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A nice collection of 5 Scottish novellas set around Christmas. Obviously some are better than others, but a fun easy book that is easily a take along or curl up with on a snowy night. Would recommend.
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OVERALL: 4 stars — Holy cow!!  Dudes, I *don’t read* historical romance.  Which is why it was a mystery why I accepted this NetGalley widget.  But this is the best anthology I think I’ve ever read!  Usually there are a few stories that just don’t work for me, but while one was just all right, I thoroughly enjoyed all the others!  And not just enjoyed, I actually LOVED 2 of them, and they have tempted me into checking out more by those authors!  If that’s not success, I don’t know what is.

A Highlander’s Hope by Terri Brisbin
4 stars — This one was weird to read, b/c I’m not used to reading historical and having all the class systems and such, but I got used to it fairly quickly.  I appreciated the way Iain went about trying to win Robena’s trust…even if he faltered a few times.  It made him seem more human and fallible.  And I understood Robena’s wariness given her past.  Very satisfying ending!  (trigger warning for this one)

A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall
4 stars — I was super wary of this one at the start because of the POV of the dick Laird…seriously, that guy was the worst, and I hated being in his head.  I could have done without that.  But OMG, I adored Meggie and Hugh, and their journey to find one another.  Meggie was so spirited and independent, but also guarded.  Hugh was so lost and somewhat insecure, but so kind and respectful.  He’s the kind of hero I LOVE.  I even enjoyed the whole 12 Days of Christmas nod!  It took until the craziness for me to realize it was there, but still cleverly done.

A Scot For Christmas by Bronwen Evans
4.5 stars — What can I say, I’m a sucker for the “unwanted” heroine.  Loved how strong and brave Emma was — how she went after what she wanted, even if she did it a step at a time.  Dougray was pretty swoony himself, even as tortured as he was.  I appreciated that while he was stubborn, he wasn’t completely deluded.  And Angus was hilarious, and I loved how he attempted to meddle.

Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent
3.5 stars — This one was solid, but I had a harder time connecting with Emma and Barran.  While Emma’s naivety and…haughtiness? was perfectly understandable given the way she grew up, it still made it hard for me to like her a lot.  A little?  Yes.  A lot?  I don’t know…  And their romance was just slower to develop.  I still enjoyed the story, just not as much as the others.

Sweet Home Highland Christmas by May McGoldrick
4.5 stars — Oh dude, I loved this one from start to finish.  Ella was INCORRIGIBLE with a capital CORRIGIBLE.  Seriously, that kid was hilarious.  Freya was so spirited and loving and…I don’t know, I just loved her.  And Gregory was just swoony!!  I loved the way their relationship developed, and I totally believed their feelings for one another.  Definitely want to check out more from the Pennington family!
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I fine compilation of Scottish holiday romance novellas, best for those already familiar with the authors' work.
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I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

I had originally requested this book back in late Fall 2017, thinking it would be a great into to the Holiday season. And I stand by that thought, I think if I had read this during a different time I might have enjoyed it a little more. I liked a couple of these stories ok but I can't say that I loved any of them. Granted I was reading them over Labor Day weekend when Summer is just wrapping up and it was still really warm. I feel like part of the draw of these novellas specifically is that they're geared to the Holiday season. I think I liked the last one (Sweet Home Highland Christmas by May McGoldrick) best, as it was (I thought) the cutest story line while not being overtly corny. There were things I liked and disliked about each book, however overall now of them particularly grabbed my interest. They were still sweet and easy reads and I sometimes enjoy an anthology since you can take each novella as it's own part. I'd recommend it if you enjoy Highlander novels or Christmas novellas.
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This was the perfect Christmas present.  Hot alpha males who get knocked over by love was truly captivating to behold. All if these books are well worth the read.
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I really enjoyed all these stories and was very pleased to find A Highland Wager in there by Lecia Cornwall having read Enchanted by the Highlander recently it was a real bonus to find Meggie’s story (another one from the same family of sisters) included in this set. The thing I love about a set like this is that if one story isn’t immediately grabbing your attention you can read the others and then go back to it, and I admit I did this with the first story, at first I was out off by the female character being a lightskirt, however when I went back to it and carried on reading I then found it to one of my favourites reads of the set. All these stories are well written and perfect for cost Christmas / Winter nights tucked up reading in front of the fire. Perfect and I will seek out more from these writers.
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2 helms

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Welll it's Christmas time here in Australia ;) so that means I get to read Christmas stories twice in one year :D Lucky me :D Actually to be completely honest, I started this book last December as part of my Christmas reads and the stories were just sooo hard to get into and not really my style, so took me a long, long time to finish the book...

