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As this book is second in the series you will find them mentioning something from the previous book but it didn’t bother me. The base of the book at the beginning was fast but then it slows down, I couldn’t connect with the main characters mainly Dan . Lucy was my favourite . I think maybe because there were two story line then I wasn’t concentrating. The murder of the teenager boy and finding the killer was the best part. I was not interested in the espionage!!

It took me longer time to finish this book , because it was taking place in two/ three locations and had a lot of important characters . but half way I started to rush through it got very intense. It was full of revelation , It interconnected every story to one shocking end.
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I don’t seem to be the only one that didn’t realise this was the third book in an ongoing series!

Now I will have to go back and read the first two. More books to be added to my ever-increasing tbr pile!

However saying that this read to me perfectly as a standalone novel so if like me you have yet to read the others don’t let that deter you, it just means you will have more books on your own tbr pile as well!

Packed to the brim with murder, conspiracy, secrets and lies it is a full throttle read that is not at all beyond the realms of possibility!

It is one of those books that you find impossible to put down and end up reading long into the night forgoing sleep so you can reach the end and find out what happens next.

I may be slow in discovering this little gem of a book I am so glad I did and I cant wait to find out what the future has in store next for Dan Forrester.

CJ Carver is now on my favourite crime thriller authors on the merit of this book alone.
It really is one not to be missed for any fan of this genre, or in fact anyone!

A big thank you to the author CJ Carver, publishers Bonnier Zaffre and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.
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The suspense and drama happens from the go - Chapter One had me gripped and the pace never slowed throughout the whole book. The storyline was really believable and I love this type of book as it is all imaginable in todays world.
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This is my first CJ Carver title but I look forward to going back and reading all of her previous books - there are so many, I had absolutely no idea! I am glad though as they will fill the gap until she writes and releases another. Her first novel 'Blood Junction' won the CWA Debut Dagger, usually a seal of approval given only to quality crime writers. I am certainly going to take pleasure in starting right back at her debut and reading them all in the order they were released.

I usually can't go wrong with a crime thriller read as I am a fan of many different types - I sometimes like a book that is straightforward and that I can enjoy without too much thought but I also, at other times, like a title that requires you to think and process throughout the story and is perhaps a tad more complex than others. So, due to this, most thrillers suit me. I would place this one in between the two types but maybe more towards the chilled out, relaxed read without the need for too much brainpower.

I learned after finishing it that it was in fact the third instalment in the series, I didn't feel lost at any point but I do think that I probably missed some of the character development that would've taken place in the previous books. Of course, that is my fault. The writing is excellent, as you would expect from a CWA DD winner. I was unable to tear myself away from it and the reviews of her other titles indicate that they are exactly the same in that respect.

The book itself is fast paced with an addictive quality to it and there are twists and turns galore! It's a mixture of the compelling writing and intriguing push and pull nature of the story that makes you read on and on... and then it's over! There is plenty of drama, danger, secrets and lies and the ending is unique and interesting. 

This is a 5-star read for me and one worthy of the attention of all crime lovers. I hope that the series continues as I would definitely be up for reading the next one. Overall, a great read.

I would like to thank CJ Carver, Bonnier Zaffre and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a rip-snorting page-turner that grabs readers by the throat early on and doesn't let go. An 'airport thriller' read with a bit more. There's tonnes of action and we learn more about the characters we first met in last year's "Spare Me The Truth". Carver is a really good thriller writer, who tells tales with great pace and action.
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I wasn't aware of it being a sequel. Felt a little lost with some of the main character development, but the writing and story was brilliant.
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I haven’t heard of this series before so was surprised at this book being the third in the series! 
Know Me Now is the third instalment in the Dan Forrester series. I quickly downloaded the first 2 books to keep me up to date and Wow! What a series! I found myself unable to put it down, it’s fast paced, it’s addictive and throws some spectacular twists in along the way! 
A fantastic series that’s swiftly becoming a favourite. Thoroughly recommended! 
Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for my advance copy in return for an honest review.
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This crime thriller had me hooked after four pages. It is the third in the Dan Forrester series. The first two were reviewed by two different members of my reviewing group and each received a 5-star rating. This attests to the wide appeal of the series and the consistency and quality of writing.

Dan Forrester, the ex-spook with amnesia, is called on by a childhood friend, Christopher Braid, to investigate the apparent suicide of his 12-year-old son Connor Braid. The police and Procurator Fiscal have determined there was no foul play but Braid remains unconvinced.

The investigation allows Dan to call on old friends, DC Lucy Davies and Dr Grace Reavey, for assistance. Dan is still recovering from the shock of his dying father suddenly while in Germany but without hesitation decides his old friend needs him more. To complicate things further, his wife’s pregnancy is almost at full-term.

