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Christmas at Hope Cottage

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A very enjoyable read, perfect for snuggling up by the fire at Christmas time. The possible supernatural elements helped it to stand out from other novels of this genre. Emma was an engaging central character, with believable flaws, and the main romance was touchingly portrayed. The supporting characters were entertaining and I enjoyed the focus on the power of food and the passing on of recipes.

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Not sure what happened but I just didn’t jive with this one at all. Skimmed a lot despite me trying to get into it

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A wonderful Christmas read with a feel good factor. I loved it and would recommend it for fans of romance and women’s fiction.

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I liked this book, it just didn’t hook me in ways that other books of the same genre normally do. I found myself enjoying this book and picking it up constantly and then having no motivation to pick it up for a while and I can’t place why. What I loved about this book was the setting around food and particularly baking, the idea of a rom-com centred around baking is amazing. I’d love a follow up to this book which centres even more around the baking aspect and of course has more Sandro in it!

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A heartwarming book to get you in the mood for Christmas. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy.

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A fantastic winter romance! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Christmas at Hope Cottage especially as it’s set in a Yorkshire! Emma has to return to Hope Cottage following an accident in order to rest and recuperate. It was a wonderful cosy read to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s night. Pure escapism. 5/5

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I have enjoyed the way this author sprinkles a touch of magic into her stories; however, I wish she wouldn’t ruin a perfectly lovely book with curse words featuring the Lord.

Three stars.

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"Christmas at Hope Cottage" sounds perfect for a romantic Christmas book and I was looking forward to the story.

Unfortunately I had a hard time connecting with the story and its characters. I didn't really understand where the story wanted to lead and which story it wanted to be told. I found the storyline very confusing, especially the throwbacks were quite irritating and not really necessary in my opinion.

The love story was pretty shallow too and I didn't feel the connection between Emma and Jack. I really missed the romantic sparks between them.

Another thing I missed was the festive atmosphere. Unfortunately the book was very far away from getting me into Christmas mood.

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Very slow read. I had trouble just staying awake reading the story. It reminded me of a 1990's sitcom called "Charmed", Hollowell name is straight from the series. It was interesting that the Allen's and Hollowell's have been involved with each other throughout the last two hundred years. The story line is a bit slow.

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This sweet, festive book is to be featured again at Christmastime this year, in a "Christmas Reads" series to run in December 2018.

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Normally I love Lily Graham. I also normally love anything vaguely witchy/magic as well. Unfortunately I just didn't find that I loved them in this story! I never really got in to the story at all, often putting it down and forcing myself to read. There was nothing wrong with the writing (She was as brilliant as ever in that respect) - I just didn't like the storyline. I didn't care for any of the characters or get invested in what was happening. I enjoyed it a little more towards the end, but not enough to say I enjoyed the book. However this is entirely personal, it's just a story that didn't gel with me! I'm looking forward to reading the next Lily Graham book as I'm sure I"ll love the next one!

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I didnt get to this title in time for the holidays and lost interest now that christmas is over.Im sorry i cant give this book a review.

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In the little village of Whistling, with its butterscotch cottages and rolling green hills, snow is beginning to fall. Christmas is coming, and Emma Halloway is on her way home.

When twenty-eight-year-old food writer Emma Halloway gets dumped then knocked off her bike, she’s broken in more ways than one, and returns to her family’s cosy cottage in the Yorkshire Dales. Emma hasn’t been back in some time, running from her crazy relatives and her childhood sweetheart, Jack Allen.

Emma’s grandmother is determined to bake her back to health and happiness, as the Halloways have done for generations. Surrounded by old friends and warm cinnamon buns, Emma starts to believe in her family’s special talents for healing again. But then in walks Jack with his sparkling hazel eyes, stirring up the family feud between them.

As the twinkly lights are strung between the streetlamps, Emma remembers just why she fell for Jack in the first place... and why a Halloway should never date an Allen.

The infuriating new lodger, Sandro, doesn’t believe anyone should have to choose between love and family. With a little bit of Christmas magic, can Emma and Jack find a way to be together, or will Emma find herself heartbroken once more?

A fabulous Christmas romance showing the importance of family and learning to trust your heart.- a cosy Christmas read

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Ah, my first Christmas read of the season. Do you like to get in the spirit with seasonal books? I do, though I’m not exactly feeling extra festive, having read this… how to categorize. Not romance, not quite. Women’s fiction, maybe?

Emma is a writer in London, producing a food blog and working a number of writing jobs to make ends meet. On the day she gets dumped by her bland, beige boyfriend, she also gets hit by a postal truck. To add insult to injury? The postie was delivering her family’s ancient recipe/spell book, sent by her grandmother who wants to tempt her back into the fold.

With broken bones and other injuries, there’s only one place for Emma, and the book, to go – back to Hope Cottage, her family’s Yorkshire Moors home in the village of Whistling.

