Look For Me

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My first Lisa Gardner book and I wasn't disappointed.  I didn't need to have read any of the previous 8 stories to enjoy this.
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Another epic story from Lisa Gardner.  I love the fact that the victim, who is not the narrator, is extremely clever and does her best to survive is the face of tragic adversity.  An absolute classic.
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Look for me by Lisa Gardner is the 9th in the Detective Warren series.  It was also the first one that I'd read and it left me wishing that I had started at the beginning (as you should do with all series).  I enjoyed this police procedural drama but would have probably benefited from starting with book 1.  3 stars
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I didn't realise this was part of a series so I read it from the viewpoint that it was standalone and it worked just fine. Immediately we are informed of a crime scene where four members of the same family are murdered. However, sixteen-year-old Roxy is out walking her dogs at the time. Did she avoid the same fate or actually orchestrate it? Detective DD Warren is helped by kidnap survivor Flora Dane in a race against time to find the girl. No spoilers, so I will just say it was a gritty, tightly written crime thriller and I will be looking out for more by Lisa Gardner.
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This is already the 9th book in the DD Warren series, and they just keep on getting better.  I love DD's special type of humor, the way she handles the suspects and still keep her feminine side.  In this book she is part of an investigation of a family murder, except for one girl that manages to escape the massacre.  This makes her a suspect or just lucky.  This book was gripping from beginning to end and I couldn't wait to see if Roxy was guilty or not.
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Kept me guessing until the end what a fantastic book. Will absolutely be reading more from this author!
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This is book #9 already in the successful ‘Detective D.D. Warren’ series. For me it’s the introduction to Gardner and obviously this series. And what an introduction it is! I loved it from beginning to (almost) the end. The ending is a bit disappointing since I saw it coming but the whole read in general was great!

The characters are well developed, the storytelling lovely. You notice Gardner slipped into this book like a well fitting jacket. This can be dangerous but I don’t feel she fell into the trap of automatism and rapidly spit out another book. The cover art however could be improved and feels like 13 in a dozen…

Well written police story and has the lingo to accompany it.
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Not a cosy read this one! D.D. Is once again involved in a search for justice. But is she also looking for another victim or a suspect. I really enjoyed the relationship between D.D. and Flora. Those sharp tongues and banter really kept me entertained as my heartbeat raised as the race against time gathered pace. Loved it!
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A tense and well paced thriller that keeps the reader guessing.
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.
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Lisa Gardners story about a brutal and cruel massacre of a family in America follows detective DD Warren on her hunt to find the killer and the missing teenage daughter of the family. 

This was a real ‘who done it’ that had me from the beginning as I tried to fathom who the killer was. 

Additional character Flora Dane a real life survivor who was a victim of a brutal sadistic man who kept her prisoner picks up the scent of the crime and helps in her outlandish ways to find the killer.
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This was a sad story of a disrupted family and the way life fell for them. It shows how determination and belief can make a difference but life can still throw a curve ball that knocks you down regardless.  Fascinating story
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I could not get away from this book! When I did not read I thought about it and wondered what would happen next. It has been a long while since I had this feeling about a book, and it reminded me of why I love reading. I am sad to say that I discovered this series so late, as I would like to learn more about the backstory of the characters. I am seriously thinking of starting from nr. 1 in the series.

That being said, you can read this book as a standalone. The book explains just enough for you to understand is as a single. Which I love, as you then can pick up one and start.
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Review - Look For Me

I received a copy from Netgalley 

This was something I received from one of those read it now for the first 100 members or so. Is usually like murder mysteries and police procedurals so this one caught my eye and I was lucky and quick enough to get in on the read it now. 

However, I didn't realise at the time it was book 9 in an on going detective series. I did flit through some of the mixed reviews on Goodreads and it looks like each book can be read as a stand alone, but of course, coming in on book 9 there's background history to the characters and things about on going relationships you're just not going to know. 

And frankly, the whole thing was kind of bland. The mystery itself was intriguing enough, a family is found murdered, working mom and her boyfriend, and two young children, the teenage daughter and the family dogs are missing. Is the daughter a victim for is she the suspect? And as the investigation continues the narrative is twisted so it could be either one. 

