Wanted: Mom for Christmas

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Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

This was an adorable, quick holiday read. Nora takes a job as a rent-a-mom while she licks her wounds after back-to-back losses. She ends up helping Hawk, her high school sweetheart, and his two adorable kids at Christmas time. 

Kilraine wrote such a sweet story with a little bit of heat...but really I just enjoyed watching this family adapt to the new woman in their lives and bring Christmas back.
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A sweet and romantic addition to the Cates brothers series.

I have been looking forward to reading this as we got peaks at Hawk and his adorable son Henry Lee in the other books. My heart broke for the little boy who just wanted to find a mom.

While I would have loved for this story to be a full length book, it worked well as a novella. It was the perfect choice to set it at the holidays, too.
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Well written and an enjoyable story. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more by this author.
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Unfortunately I was unable to get to this read this season. Thank you for the opportunity to read it.
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Awww...Wanted: Mom for Christmas is a sweet holiday read. HL (Henry Lee) really wants a mom for Christmas, REALLY, REALLY wants one. So when Nora shows up on his doorstep, claiming she's from the Rent-A-Mom company to be their "mom" for awhile, he's all for it. Now, if only his dad, Hawk Savage, would agree, then HL's day, life, would be made.

Seriously, who the heck could resist such a sweet premise?! Thank God Hawk realized that having his high school girlfriend back in his life was a good thing, and decided not to send her away after he recovered from his bout with the flu. And that he didn't fight his feelings for her. Nora did, for about a second, but in the spirit of the holidays, it was all resolved with a minimum of angst, and Nora, Hawk, HL and Heather got their sweet HEA.

If you like your holiday reads on the sweet side with a touch of sexy, 1-click Wanted: Mom for Christmas today. You won't regret it and you'll fall in love with the Savage family just as I did.
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Great book about finding love again. The little boy has one wish a mother for Christmas but when the ex-girlfriend from high school shows up it is not what the father was expecting.
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This was a really good second chance holiday romance.Nora is an Olympic medal winner whose career may be over due to shoulder surgery after catching her boyfriend with her volleyball partner and finding out her mum had mismanaged her earnings she leaves and goes to back to the town where she spent her childhood and where she first fell in love.Hawk is that first love he is a widow of several years and is finding raising his children alone as they get older a struggle at times.I really liked the idea of renting a mum this was a super read and I cannot wait to read for Lee.
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This is one of those holiday stories with just the tiniest of supernatural twists.  It reminds me so much of those Hallmark Channel Christmas movies where Santa or an angel or a ghost helps to get the couple together for their HEA.  I love those movies so that made it even more fun!

Nora is at loose ends and thanks to a little holiday magic she finds herself on Hawk’s doorstop just when he needs her.  While she’s definitely not Mary Poppins she does have a HUGE heart and finds herself quickly drawn into their lives.  It’s definitely hard stepping into a role that hasn’t been filled since Hawk’s wife passed away but if anyone can win over the little family it will be her. 

Hawk is doing everything he can for his kids but he’s definitely finding himself stretched a little thin as his daughter approaches her teenage years and his son is desperate for a mom.  When he finds himself face to face with an old girlfriend he starts thinking things he hasn’t for a very long time.  He’s dedicated himself to being the best dad he can but maybe it is time to start thinking as a man too …

Short and cute and full of holiday fun, Wanted: Mom for Christmas is perfect for those (like me) who just love those feel-good, candy-sweet, made-for-tv movies :)
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Wanted: Mom for Christmas was a sweet story all about second chances! This book is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone, as I did. Quick, fun, Christmas book! Nora and Hawk tackle the obstacles in their path and end with a very HEA! Great Read!
Definite 4 Star Read!
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I seriously loved Nora's sense of humor, especially when she's doing something with HL. Those two together cracked me up. This was a sweet second-chance romance that was pretty much perfect. I need to read more book set in Climax. 

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
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Review by Leah for Love Romance Books Blog

I was asked by the author for an honest review.

3.5 Stars

H.L. wants a mom more than anything else for Christmas this year, and Heather just wants to stop being sad. Now a Rent-a-Mom is at the front door and she seems to already know their dad. Just when he's about to send her packing, work circumstances change and he's all but begging her to stay. This is the story of Hawk and Nora's romance.

My first read of Kilraine's, I was very excited about this book, but there were a couple of parts that didn't quite jive for me. Nora's reaction to her mother's choices was extremely understated, and that followed by her volleyball partner's news were not true to how an actual person would react, in my opinion. But, the fun and love of Christmas shown through. I loved her interactions with Hawk's kiddos, and with him. With them she was open, loving, and understanding. The glimpses of her competitive spirit popped up every once in a while, which galvanized the rest of the family. And, the epilogue is not to be missed! I love another look at the characters a bit later in their lives. This book has is about love, Christmas, and second chances. It's a cute read with a splash of sexy heat and great to curl up with either a glass of wine of a cup of hot chocolate.
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This was a great book! First book a read from this author I can’t want to read more!!
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Hawk Savage has been a single father since the death of his wife Holly seven years earlier. He is devoted to his two children, ten-year-old Heather and eight-year-old Henry Lee, better known as “HL.” Fatherhood was less difficult when they were younger, but with shy, sensitive Heather approaching puberty and insisting that she cannot be the only girl in fourth grade not wearing a bra and livewire HL declaring he is too old for Pokémon cards and footed pajamas but not too old to ask Santa for a mommy, Hawk is stressed. It doesn’t help that he has a headache that could mean he is coming down with the flu that is raging through Climax, NC.

