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Shaken: Young Reader's Edition

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This was my first audiobook…ever! I have read the original novel prior, not the Young Reader’s Edition until this audiobook and it is very similar. However, the audience is different as was the intention.

What I love about this novel is how he relates his personal struggles with athletics. The similes, the sports references, and the vulnerability that Tebow portrays brings him back down to reality. While his life may seem “perfect”, readers learn of his struggles, and some problems being the same that you and I face. Tim never gives up, no matter how hard the struggle. He is inspirational, humbling, and relatable.

What I didn’t like was the voice of the audiobook. I don’t know, he just wasn’t believable as being Tim Tebow’s voice, and it sounded a little “douchey” to be honest (sorry!).

Overall, Shaken is a story of inspiration, overcoming adversity, and maintaining strength through hard times. This is a great read for anyone looking for a little pick-me-up.
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Faith-Filled Encouragement
Tim Tebow has put together a nice book of encouragement for young adults. He uses his own life as an example of not getting what you want and putting your life in God's hands anyway. He does a nice job of explaining how things occur in God's time in accordance with His will. He does this in a nice manner so the reader never feels like he or she is being hit over the head with the Bible. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
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This book was much more religiously based than I was expecting. As a Christian myself, I found Tim's stories enlightening and was impressed by his constant desire to put Christ first in his life. It was also impressive that he admitted his short comings in his faith, his game, and in his life. As a football fan, I would have actually liked to see more of his football life in the story. I admired his ambition about improving his game, always wanting to be the best, but also learning from the best. However, having said that, I think his purpose was more about showing how to be a good Christian, and how to help others in the world that are less fortunate than yourself, rather than writing a memoir. The book is a must read for any young person wanting to find a way to grow closer to God, while seeing that even an NFL player can remain humble and passionate about Christ.
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Shaken is a very spiritual, uplifting, and inspirational book. TimTebow writes from the heart. His message is clearly written with many stories from his own experiences…his ups and downs. It is a universal message of love, hope, and faith in ourselves and in God. There are many stories of encouragement, resiliency, and about making a difference in this world, not only for ourselves, but others we encounter.
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