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This is a very readable and thouroigh overview of the Jewish experience from the 1600s to present. 

It details the economic, cultural, social and citizens rights perspectives and illustrates how people adapted their habits from the Old Country and maintained their individuality.
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'This volume narrates the history of the New York Jews, with an eye to their distinctive story as well as consciousness of how Jews embedded their particularity within the city's contentious past'. Jewish New York is nowadays a reality of the diasporic Jewish history and present, and this book, based on serious historical and sociological data, might create at least one more topic for a further academic investigation. For instance, the issue of American Zionism, and therefore the ways in which American Jews are positioning themselves in relation with the state of Israel and the everyday political struggles from the country.
The evolution of the Jewish community is analized back in the 17th century, which makes this volume a valuable source of information for recreating a process of creating mentalities and social patterns. It also offers a multi-layered approach, which goes back and forth from the economic, cultural, social and citizens rights perspectives, creating a pretty accurate landscape where people are relocating continously, adapting their habits from the Old Country while maintaining a certain degree of individuality. With more than a million Jews living in New York, the city is considered a symbol of Jewish life in the diaspora but at the same time, at least in the last 2 decades, there are Jewish communities in many other locations in the USA, which increases the diversity of Jewish life. Although the book has the focus on NYC, a short comparison would have even better outline the specificities of the city. Another omission of the book in my opinion is that it ignores the strong Israeli community in the city, which although remains a distinctive group among the various Jewish communities, it has its own dynamic and specific influence on the cultural patterns and habits of the bigger group as such.
The book is a recommended read to anyone looking to become familiar, in an academic way, with the Jewish history of New York, either for academic or pure knowledge purposes.
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Books on Judaism are one of my favorite subjects, and I would certainly purchase this book.
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A definitive and very readable study of the Jewish history of New York, from the 1600s to present day.   I believe that this volume is one for the bookshelf though and not for the Kindle. 

Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this ARC, for which I have given a voluntary and unbiased review.
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Jewish New York by Moore, Gurock, Polland, Rock, & Soyer is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early October.

Each of these authors contribute chapters to a near-tome on the Jewish population of New York from 1654 to 2015. This book has full-page photos, is somewhat timed to surges in migration, and includes topics such as celebrating religious observances; assimilating while also following social and food-related practices; networking within one's neighborhood; Reform, Revisionists, Conservative, Zionists, Hasidim, and Orthodox synagogues; Political stances; fighting in the Civil and World Wars; facing antisemitism and racism; living in tenement housing to apartment buildings; Jewish cafes, restaurants, and delis; expansion of corporate businesses (banks, hospitals) and department stores; offering charity to the poor and newly immigrated; involvement in theater, writers, music, art, film, photography, publishers, and fashion design; politicians, socialism, protests, and activism; commercialized, mobile, and privatized funeral services and memorials; day & parochial schools, Jewish centers, and higher education.
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Encompassing overview of the Jewish American experience in New York.

The authors did a wonderful job of presenting a thorough overview of the Jewish experience in New York from the 1600s to the present.  Along with the interesting narrative there are wonderful pictures of the people their belongings and significant papers of the different time periods.

I received an advance reader copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
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This is an authoritative book about Jewish life, in the most Jewish city in the world, New York. Incredibly readable, this book will give old and new NYers a delightful glimpse into that unique culture and history that makes NYC such a great place to live...and eat. 

As someone who runs a program that deals with students from all over New York State, this will be on all my future reading lists. Really a pleasure!
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Jewish New York takes a look at tbe history of the Jewish people in New York. It tells of the first jews to immigrate to the state and the impact that they had on the state.
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