I'm rating this anthology an overall 2 helms just because I really wasn't too impressed by the overall standard but have rated the stories individually as well (I think the individual ratings are a tad generous...) but saying that, the last story by May McGoldrick is an absolute gem so it's definitely the rose amongst the thorns in this anthology!

"A HIGHLANDER'S HOPE" by Terri Brisbin
3 helms

A romance between a very unlikely couple: a Scottish gentleman and a village prostitute...Christmas brings her the hope of a life she never imagined she could ever have.

I thought this was a sweet take on a very unusual couple. Terri Brisbin's love of the overuse of the words "kith and kin" were again found in this novella! Didn't hate it, didn't love it....

3 helms

Meggie Macleod is forced to take shelter in a castle owned by Magnus MacVaneby, the Laird who stole her virtue a few years ago. Two other Lairds are also taking shelter at the castle and between them all, a wager is formed of who will be the first to win a kiss from Meggie.

Who the heck was the actual hero in this!? Prepare to be confused for a while.... slightly better than the first story....think of this like the Bachelorette Scottish style during Christmas...

"A SCOT FOR CHRISTMAS" by Bronwen Evans
3 helms

Dougray needs to remarry to beget heirs after losing his loving wife many years ago. Lady Emma, his best friend's little sister has been in love with Dougray all her life and has made a promise to herself that he is the only one who will have her virginity and then she will happily retire to the countryside in Cornwall to live her life as a spinster after her one night of passion!

Yeah the concept of this storyline sounds plausible but didn't really like or connect with either of the characters....a bit meh...

2 helms

Emma Spencer has lost her home and is on her way to her uncle's house when her maid robs her and deserts her. Travelling in the same carriage is James who is trying to stop his sister's wedding to his best friend. James's best friend has used some wiley ways to stop James from finding the couple and causes the carriage to become stranded. This meeting of chance becomes Emma and Jame's chance at happiness.

Oh this one was terrible! I don't know why I just could not get into it or believe the attraction between these two. I did not find the instalove and instasex appealing .....nup not for me...skim read most of it

3 helms

Captain Gregory Pennington has to escort Freya, her five-year-old niece Ella and their servants to the estate that neighbours his parents house. Ella is motherless and is under the sole care of Freya. When Ella's paternal grandmother questions Ella's upbringing at Fie's hands, Fie plans to marry her cousin for a better chance of keeping Ella. Fiona and Gregory during the course of their journey together, develop an attraction and a bond with each other, making Fiona question her decision of marrying without love!

Oh my goodness FINALLY! I had to wait till the end of book to finally get a well-written story! This was a fantastic story and loved all the characters! Ella is an absolute hoot! She is a fiesty, hilarious thing and will keep you laughing! Loved this one :)

Overall opinion:
I've read a few of these authors before (Terri Brisbin/Bronwyn Evans) and haven't liked their style of writing and I don't think these two will work for me in the future either. The other three are new to me authors and apart from May McGoldrick I didn't like the writing style of the others either. The other issue I had was with all the descriptive sex scenes, especially the Lavinia Kent novella. With such a short time allowed for character development, sex is not a priority for me as the reader and there's no need for it to act as filler material as well! There was just too much nookie on the characters minds with no leadup or buildup of the relationship, which for me is really important. May McGoldrick handled the balance between a short length novel and physical and emotional connections between characters amazingly well and this really shone through in Sweet Home Highland Christmas!

*Thank-you Terri Brisbin, Bronwen Evans, Lecia Cornwall, Lavinia Kent & May McGoldrick, Netgalley & Swerve (St. Martin’s Press) for the ARC.
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CHRISTMAS IN KILTS - Various Authors


Plot - 4 stars - This is a collection of holiday-related stories. Not all of them mentioned Christmas, but they all had a wintery feel to them and definitely set the scene for a warm and romantic situation.

