Knight Treasures

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As Sir Darrick of Lockwood searches for his sister, Elizabeth, he finds instead her baby being cared for by an old  crone. Only she isn't old and far from being a crone. Lady Sabine of Clearmorrow has delivered Elizabeth's infant, attempted but failed to keep his sister safe from the villain, one Lord DePierce of Balforth Castle. As they flee DePierce's men, they run into one dangerous situation after another. Along the way they find that they care very much for each other. Twists, surprises, villains (DePierce is far from the only one), action, and danger abound, mixed with a bit of humor provided by a huge dog and a scruffy goat. This is the third book in the Knights of the Swan series. While I have read only book one prior to this one, I did thoroughly  enjoy, as I did this one as well. It is my intention to catch up on the rest of the books.
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Knight Treasures by C.C. Wiley
This book is a historical romance mystery with cleaver plots and twist and turns to keep you guessing who can be trusted and who’s behind what deed and why.
 I did feel a lack of details left the world and character building short.  There were many times it was difficult to know who was talking, and who some of the characters were and how they were connected.  This left questions and some plots not throughly concluded.
I also found it unnerving that the main characters would fall into their passion for each other kissing and sexually touching each other while people were there in the room.  There also was an important time they thought they might have found the missing baby they were desperately trying to find but, instead of running up to the room with everyone else they stayed back on the stairway forgetting themselves again and refusing to join the group until they were done.  I found great potential in this writer.  The love scenes were between two and three and a half flames, with no hard core.  This is the first book I’ve read by this author.
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Fleeing for her life after a savage attack on her homeland, Lady Sabine of Clearmorrow finds sanctuary on the windswept shores of southern England, praying that her family reaches her before her foes. When Sir Darrick of Lockwood shows up in a swirl of raging wildfires, Sabine is not willing to trust the dark knight, though he may be her last hope.  And when she learns of his urgent quest to locate his sister, she realizes she may be his, too. Lady Sabine is the last woman who saw his beloved sister alive, which is the only reason Darrick demands she join him on the perilous journey to bring Elizabeth home. But even as he shelters Sabine from their powerful enemies—and savors the sweet passion between them—he wonders if the brave beauty will bring him all that he desires, or draw him deeper into danger.
The book was good. I liked both main characters as they went through the story. Both characters were well written. I enjoyed the plot. I recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Sabine and Darrick experience some dangerous adventures to find truth, love, and family. It is a bumpy ride, but I did not want to stop reading. Sabine learned to be independent to protect herself, and I loved that strength. The chemistry between Darrick and Sabine is quick though they doubt their feelings. There are a lot of obstacles from different directions that keep the story interesting. 

I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
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Knight Treasures by C.C. Wiley is book Three in the "Knights of the Swan" series.  This is the story of Darrick and Sabine.  I have read the other books but feel you can make this a standalone book.  
Sabine is running for her life after a brutal home attack.  With her Sabine has a baby that was left by her mother.   Along the way she meets Darrick who is looking to locate his sister. Sabine was the last one to see his sister so he makes her go along the journey to locate her.  
This was an exciting read.
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Lady Sabine of Clearmorrow was hiding off the coast of England. She fears for her life and is waiting for her family.  She is caring for a baby that was left behind when the mother disappeared.  Then Sir Darrick of Lockwood shows up and starts making demands.  He thinks she is an old hag.  She think he is a pain and untrustworthy.  Together they brave incredible odds trying to get back to Lady Sabine’s land.  People are working hard to kill them and they are trying to stay alive.  

The story is the third one in the series about the Knights of the Swan. Once again the knights are in peril and England is in danger with the King gone and evil everywhere.

I did enjoy Knight Treasures.  I am not always getting the association with the Knights of the Swan, but I am finding the story lines interesting and always want to see how they end.  Medieval romances are fascinating for me…  Castles and Knights in shining armor with Lords and Ladies!  A time where the illusion of riches and chivalry vs the reality of times with the lack of assurity (food, medical, slavery, serfdom) in their lives. Knight Treasures by C. C. Wiley was a good read.
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Knight Treasures is Book 3 in the Knights Of The Swan series. I read Book 1, Knight Secrets, back in March this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, everything that I enjoyed about Knight Secrets just seemed to go horribly wrong here. The hero, Sir Darrick, behaved like an absolute pig to every woman who crossed his path, whether it was his mother who he’d exiled to a convent, his sister who he started browbeating almost immediately after she was rescued from a prison cell, or the heroine, Sabine, who he spent the majority of the book ogling, making suggestive remarks to or fondling despite knowing she’d fled from an abusive situation. How Sabine didn’t just leave him to die instead of nursing him back to health after an injury, I couldn’t fathom. Derrick spent the whole book tossing out orders all over the place, refusing to listen to anyone even if they did have a far greater knowledge of the situation.

The unexplained loose ends in Knight Secrets I didn’t object to became a tangled mess of unexplained nonsense here. We never did find out the motives of the priest who helped Sabine escape, despite the question being raised half a dozen times, and the timeline became an utter muddle as well.

The author’s language, grammar and punctuation is excellent, and she does have a superb handle on the harsh realities of life in the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, I despised the hero of the book so much I can’t bring myself to give it more than two stars.
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Sir Darrick of Lockwood had been sent to France for his king. But his father would not allow him to enter .Sabine of Clearmorrow had been in hiding for a year. She had A baby with her. This was quite an amazing story. It is full of action, intrigue and fear. The characters are wonderful and so much life. The descriptions were also amazing. The dialogue was very believable. The plot was complicated but the author took it all and made into a really interesting, smooth moving, and even paced book. I loved the banter between Darrick and Sabine. He kept giving her orders that she quickly forgot.. I hope I get the chance to read more of her books, this one was a joy.
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The romance between Sabine and Darrick was so-so for me. Trying to figure out the mysteries in the story was something I enjoyed. I also liked the secondary romance between Sabine and Darrick's siblings. However, I just couldn't connect about the romance between the h and H. Their romance seemed to be one of lust and not love. Darrick's character annoyed me as he wasn't as protective of Sabine and I didn't like his overall gruff treatment of her. The story also dragged in some places and I found myself skimming some parts. Overall, the story was well-written but it wasn't a hit for me,
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I loved the story and all the characters not just the two leads, they were all interesting and well crafted.

It seemed quite historically accurate from what I know. It felt quite insightful.  All round great read. I really want to read more of the series now. Normally I prefer regency romance but this was such a cute change.

It didn't get 5 stars as I would have liked more pace, more visual descriptions and a little more humour.
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