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The Impossible

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I decided to request this book to read because a movie, Breakthrough based on this book,will be released next month. I really did not know anything about the story, but was hooked in immediately. The book is a roller coaster ride of emotions and a true test of faith. I spent a great deal of time in tears.
The story introduces us to a young teenage basketball player named John who falls through thin ice and is underwater for almost 30 minutes. He arrives at the hospital dead and the doctor in charge waits to call John's time of death until his body is warm. In the meantime, John's mother arrives and cries out to God when she sees her frozen dead son before her.  She pleads with God to breathe life back into John. Miraculously, his heart begins to beat and the story of John's resurrection begins. It is a very difficult road he faces, but with prayer from his community and all around the world, John takes the first steps into his journey back to life.
It is a story of faith, hope, and God's great mercy. Truly a riveting read.
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An amazing and wonderful testament to God's power. God is still working miracles today and this story is living proof of that. Reading this strengthened my faith in prayer and encouraged me greatly.
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What an amazing story...Miracles do happen.  Nothing is impossible w/ God.
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John's survival is a miracle.  No matter how you look at it, his survival is a miracle.  And his mother questioning God and having faith at the same time show us the pain and fear that she was going through.  This heartfelt story is wonderfully written.
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