A Highlander's Hope by Terri Brisban - Warm--a potential marriage between the laird's uncle and the local harlot. They've always had a good friendship (and more) whenever he visits the village. But when he asks to marry her, she can't believe it or accept it. 

A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall - Just the kind of book I like. Diverted because of the snowstorm, Meggie ends up at a local home, and she indicates there's some history there. The reader is expecting a fond memory, but it turns out to be just the opposite. Luckily there are 2 other handsome men there. When they wager on winning her, things don't go as planned.

A Scot for Christmas by Bronwen Evans - When Emma shows up unexpectedly at a men's hunting gathering, her host starts to have feelings for her, his first since the death of his wife years earlier. When this girl makes him a proposition, he's not sure he can resist.

Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent - There's an inexplicable attraction between Emma and James when they ride together on a stagecoach. But when they are suddenly left to fend for themselves in a snowstorm, their feelings are suddenly out of control.

Sweet Home Highland Christmas by May McGoldrick - Another book about traveling together. In this one Fie is heading to her niece's family home to be introduced. Gregory is escorting them, and their attraction for each other grows quickly during their enforced time together.

Writing - 4 stars - Each story had its idiosyncracies, but they all embodied the typical romantic style. Each had to be condensed, of course, to fit the novella format, so instalove was expected and welcomed. Some authors were more successful than others with these stories, but all of them set the stage within the holiday/winter theme well. 

Characters - 4 stars - Each story was fairly long, allowing the reader enough time to get involved in the story and become interested in the characters. I found them all to be attractive and appealing, definitely people that you wanted to cheer for. The most interesting characters were created by Lecia Cornwall, since they were a little bit different, although the typical romantic formula was still followed.

Title - 4 stars - Very clear, this title says it all. 

Cover - 4 stars - The cover is well done, a little bit different from the typical cover, but definitely preparing the reader for its contents. The plaid covering the romantic couple is a classy but fairly subtle way to set the scene while attracting the eye.

Overview - 4 stars - Although these stories are all stand-alones and were easily understandable on their own, it was obvious that they were novellas from established series. The mention of other characters implied a knowledge of them that I didn't have, so that was a bit disconcerting from time to time. But rather than a detriment, that merely caused me to make a note of the series so I can look them up and start from the beginning to fill in the blanks.
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I had not read a book by any of the authors in this collection and I was surprised to have enjoyed each and every one of the stories. I particularly enjoyed Lecia Cornwall's novella, A Highland Christmas Wager. Overall, each novella has pI had not read a book by any of the authors in this collection and I was surprised to have enjoyed each and every one of the stories. I particularly enjoyed Lecia Cornwall's novella, A Highland Christmas Wager. Overall, each novella has prompted me to look into and purchase a number of additional titles by these authors. (This is my voluntary and unbiased review of an advanced copy of Christmas in Kilts via Netgalley.)
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Christmas in Kilts is a boxed set of five novellas. I enjoyed all five of the stories about sexy highlanders!!
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This is a wonderful Christmas anthology that I enjoyed immensely. The books can be read in one sitting and it's a great introduction to several authors I haven't read before. I regret getting to this book so late (in March instead of in December as intended). However this book does an  excellent job in creating a mood for Christmas. If you enjoy historical romance especially ones featuring Scotland, this is the book for you.
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Great collection of five enchanting holiday stories.
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Delightful, enjoyable, charming 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Charming, engaging and enchanting stories - one and all.  It was a delight to read these Christmas stories at any time of the year.  Only one story had a perfunctory wrap up to the tale.  I would happily read other works by these authors - Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent and May McGoldrick.  Kilts rule!!!!

I have voluntarily posted a review consisting of my honest opinions.
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The title says it all....Christmas and Scottish men (in kilts!). A collection of five wonderful novellas telling a different love story of the Highlands. The common thread of the holidays binds each story but they are not entwined. I enjoyed this anthology.  It was the first time reading these authors and I was not disappointed. Will definitely read more from these writers.
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I didn’t enjoy this anthology as I felt the romance in all of the stories was quite forced. Some of them started off really well but then the stories veered off the storyline.  