The plot continues to develop and takes Dan to Scotland and Germany as well as various parts of England and can be read as a stand-alone so there is no need to have read the preceding two novels. The characters are well fleshed out and believable and act as excellent foils, one to the other. The pace varies which adds interest and light and shade and the dialogue is rich and realistic.

It’s the twists and turns through which make the book so attention-grabbing and interesting. This is partly due to the closeness of the relationships which is almost palpable. However, time changes people and relationships and the counterpoint between the past and the present adds to the tension.

Towards the denouement, the reader should prepare himself for not one but several surprises, none of which I was able to guess at. It’s a great read and worthy of the 5-star rating. Here’s to the next in the series…..

mr zorg

Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.
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This is the third book in the Dan Forrester series and I would advise starting with book one. CJ Carver has written a very well thought out thriller with this book. The book begins with the death of a teenager in Scotland. Dan's father also dies, in Germany.The setting quickly moves to Germany and back to London. Are the deaths linked? We have murder, lies, conspiracy and enough secrets to keep you interested. I would recommend this book to lovers of thrillers. I have reviewed on Bookreads, Amazon and Facebook.
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Hooked from the beginning - so full on with plenty of drama, danger, secrets and lies which unfolds at a great pace.
Love the characters and the relationships with each other, looking forward to the next instalment. 
I'd not read any CJ Carver books prior this review, I have since downloaded all of them.

Thank you netgalley, Zaffrel and CJ Carved for allowing me to read and review this book.
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This had the potential to be a real page turner, but the one thing that let it down for me was the number of people in it! I often lost track of who was who, who was good, who was bad, and who was where? It spans 3 countries, and if I had put it down and picked it up later, I genuinely forgot where I was, who was there and what was going on. Some likeable characters made me continue when I felt like giving up - but there was no twist, it was kind of clear what was going on quite early on. Disappointing as I felt a bit cheated.
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The third book in the Dan Forrester series, Know Me Now makes for a gripping read. I haven't read the previous books in the series, but I certainly will be going back and reading them now as I became really attached to Dan, Grace and Lucy and I'd love to know more about them and their pasts. While not reading the previous books didn't affect my overall experience of this book, I think there were one or two references which I missed and would've enjoyed more if I'd read the others, so I'd definitely recommend getting the whole series!
I thought the balance between the personal lives of the characters and the mystery at hand was perfect and the plot was full of secrets, lies and danger.
The pace picked up in all of the right places and Carver had me hanging on to every word. I loved the ending, I didn't see any of it coming and I thought it was an ingenious and original solution which I found it fascinating. It really got me thinking.
Overall, I'm giving Know Me Now 5 out of 5 and adding it to my five star favourites shelf! It was riveting, original and full of surprises. I really enjoyed it and I think this could go on to become one of my favourite series!
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Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of this. I enjoyed this book, it’s well written and interesting. Lots of twists in the plot, I seriously didn’t have a clue what was going on most of the time! Definitely didn’t guess any of the outcome. The characters are investigating the death of one of their sons. I’m not big into history but I did find the German parts of the story interesting and think my husband will too! Definitely worth a read!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  I loved this book and have downloaded the first 2 books in the series.  Secretly in love with Dan Forrester
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Time for a new installment of a great series! We’re back in Dan Forrester’s labyrinthine world of spies, murders and thrills, and CJ Carver definitely serves up a book that builds upon its predecessors, all while putting together a plot that kept me hooked until the end.

In Scotland, Connor Baird, a thirteen year old boy, commits suicide. In Germany, Dan Forrester’s father dies of a heart attack- and the two are connected by the catastrophically unlucky Dan (I think at least four close friends and family members he knows have died in suspicious circumstances by now), who soon gets swept up in a whirlwind of conspiracy, government-sanctioned killers and spies. Did Connor really commit suicide? Did Dan’s father really die of natural causes? With the help of Grace Reavey and DC Lucy Davies, he’s going to find out.

One of my favourite things about the Dan Forrester series is the effort that CJ Carver puts into developing her characters and taking them in fresh and exciting directions. Dan Forrester is a great central character: conflicted, amnesia-stricken, with a mysterious past but who manages to be warm and human at the same time. His love for Jenny, paired with his determination to track down the truth, at whatever cost, make him a compelling and engaging central character, and kept me hooked- as much to find out if he makes it out alive as to find out who the villain is. Likewise, Lucy and Grace remain equally great: Lucy as much of a wildcard as ever, and Grace wrestling both with having moved to the remote depths of Scotland with her partner, Ross, and with being the doctor for a town whose residents keep dying suspiciously young…

The chemistry between the characters, and the shared history that Dan has with his childhood friends- who pop up over the course of the novel- and his father’s friends make for a rich, detailed backstory that fleshes out even the secondary characters, makes them believable and adds extra spice to the plot. The ordinary- Jenny’s pregnancy, for instance- is mixed up with stalking, murder, and things like state-sanctioned killing- which grounds the characters and which makes for really enjoyable reading.

