to read the rest of the book. I find the subject of this book very complex and intriguing (everyone has questions and theories about our origin, about the genesis) and Edmond Kirsch seems like a great character. I'm very interested in what is his discovery and what are his plans, how Robert Langdon comes into the picture besides being his teacher and so on.
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While it's difficult to review such a short excerpt this certainly intrigued me enough to look forward to the full publication.

I really enjoyed The Da Vinci code;  having read Holy Blood, Holy Grail many years before it seemed an excellent way to bring those ideas to a wider audience in an easily digestible thriller format.

Inferno I found contrived and a bit silly but Origin I think may be a return to form.

I'm Intrigued to find out the "key" to this. What is the mysterious discovery which negates organised religion? Presumably it involves the origins of our species and the identity of the various gods of mythology and religion. Possibly a topical exploration of the recent finds in our wider hominid family may feature. I for one can't wait!
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Engrossing from the start, per the Dan Brown formula!  I am secretly in love with Robert Langdon, so no surprise that this excerpt left me anxious to read the rest!  Thanks to Doubleday and Netgalley for the advanced copy.
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From only one chapter I am interested in reading the book.  Dan Brown seems to put Robert Langdon into each book with such sensuously provocative details that I am willing to finish the book on that alone.  Edmond Kirsch set plane tickets to the event to Langdon, my curiosity was up for this but what would he take about?  We have to wait to see.
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Dan Brown is the author of best-selling book The DaVinci Code among others and I believe he prides himself on writing fiction that has stirred numerous debates on his premises. His works-while fiction-has an intellectual ideology of science and religion and I think that is what fascinates me most about his work. Or maybe how he portrays his settings and characters? Either way, they do draw people in and I admire that in an author.

However, earlier I did make up my mind not to read anymore of his books. Alas, this latest one and considering Brown’s reputation has sparked my interest yet again in this controversy subject of science and religion. Before I start sounds too repetitive, let me tell you what I think of the prologue and the first chapter I was given by the publishers through NetGalley to read and review.

Brief summary of prologue and first chapter-Edmond Kirsch a man of accomplished science, a former student of Robert Langdon, journeys to Spain to speak with religious scholars about a vital secret of his scientific discovery that will shake the foundations of the religious world-if you will. One of the men he speaks to is Bishop Antonia Valdespino-a formidable figure in Spain. A man-I can already tell-of great wisdom and intellect.
In the prologue, it is not told what the secret is and in the first chapter Langdon goes to meet Kirsch to hear what he has discovered. Of what little interaction I read between the two men, I found to be utterly interesting and I wanted to continue with the story…. Dan Brown has succeeded in capturing my attention in this excerpt and I am anxiously awaiting to read more. One other thing, Brown is great with character development and descriptive language.

Stephanie M. Hopkins
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I love Dan Brown books and I enjoyed this series.  
This little teaser got me excited for the next book.  It sounds very interesting.
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Origin, as the word suggests, deals with the beginning of time. It deals with all the religions. ‘Historically, the most dangerous men on earth were men of God… especially when their Gods became threatened’. Our man, Edmon Kirsch who is a graduate at Harvard University has taken up the job of shattering the world of the believers. He reaches a monastery in Catalonia, Spain tucked away at the cliff. Gravity is working its way but the cliff stands tall. Dan Brown’s classic description of the monastery is going to be a treat for those who like travel and architecture. Kirsch is in the monastery to meet three men of Gods and reveal to them a secret that only he knows. He cannot help but compare himself to Moses who climbed the mountain to accept the word of God and our man here is climbing the mountain to do exactly the opposite.

When Kirsch meets the men, “unpleasantries” are exchanged. Little jabs here and there are overlooked and the men get to business.

Dan Brown builds the mystery behind the revelation with his narration which only he can do.

“An intriguing preamble, Mr Kirsch. Your speak as if whatever you are about to show us will shake the foundations of the world’s religions.”

Kirsch glanced around the ancient repository of sacred texts. It will not shake your foundations. It will shatter them.

Brown ends the prologue with

When he did, people across the world would realize that the teachings of all religions did indeed have one thing in common.

They were all wrong.

Then begins the first chapter where we meet our Robert Langdon again! He is dishevelled as he has packed his bags in hurry, again. He is at Bilbao Museum in Spain after finding a note from a friend and former student, again!

The first chapter is predictable. Dan Brown seems to be following a format. Needless to say, this is just how the story begins. There is definitely a promise of a lot more. The conflict between science and all the Gods has to be well played for me to keep my interest in the book. As usual the religion part is going to infuriate fanatics and Brown will have to keep a distance for his own sake. As I am not much into thrillers, I do not think I will give this book more than one read. I think I will purchase a Kindle copy.
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Intriguing!  Dan Brown always entertains and educates me with his novels.  Brown’s description of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, made me google an image of it.  The first chapter has already educated me about an architectural building I never heard of.  

Dan Brown does meticulous research and uncovers ideas that many people do not know about - especially religious ideas.  That is why I enjoy his books so much.

Origin seems like it will reveal something new about many different religious origins, especially concerning humanity’s past and future, and I certainly want to know more than what my religion encompass.  

That is why I want to read Dan Brown’s Book as soon as it is published.  I look forward to learning so much more through this novel.
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