Now, Emma is in a rough way. She’s also a little brain damaged by the accident, causing her to lose her sense of taste, smell and giving her weird vision and touch. It takes a fair amount of time in the bosom of Grannie’s home to aid her recovery.

Evie (Grannie) and her two sisters make food-based potions for the locals. Love potions, family strengthening bread etc. They are well subscribed to, but looked on as kooky or even dangerous–a fact that had teenage Emma going through a hard time with friends and lovers.

It was said that when a Halloway woman kneaded dough, long-held quarrels ironed themselves out, and when she sieved flour, things fell smoothly back into place.

There’s a handsome Spanish man, Sandro, renting a room in the cottage too, and Jack, Emma ex-boyfriend from teen years, lives nearby. Both were eligible choices for Emma. Now this story was listed as romance on Netgalley, but if at a quarter of the way through I couldn’t pick the hero, and neither men had hardly any screen time, then the romance is at best secondary. It picked up in the second half, but at 65% I wasn’t sure if Jack or Sandro were in the frame. There was a reason for this, but it’s all about Emma, and not the relationship.

Instead, the cottage, the family history, the food lore, and Emma’s sense of home was central to the plot. As I like my romance a little more obvious, I found this slow and a bit repetitive. I liked the feel of the location, with its herbs drying in the window, and its ancient range stove, but I wanted more action almost straight away.

At the point near the end when Emma sat down with a friend who’d relocated from a lucrative job in Manchester to run a mobile library, I wanted to throw the book out of the window. I get the rose-tinted small town feel, but this woman is meant to be getting by selling cake and sandwiches from her mobile library. That’s way too many lunch visitors to be feasible, and it was just one step too far for me.

If you’re a fan of family sagas, intertwined (and small-minded) village lives, no smut (at all – the word ‘sex’ isn’t even in this book) then this could work nicely for you. If you like action, pace, sexual tension, any tension, then this might frustrate.

No rating given. I abandoned the book at 80% as this just wasn’t the right kind of story for me, so it wouldn’t be fair. I’m going to suggest a category change with Netgalley.

*ARC provided in exchange for a fair review.

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This is was an ok book the story was slow moving and I found my self not being able to read it for long I did get a little bored whilst reading it

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I haven't read any of Lily Graham's books before. I thought it was ok but nothing special I'm afraid. I did skim read parts of it and wasn't what I expected. I liked reading about 'the book' and how people thought they were witches but nothing really 'happened' for me. I didn't expect that she wouldn't end up with Jack, always a presumption that she would! Thank you for letting me read and review this book.

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Thank you Netgalley for providing me with this book.

Although the title says christmas at hope cottage, I dont think this book is a lot about christmas. So the christmas feeling is in my opinion not present. Furthermore, I do like the story. It is well paced, tells you all the details you need to know and has a perfect ending. It should be anfeelgood book but It didnt get to me like some other books do.
I really do like the story and how they let me imagine how hope cottage should look like.

We fallow Emma who has an accident and is determined to move from london to hope cottage. She meets some of her old friends and crush. Its a lovely story about love, friendship and cooking. They put the cooking part and what you belief in perfectly.

I would give this book 4 starts if it would have give me the 'feel good feeling', but I missed that. i dont think its the books fault but my own because of being busy with other things.

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I thought, initially, this would be a light and fluffy bit of chick lit, which would have been fine by me because I enjoy those, but this novel had a lot of depth and I loved that. There is so much going on in this book: family ties, first love, family traditions and feuds and even recovery from an accident.

Poor Emma is having a hard time of it in the big city and goes home to recover from a nasty accident. Once in the cottage where she grew up, she gets swept up in all the usual family stuff that she kind of fled from in the first place. I thought the author did an amazing job of describing Emma's recovery from her accident, it really made me think, and the little bit of magic that is described in this book does it no harm either.

All in all, I really loved it, and I want to tell others not to be fooled by the cute cover or the word "Christmas" in the title. This book can certainly be read at any time of the year and it has many layers within it, which the discerning reader will enjoy.

5* from me, highly recommended :)

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book which I received through Netgalley.
I loved this well written story.

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I became a bit attached to this village and this family. There's something about the bonds that Lily Graham creates that appeal to me and I had a great visual of Hope cottage and the lovely women who prepared the meals, with hope and love, for those who asked for help. I was never really clear if they considered themselves witches or simply blessed with gifts of help? Either way the warmth of the home and the history in that kitchen came through.

Emma is unsettled being back in the village though, partly because her extensive injuries are making her feel unlike herself and partly because she has had to come face to face with the ex she lost. I never really took to him, which was just as well really, and was much more intrigued by her aunt's lodger. He was lovely, smart and warm, just the right sort of man to help Emma become herself again! But with the romance to the side I just adored the bonds between Emma and het aunts. She was obviously very close to each of them and those relationships made the story for me.

I wish Emma had had more friends- there were some speckled into the story but none that really made me feel she had support her own age. Regardless though the novel is charming and both emotional and amusing. A great read!

Thank you to Bookouture for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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