As a result, the plot romps along. Thanks to multiple viewpoints that we get from Dan, Mac, Lucy and Grace, we swing back from Germany to Scotland- and though Dan investigating his father’s death at the start of the book does come across as a bit disjointed, once the connection is made that ties it to Scotland the pace picks up and that part of the story becomes a whole lot more interesting. Also, kudos to Carver: with multiple plot threads to balance and tens of characters to include in her story, the novel could very easily get bogged down with details- but it doesn’t, and that makes for a great overall read, which slowly ramps up the tension and the stakes the closer it gets to the climax.

Overall, this is a great next installment in the Dan Forrester series, and one that I really enjoyed. Carver as a knack for balancing thrills with the minutiae of day-to-day life, and making both just as engaging. Bring on the next book!
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Eeeeeek! To be reunited with Dan Forrester again was most amazing!! This is fast becoming one of my favourite series and I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment…I don’t ask for much, do I!?

The story takes place in three settings: London, Scotland and Germany. The reader is faced with suicide, loss; grief; greed; relationships; the past; conspiracies; ethics; secrets; betrayals and friendships.

BOOM! What an opening chapter! CJ Carver really knows how to grab her readers by the throat and she certainly had me gasping for air! The tension and suspense intertwined masterfully in this book and kept me racing through the pages until the very end.  I thought the plot was so clever and scarily believable. I loved the way the reader was led to believe one thing and through the narrative, we learned the truth as it was unravelled before our eyes.

Character-wise, we of course get to reacquaint ourselves with the lovely Dan Forrester! *swoon* – sadly, he has just lost his father and while coming to terms with that, his wife is heavily pregnant and could deliver at any time. Dan’s memory has not returned, so he is still dealing with the amnesia that plagued him following the death of his first born and to top it off, he learns that his godson has killed himself….or has he?  It is never easy sailing for poor Dan and he needs to solve a case that will once again leave him questioning everything. I have to say, I think he is a brilliant character. I admire his loyalty, his courage and his relentless desire to find justice for those who need it.

DC Lucy Davies is another one of my faves in this series. I just love her! Lucy has her own things to deal with but this does not prevent her from being her clever feisty self.  What I like about Lucy…and Dan, things that others might view as disadvantages – these two use to their advantage. It makes them fight harder and be more determined to get the right result. For the reader, you fast become a huge champion as you just want this pair to succeed!

I really want to talk about the other characters that I really adore, but then I just want others to pick up this series and find out for themselves how so very awesome they are – so I am not going to mention the others…even though I am dying to! Instead, I will move on and say that the twist was SUPERB – I seriously thought I had it all sussed out and then BOOM! Nicely done, CJ!

Soooooo…do I recommend this book…erm….HELL YEAH – I recommend this series! A definite #TopRead2017 for me – you seriously need to be adding it to your TBR. Easily read as a stand-alone, the action-packed, compelling series is just  so incredibly awesome, I urge you to treat yourself and grab them all.  I cannot wait to see what is next in store for Dan and the gang!
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Gah! How did I not know about this series? Seriously? I've been missing out massively!

Know Me Now is the third instalment in the Dan Forrester series and the author shows no signs of letting up as it's every bit as mind-blowing as the previous two books. Which you should totally read, if you haven't already. Just saying. It's been an absolute treat for me to be able to read these three phenomenal books one after the other in a matter of days. I'm feeling rather exhausted from all the excitement!

Dan's father has passed away unexpectedly after a golf session in Germany. As if dealing with that isn't enough, he also gets word his godson has died all the way up in Scotland. All the signs point to Connor having taken his own life but Grace isn't convinced. When Dan discovers his father and godson may have been murdered, he brings in the help of Lucy to investigate further. But someone is going out of their way to keep a longstanding secret buried and nobody seems safe.

Obviously I can't talk about what that secret is as that would ruin the entire plot but it has to be one of the most harrowing and horrifying things I've ever read about! It kind of wormed its way into my brain and I can't stop thinking about it. As with the previous books, C.J. Carver manages to grab my attention from the first page and after having read the previous two books in quick succession, I felt completely safe in the author's hands, knowing that I was yet again in for an absolutely fantastic time and C.J. Carver didn't disappoint me.

