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Detective Nosegoode and the Music Box Mystery

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Recommended this to a colleague whose daughter is in the 3rd grade but reads at a higher level. It's always challenging to find suitable content for young advanced readers but this book fits the bill. Lovely characters, humorous and a not-too-challenging mystery.
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This was an entertaining children’s novel about a retired detective and his dog. Detective Nosegoode was enjoying his retirement when Mr. Blossom, the clockmaker decides that he needs the assistant of the detective to solve the mystery of who broke into his shop and stole a music box that he was fixing for a local resident.  The detective takes the assignment and immediately gets to work investigating the scene, finding quite a few clues with his dog, Cody. I liked how optimist the detective was about helping the clockmaker solve this mystery the minute that he took on the case.  

Cody is not your typical dog.  Detective Nosegoode realized one day while he was talking to Cody that Cody could communicate with him.  Now, Cody and the detective talk to each other daily and they have quite a special relationship.  I enjoyed how the detective and his dog discussed different parts of the investigation and how they examined each suspect that they had.  With a great flow, the story moves quickly as the pair begins to investigate each suspect they have. I liked how there were a variety of good suspects under investigation and how the pair formed their own opinion of them.  

As I read, I wished that this novel would have had some illustrations as I felt it would have added to my enjoyment.  It was only after finishing this novel, that I read that this novel does have illustrations and that my Kindle copy did not have any which was a shame.  I would have loved to see them.  That is the only issue I had with this novel, the lack of illustrations on my copy.  If they are like the cover, I really did miss out.  I felt that this was a well-crafted mystery, a story that is worth reading and I’m looking forward to reading more of this series in the future.  

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Pushkin Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for sending me this copy.
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This is a great mystery book for early chapter readers. It was a fun story, especially with a talking dog, Cody, who does his own investigation trying to prove he is right. When Detective Nosegoode figures out who the perpetrator is, he will not let the cat out of the bag until he confronts them, this way, the reader gets to follow along without knowing who it is. Once the crime is solved, it is great to read how Detective Nosegood explained the clues he found, how he interpreted them and was able to piece together what happened and who the culprit was. I loved reading mysteries as a child and would have enjoyed this early mystery before reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon stories. A great book for a young reader who enjoys mysteries and is reading early chapter books. This would be a good addition to a classroom, school or public library. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.
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Ambrosius Nosegoode is a retired detective who lives in Lower Limewood with his talking dog, Cody. Cody, a shaggy mutt, just started talking one day and converses solely with Nosegoode. Nosegoode spends his days growing radishes and playing the flute. Suddenly, a change in routine occurs. Ignatius Blossom, the clockmaker, asks for help. Blossom has repaired an old intricate music box, a family keepsake belonging to town chemist, Boniface Swallowtail. A puzzling break-in has occurred at the clock shop, puzzling because only the music box has been stolen. Who knew the story of the music box and its potential treasure?

Nosegoode asked to check the crime scene finds a plethora of clues and suspects. With the help of Cody, the detective will follow all leads and whittle down the list of suspects who know that the music box has been fixed. Cody has some opinions of his own and "noses" around to test out his theories. A gentleman with a fake black beard is renting a room in Mrs. Hardtack's house. Why is "Blackbeard" watching Nosegoode and Cody from behind a window curtain? Could he be involved in the mysterious music box disappearance?

"Detective Nosegoode and the Music Box Mystery" by Marian Orlon is a delightful, humorous, engaging book. The story allows the young reader to imagine playing the role of amateur sleuth, enabling him or her to follow clues, question witnesses and predict who the guilty party might be. It would be an awesome parent/ child read!

Thank you Pushkin Press and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review "Detective Nosegoode and the Music Box Mystery".
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When Hercules Poirot meets Blue's Clues... 😅
Is an interesting book to read, any kid would love it!!!
I don't want to give a description because you can read that yourself and the story is to short, I will give it all away...
My reading experience is 3.5/5 but is a book I recommend to any kid that is a beginner reader.
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I was completely delighted with this charming mystery about a very well-spoken good doggo (his name is Cody and yes, he can talk!) and his owner, Ambrosius Nosegoode, a brilliant detective who has retired to live out the rest of his life in relative quiet. Cody has a wonderful nose for ferreting out information so when a supposedly unimportant music box goes missing from the repair shop, Cody is on the case! Will Cody and Detective Nosegoode nab the thief and find the music box in time? You'll just have to read and find out!

Great for young readers and would also be great to read aloud before bedtime. Looking forward to following this series.
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The Story

At first glance, Mr Ambrosius Nosegoode seems to be a perfectly ordinary older gentleman.  After retiring he has moved from the big city to a small town, where he spends his days growing radishes, playing the flute and talking walks with his dog Cody. 

But appearances can be deceiving.  This unimposing man was once a famous detective and his dog isn't an ordinary mutt either - he can talk! When a mysterious man with a fake black beard comes to town and a music box goes missing from the workshop of clockmaker Mr Ignatius Blossom, the two friends begin to investigate.

My Thoughts

This delightful mystery story completely bewitched me.

A young reader's Hercule Poirot, Detective Nosegoode is accompanied by his talking dog Cody, and their relationship put me in mind of Tintin and Snowy.  

The novel is written in a quirky, very readable style and supported by wonderful illustrations.  The story offers lots of clues that will intrigue young readers and keep them turning the pages.  The place names alone - Barrel Organ Street, Boniface Swallowtail, Ignatious Blossom, Skylark Lane - combine with the talking dog to add just enough magic to carry the story along with an enchanting sparkle. 

Detective Nosegoode would be great fun to read out loud and excellent for new readers too.  I am thrilled to read it is the first in a series and very much look forward to the next one! 

This lovely novel sits right in the middle of my two bookshelves and I couldn't decide whether to position it for younger or older readers, so at the moment it is on both shelves!  Let me know what you think.
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This detective story is a great addition to the genre for children. I was reminded to Tin Tin and other similar series as I read along.

My 8 year old enjoyed the book while my 5 year old eagerly listened along. This book is very engaging for early readers and a great introduction to chapter books.

I highly recommend!
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I loved this children book! Detectives, thieves, a good mystery and a talking dog? Yes, please. What a fun story! I will definitely recommend this to patrons and my friends with kids.
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This is an excellent beginning reader's mystery! Detective Nosegoode does an excellent job at explaining how he came to his conclusions, but in the same way as Sherlock does... after the fact. He will not ruin the surprise for the readers before! 

This is a fun and easy read.
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Another great mystery chapter book for early readers!  This little story was an fun read.  The illustrations were a wonderful addition to the plot line.  The talking dog adds a nice touch of fantasy.  I enjoyed how Detective Nosegood explained the clues he found, what they meant, and how he tied them together.  As an avid mystery reader I can say that I would have absolutely eaten this book up as a young reader.
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It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I grew up absolutely adoring mystery novels. Before I got into Mary Higgins Clark and the like, I read the Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew. This cute beginning chapter book reminds me of the feel of those, but with some extra playfulness thrown in. I honestly hope this becomes a series that I can follow. Yes, I'd like to read more, as an adult with no kids - it is that cute and fun. I love animals and the thought of a talking dog that helps to solve crime is just perfect for the intended age group, as well as those of us who never grew up. I really enjoyed reading this and read it in one sitting despite being quite tired. I would definitely recommend reading it if you're thinking about it. It's worth it!
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