* I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review*
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This is a Christmas anthology that held all new authors for me. As I have read all the stories in this Anthology I am doing my review on Christmas in Kilts, a Highland Holiday box set book as a whole. I have not read Historical romances or Highland romances in a while and I have discovered that I am missing out a lot. The Heroes and Heroines in these stories all go through their paces to find Love and Kinship and I enjoy them all.

I happen to have enjoyed the connections between the main and secondary characters, there was quite the amount of steam between lovers. There are many tender moments and a few confusing ones, but over all the stories were magnificently wonderful. From women of pleasure, to soldiers returning home, to traveling ladies who need to reach their families for the holidays. I will admit the final story was my favorite I cold not, “Not” love little Emma. Sassy and well spoken and did I mention cute as a bug.

The plot line for each story happen to take place in Scotland during different eras, each with their own uniqueness. Over all I would recommend this Anthology to anyone who enjoy highland historical romances.

Rated 4 stilettos by Deb!
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I really enjoyed all 5 of these short historical Christmas stories!
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I very much enjoyed these 5 short stories that were set in Scotland at Christmastime.  Each story had a different spin, as well as wonderful characters.  These stories were also very well-written, and they were very entertaining.  It's the perfect read if you love Scotland, Highlanders and Christmas!
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CHRISTMAS IN KILTS - Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent, May McGoldrick
Macmillan's Swerve
Digital Anthology
ASIN:  B0746M7X9W
November 2017
Historical Romances

Various Locations and time periods in Scotland - 1357 to 1818

Denbarton Keep, 1357
His family is encouraging Ian MacKillop to marry soon and produce an heir, but he has no wish for a child bride.  His only love is Robena MacKendiman, who is the most unsuitable woman alive: she's the village harlot!

Scotland Highlands, 1711
Trapped in the snow and forced to take shelter at a neighbor's estate, Meggie McLeod is forced to confront Magnus MacVane, Laird of Gleanngalla, the man who seduced her and took her virginity years ago.  Magnus is planning a pleasant holiday with his friends, both looking for a wife and wanting to marry Magnus's sister Catriona.  But when Meggie McLeod appears, it's a contest among the three men for her hand.

Scotland, 1815 
Dougray Mcgregor's wife Francesca died six years ago, and he must take another wife and produce an heir.  And now, at a weekend party in his hunting lodge, his friend brings along his sister, Lady Emma Duckworth.  The Lady Emma has a proposition for Dougray:  she wants one night of passion to remember, then she will be on her way home.

Kilbirnie, Scotland, 1818.
At a wayside inn, Lady Emma Spencer discovers her maid has stolen her travel bag and her carriage.  Forced to ride the public coach with another passenger, Emma is beside herself with the indignity of her situation.  And things just go from bad to worse when she's left stranded with the stranger, James Barron, in an abandoned cabin. Now, it appears for propriety's sake, they must marry!

Sutherland, the Scottish highlands,1817
Royal Engineer Captain Gregory Pennington is escorting the young and beautiful Freya Sutherland and her niece Ella to Baronsford.  Freya is beside herself with worry; in order to keep her niece, she must marry a man she has no love for.  Meanwhile, will Penn, who is wanting to retire from service, consider a ready made family?  If the precocious five year-old Ella has anything to say about the matter, Penn and Freya will be married before the week is up!

CHRISTMAS IN KILTS is the best book for these cozy winter nights, full of handsome heroes and passionate romance!

Diana Risso
Romance Reviews Today
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This collection of short stories is perfect for people who love historical romances with rugged Highlander men and a little bit of Christmas sprinkled on top. Each story is completely different and each couple goes through different trials and tribulations to get to their happily ever after. There's love at first sight, love that's harder won, overpowering lust, internal and external battles, bad weather, difficult families, meddling friends, and more! These bestselling authors each created their own little universe, peopled with tough Highlanders and beautiful women set in the stunning Scottish Highlands. So if you are in the mood for some hot Christmas reading about tough Scots finding love, then this is the book for you! Especially during the Holiday season.
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