Know Me Now is another well-paced addition and I found myself unable to put it down. Even when I had to, I found myself thinking about it, trying to figure out the connections and the culprits and as per usual, failing miserably. I was left guessing until the end as to what was going on or who was behind it all. There was a massive curveball I didn't see coming at all, making me think I missed clues along the way.  

I adore Dan and Lucy but it was such a treat to see Grace return. I hadn't realised how much I missed her. This entire cast of characters works like a charm for me. The only one I still have problems sympathising with is Jenny. I can't put my finger on it as to why I have issues with her, as her actions and attitude seem perfectly reasonable considering the circumstances, but I do. However, that has no effect on my enjoyment at all!

Terribly exciting, hugely entertaining, incredibly gripping and compelling, a thrill a minute  ... What more can I say? I'm a fan! The Dan Forrester series has shot right up to the top of my favourite series list and I can't wait for more! Do yourself a favour and check this series out!
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It's so lovely to start a book and realise within a few pages that you are going to love it!  It makes you relax into the book and means that you are able to enjoy it more.  This is what happened when I started reading Know Me Now.  I knew almost instantly that I was going to like it and felt certain that I had found a new favourite author.

The story unfolds slowly but with enough action/revelations to keep the reader interested and intrigued enough to keep on reading.  I soon found the book very hard to put down, reading long into the night when I should have been sleeping.  You know you are reading a good book when you are thinking about it constantly and trying to work out when you will next get a chance to read a bit.  I found myself trying to hide upstairs from the kids or even attempting to read whilst cooking, not a good idea i don't recommend it, just so I could read a few more pages.

I loved the three main characters, but particularly loved the two women Grace and Lucy.  I'm a big fan of strong female characters, especially those that are in normally male dominated jobs like Grace and Lucy are.  I admired the way they held their own against quite strong opposition at times and how they were able to get results from tricky situations.  The author does a brilliant job at not resorting to typical stereotypical methods normally used by female characters in such books.  Instead the women get results by using their intelligence and by showing that they know what they are talking about which made for a very refreshing change.

CJ Carver perfectly describes what life in a small community is like, with everyone knowing everyone else and thinking they know their business.  I could definitely imagine how this might hamper a murder investigation with local residents thinking they knew what what was going on when in fact they didn't.  I could almost feel Lucy and Grace's frustrations coming off the page and felt frustrated on their behalf when their investigation was hampered because of this.  The small community environment did however help inject some humour or light relief into the book when you realised just how much everyone knew each other and in what way.  Some of these revelations actually had me laughing out loud as they were so funnily described and unexpected.

This is the first book by CJ Carver that I have read and it definitely won't be my last as I have already bought the first two books in this series to read.  It is probably best to read the series in order as there were a few events mentioned in the book that I was unaware of but this wasn't enough of an issue to stop me enjoying it.

Huge thanks to Emily Palmier-Bignold and Bonnier Zaffre for my copy of this book and for letting me be part of this blog tour.
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Dan Forrester is a n ex-MI5 officer who hears the tragic news that his godson Connor has committed suicide.Then within days he is told his father has died of a heartache whilst in Germany on a golfing holiday.
But very soon both deaths are far more suspicious than they appear on first sight, especially in the village in Scotland where the family and friends of both victims live or have connections. 
Then, as Dan invites old  friends DC Lucy Davies and Grace the local GP to dig deeper, a more sinister global threat is uncovered that could cause death beyond this small community. When Dan links up with his godson's father Christopher, Sophie and Gustav who were all childhood friends in this beautiful part of Scotland a lot more secrets from the past are also revealed.
This is the third in the Dan Forrester series of books and I did in the early stages have to do some background research on the other novels to get a handle on all the issues relating to the relationships around Dan Lucy and Grace. But the previous novels although helpful do not distract from the cracking plot of this book and it's a tremendous read as a thriller with a more ethical twist on the world around us.
Good character buildups show relationships tinged with emotional problems that hinge very much on the plot of the story. 
There is a lot of cross Europe travelling that at times seemed a bit unbelievable time frame wise but I did enjoy the obvious placing of motor car references by the author, who is by her own admission a bit of a petrol head! A fast paced enjoyable thriller.
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Know Me Now by C.J. Carver has been compared Lee Child's books featuring Jack Reacher.  If, however, you are familiar with the Jack Reacher books, you might wonder why.

Know Me Now is the third in the Dan Forrester series by Carver, and I haven't read the previous books.  Maybe the book was trying too hard to be a thriller, but overall, I found characters and plot superficial.

However, it has been reviewed much more positively on Goodreads, and we all like different kinds of books.

If I want a larger than life protagonist, who nevertheless feels real, I will stick with Lee Child's Jack Reacher.
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