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Animal Spy

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Cozy Cat R, Reviewer

Last updated on 27 Oct 2017

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As a life long animal activist and vegan I know many of the stories behind the hideous abuse and torture of animals on the black market but this author has gone undercover to revel even further abuse. Most people are unaware of what goes on to torture and illegally trade in  animals . 
If you are unaware, if you are against animal cruelty, if you are a activist for those with no voice you need to read this book. This is a real account of the author behind the scenes and the animal holocaust that is going on behind close doors and outside of the media.   I would like to thank the author for his efforts and for bringing these shocking abuses into the forefront of the world . The more exposure we give to abuse the less it will occur. Thank you for the ARC which did not influence my review. Very well done. I appreciate that the author has warnings on chapters to not read if your squeamish .  Excellent book for all activist and animal lovers.

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