It's a tough case, and the family and the teen girl in question were the only characters I really felt anything for. The mom was a recovering alcoholic who lost her children and worked really hard to get them back. The oldest daughter was the one who took care of the family until CPS got involved and the kids were forced into care. The two sisters stayed together but they were separated from the youngest child, a new kind of hell to deal with. The girls went through a nightmare in the foster care group home they were assigned to. The mom pulled herself together met the legal requirements for having her kids returned to her. Life wasn't easy but it was getting better. They moved and started fresh. 

Then mom met a new boyfriend. A decent guy, but he lived in the area where the nightmare group home was. 

And now there is a tragedy. The two detectives have to piece together what happened to the family. I didn't get much feeling for either of the two detectives, everything felt - at least to me -  two dimensional, boring and wooden. The emotion came from the family drama, and some of the history of what happened to them learned through a series of essays written by the missing teenager about what family means to her. 

There's a second non-official investigator on the case, a woman called Flora, who seems to be some sort of victims' advocate. She survived a horrible tragedy herself (the plot of a previous book in the series) linking her with the detectives. She's struggling to cope but getting on with her life by running a support group for other victims. She was an interesting character, I am actually kind of interested in knowing more about Flora. She became a key part in solving the mystery and helping unravel the case.

The end was a bit eye rolling and over dramatic for my tastes . I'm not interested in going out and get all the other books in this series. I may try this author again in a different series. While the characters were a little dull, there was enough intrigue in the case itself to keep reading to know what happened. And I didn't actually guess what happened.

Thank you Netgalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for the opportunity to view the title.
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A family of four are murdered and a 16 year old girl is missing. Did she carry out the slaughter or was she lucky to have escaped? Detective D. D. Warren is on the case, as is survivor-turned-avenger Flora Dane. They must solve the clues left by the young woman. So, is she a victim or a suspect?

"Look for Me" is my first Lisa Gardner read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is one that grips you from the very beginning and the plot was full of non-stop action. An interesting premise that reminded me a lot of an episode of CSI. The characters of Detective Warren and Ms Dane are developed and I look forward to learning more about them as individuals and the dynamics of their partnership. This is a hell of a twisty mystery ride, I guess I'll have to add another favourite author to my list of unmissable writers. 

I had no idea there were so many previous books in the series! I'm now going to go back and read them all chronologically so i'm ready for the next one released.

Many thanks to Century for an ARC. I was not required to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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Simply brilliant, I was gripped from start to end.  When a family is brutally murdered detective D.D. Warren and vigilante Flora Dane find themselves in a race against time to find the missing teenage daughter whilst trying to figure out the answer to a major question, did or didn't she murder her family. This book was full of suspense and intrigue and also very moving.  A must read for 2018.
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An absolute corker.
This book was so intense and edgy it has you gripped right up until the end.
Brilliant storyline and epic twist at the end.
Loved it.
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This book was brilliant, the story kept you hooked from start to finish, going through a whole range of emotions as the story unravels. I have never read any of the books from this series before but would like to read more.
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The book was average.  Found myself lost in places and the writing style didn't suit me.  I haven't ever read any books by this author before, and this one has kind of put me off somewhat.  I had to abandon the book about 30% in, something I hardly ever do.
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As a fan of thrillers, from the first chapter of this book, I knew that I would be hooked. I've read a few Lisa Gardner books before so I was familiar with Detective DD Warren but not of Flora Dane as I haven't read all of her books in order. 

The characters in the book are well developed and you get to know them very well and the story changes between chapters from Detective DD Warrens view, to Flora Dane's view to the past essays written by the sixteen year old girl who is missing. So you get to see the story from all views and the book is very well written so the story doesn't seem repetitive.

The women in the story may be broken women but they are fighting to become strong women slowly. I enjoyed this thriller very much and I certainly couldn't have predicted the ending of the book. For me this was an enjoyable page turner and I look forward to reading more in the future series.
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Loved this book. 
Heart-breaking, lots of emotion, lots of twists and turns. 
Couldn't put it down.
Loved the Characters. the style,
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