Nora Joy, Olympic silver medalist in beach volleyball and two-time Sports Illustrated cover star, is looking forward to going for the gold when she is sidelined by a rotator cuff injury that could be career-ending. To add a storm of insults to her injury, she finds her boyfriend and best friend/partner in bed together, discovers that her mother/manager has spent all the endorsement money Nora thought was safely invested, and learns that said mother is resigning as Nora’s manager to manage the betraying partner. An eviction notice sets Nora applying for jobs in sixteen states, but things seem hopeless until Rent-A-Mom sends her to Climax, NC, to a motherless family in need of help. Nora is sadly lacking in Mom skills, but she seizes the opportunity anyway.

Climax is Nora’s hometown, and the family she is sent to help is that of her former boyfriend and first lover, Jackson “Hawk” Savage. Fourteen years earlier Nora and Hawk were quite an item, but Hawk has no room for a former love in his life. He never heard of Rent-A-Mom, and he is ready to send Nora packing just as soon as he recovers from the flu and then just as soon as the rest of his fellow cops recover so he can stop working double shifts and then . . .

HL is convinced that Nora is the mommy Santa has in mind for him. Heather is a bit slower to warm up to Nora, but soon the two are bonding over girl stuff. Hawk is falling for her again, body and soul. As for Nora, all three Savages are winning her heart. But Nora can’t believe that she is mother material. It will take a common enemy, Reindeer Games, and love too strong to resist to persuade Nora that she is an essential part of Team Savage now and forever.

This is another funny, sweet Christmas romance that seems designed to be turned into a Hallmark movie. It was also my first book by this author. It is the fifth book in the Cates Brothers series, but I had no problem reading it as a standalone. Nora and Hawk and his children are all appealing characters. Their story often made me laugh and left me misty-eyed a few times. The humor is character-driven, and the interactions among the key characters had a lot of charm. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you are looking for another sentimental, seasonal contemporary romance to add to your TBR stack, this one may be the perfect early Christmas indulgence.
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Absolutely loved this story! I love second chance romance books, it definitely put you in the mood for the holidays. Nora and Jackson reconnected when Nora came back for a job offer in the town she is from. This is a cute little story. It’s a quick read but definitely would recommend it. I received this ARC from Netgallet for an honest review.
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This was a very fun story to read.  I enjoyed every page of it.  
Nora was an Olympic volleyball player who had been betrayed by her partner in volleyball, her boyfriend and her mother.  She is recovering from an injury and takes a job as a rent-a-mom for a police chief's 2 children.  It turns out she used to date Hawk when she was a junior in HS.  Hawk's kids were a hoot.  HL was a mischievous little boy who really wanted a mom.  Heather was a young girl just growing into a young lady and needed some guidance.
This story had so much going for it.  Fun, romance, bad cooking (Nora couldn't cook to save her life) and Christmas spirit.  I highly recommend.  I was given this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
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3.5 stars - I ❤️ second chance, childhood sweethearts, romances and this one had just the right amount of Christmas magic. While I didn't feel a strong chemistry between the two main characters (hence the 3.5 stars) the story is light, fun and a quick read. There is a sex scene, but it's not explicit, in case that matters to you. 

I received an ARC of this book, from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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What a cute romance.  I love the dynamics that children add to the plot.  I couldn’t put this book down.
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Wanted: Mom For Christmas is part of the Cates Brothers series. At one of the lowest points of her life, Nora gets a job offer in her hometown for a rent-a-mom. When she arrives, Hawk is taken aback that his high school girlfriend is on his front porch claiming to be the rent-a-mom. The sparks are still there. Will more than one wish come true this Christmas? I really enjoyed this story, and I highly recommend this book.
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Warm hearted, moving story

I really loved how Lee Kiltraine handled this Christmas story. The second chance at love story between Nora and Hawk felt fresh. They along with Hawk's 2 hchildren, Heather and H.L. were wonderfully realistic characters. I loved how as the time drew closer to Christmas each of them were growing and healing. I highly recommend this story for anyone interested in reading a thoughtful warm family love story.
I received an advance reader copy from NetGalley.
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Wanted Mom For Christmas is a charming, sweet and fun holiday romance with characters I fell in love with. Although this is book 5.5 in the series it can be read as a stand alone (I did) and it's still very enjoyable. I can only imagine how much more I would have loved it if I had read the previous books.

This book centers around Hawk and his two children who's mom died several years ago a week before Christmas. Hawk and his kids really haven't been big on celebrating Christmas since then and Hawk is starting to worry a bit about how he'll manage his teen daughter as she is starting a time period where having a mother would be so helpful. His youngest son, H.L. wants a mom and is constantly asking his dad for one but Hawk isn't sure he's ready for a relationship and even if he is he needs to find a woman who will love his kids.

Enter Nora, Hawk's high school girlfriend and first love. She's going through a rough patch with her career as an Olympic tennis player and other personal issues. She finds a job as a rent-a-mom for Hawk's family. 

I loved the dynamics between Nora and Hawk's kids and between Nora and Hawk. The Savage family was adorable and I especially loved the relationship that grew between Nora and H.L. There were some very amusing and sweet scenes and I loved that the competitive spirit in Nora came alive in her interactions with the family and in her wanting to be the best rent-a-mom possible. I found myself smiling through this whole book and finished it in one setting.

If you are looking for a sweet and fun Christmas story that will leave you with a smile on your face then I highly recommend Wanted: Mom For Christmas. I enjoyed it so much I'm going to go back and read the earlier books in the series!
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