Beyond Beautiful

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 29 Jan 2019

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Thank you Centre Street and Netgalley for this SRC in return for my honest opinion. 

Initially I requested this book thinking it would be full of glossy pictures on beauty hints.  It wasn’t this at alll, however it was a fantastic book on loads of information about beauty along with great tips.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to read this book.
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Great resource! The author has put a lot of useful information, this is such a helpful book. Would recommend!
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Lots of information to consider. I really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to others. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this helpful book!
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This book was overflowing with tips for looking your best. While I thought there  would be pictures throughout, I'm not disappointed because in some books the photographs take up most of the page space.

Here are some of the areas covered in this book: attitude boosters;  when to see a dermatologist; dark circles and bags under eyes;  droopy eyelids; crepey skin;  tightening the neck; age spots, hands and more.

I love how informative this book was and how ease in finding   the information that I wanted
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  From the publisher --- 

"The Skin Whisperer." --Dr. Oz, Professor of Surgery, Columbia University
"Dr. Day will show you how to put the brakes on the aging process." --Barbara Walters, award-winning television anchor, producer, and journalist 
Dermatologist-to-the-stars Doris Day, MD, explains how the power of your mind and breakthroughs in anti-aging can help you look and feel BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. Do not have another treatment, procedure, or buy another product before reading this book!
Did you know that your mind is as important as any aesthetic treatment to improve the way you look? BEYOND BEAUTIFUL will teach you how to improve your self-perception, explain breakthrough treatments and products and when to use them, and give you a roadmap to becoming the most youthful, natural-looking, beautiful version of yourself!
Learn how to: boost self-confidence, fight aging, minimize crow's feet, fix lip lines and thinning, tighten your chin and neck, improve the look of veiny hands, get healthy hair and reverse hair loss, treat acne and rashes, relieve stress, look better because of sex, use makeup at every age, improve your look with facial exercises, choose the right products in every decade, approach preventative skin care, choose the cosmetic treatments that are right for you, enjoy life like never before, and more!

I a not sure about the hocus-pocus power of the mind stuff, but the skin care recommended in this book seems sound and sensible. I got dragged down in the word-i-ness as it tends to go on and on and on like a textbook but in the end, I mostly enjoyed it. (ON a side note, facial exercises seem a little wonky but then again I hate any kind of exercise!)
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Different than I anticipated, interesting book on beauty.
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This book wasn't what I expected but has a lot of information to consider! I was expecting it to have more visuals on outcomes of 'beauty regimens' for different age groups, however it was more of a textbook of beauty (of sorts). For me, there was a bit too much information that I hadn't been looking for (but found it interesting anyway); it was encouraging but not a book I would use as a resource.
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