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I really enjoyed this book because it is about a topic that is not talked about a lot but it wasn't the best writing. It did not cross over to the kindle app very well but I could follow it. I loved the artwork, thought it was extremely cute and worked will with the book. At the end when it talks about autism it was kind of a surprise, I could not see that anywhere within the book at all. There were some sentences that didn't read well, but not sure if it was supposed to be written like that or it was not edited out. In all it was a cute book but not an A+.
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Loved this fairy tale type story. Beautiful illustrations!
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I really enjoyed this book.  Our young boy shows all the things that are possible to do and be in his world.  Every single thing is a relatable every day thing for young children.  When the book concludes, you learn that the character has autism.  I think this should be shared with all young children in our lives.  It reminds them that autism doesn't define a child and they are all more alike than they are different.  It can be applied universally to all the differences they see in others and serve as a reminder that our humanity binds us.  The illustrations were wonderful and imaginative.  I highly recommend this title.
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I would like to thank Future Horizons for providing me with a free electronic ARC of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an open and honest review.

I read, and am therefore, reviewing this book with my 8 year old HFASD son. He is the one that gave the rating as this is a book more for him than me.

My son, who I refer to online as Horde#3, read ‘In My World’ to me (with a little help on some words) and said it was a “wonderful, colourful, good, great, perfect story on persistency”.

We discussed ‘In My World’ after we had read it and I explained how it was about people accepting Autism as being a different way of seeing the world and helping that world and ours become more accessible. My son said it was all about all the amazing things he can do in his head and how, with the help of friends, those things can start to happen outside of his head too.

He also loved that it was a picture book about a child like him, who has Autism, and how it is shows what we call his superpowers (Amazing Autism) is in others too just waiting to come out.

Now for my review - I loved the images and colours used, the interaction of the boy in his world, the colour changes to demonstrate the differences and the basic beauty of it all.

Being Neuro Diverse myself (and having three ND kids) I would have liked to seen a girl and her Amazing Autism too… But the book is about “MY” world and so justified as to why it is only about a boy. Maybe a girl’s one can be done? As Amazing Autism does “hide” in girls in different ways to boys. Maybe I am just being to modern and new age about it all! ;-)

The graphics and layout are excellent. My son loved seeing all the little things the pages had in them. And I, personally, loved the meditating picture and would happily have it framed and hung on a wall in our house it was just so…. RIGHT! It’s hard to explain, but that single picture spoke volumes through its colours, shading and depiction of the child connecting to his inner calm. So beautiful.

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would… and not just to people with ASD kids. Possibly not even to kids who are Neuro Diverse. This is a book about explaining how we are all different. Where inside us the world is one way and we can do all these amazing things… and the outside world can be scary and hard to follow without the right guidance and acceptance of our differences. Whether that be our different perspectives of the world, our different languages, cultures, etc.

‘In My World’ isn’t just about Autism. It is about difference and how easy it is to accept, assist (if needed) and embrace it.

So yes, if you have a child at this level of reading (age is not the factor, their reading level is) then yes I would recommend this book as it teaches some important skills about differences and acceptance.

Would I buy this book for myself?

Yes I would. I will need to see if it is available in Australia in the paper form as I found it such a calming, interesting and fun book to read, or have read to me. Simply gorgeous.

In summary: This story is about a lot more than autism, it’s about different and acceptance. Highly recommended.
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“In my world I can sing with the birds. In my world, I can be seen and heard!” Jillian Ma’s, In My World,  follows a young boy, his friend, Max, and family as he explains the wonders he can experience in his world. Mimi Chao uses vibrant colors to depict his adventures. She uses shades of gray and blue when the child states, “In your world I have autism.” Color and hope return as the author declares, “But with the help of you and you and you, I can fulfill my dreams and make them come true.” Rhyming and repetitive text offer the reader a positive, vivid view of the boy’s journey. In My World presents a world full of imagination and possibilities.
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Absolutely whimsical and gorgeous, the illustrations of In My World are captivating and frame-worthy. A little boy's adventure through his life and imagination are beautifully captured, and his joy is expressed in a touching way that makes the reader smile. While it is about a young autistic boy, it could really be about any young boy and his struggle to be seen for who he really is instead of what his diagnosis tells you he is.
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Simple yet vivid story about using your imagination. The illustrations are wonderful and will delight children. The story will encourage many to share their own thoughts and fantasies.
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A delightful picture book! The illustrations were charming and the story was sweet. At times, I felt like the end-rhyming was forcing the text, and I wondered if it might read a little more freely without. But still a beautiful read and kind book.
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A short and sweet review, for a short and sweet book.
This is a beautiful book written from the perspective of a child (a character we follow through the book) with autism. He is aware that he is different in some way, but this book highlights the similarities to other non-autistic children - for example the will and want to run, dream and be accepted with hugs and love by others.
The images are truly incredible and compliment the simple yet effective story. I think this book would be best bought as a physical copy, as I had it on my kindle and it didn't quite do the select layout a huge amount of justice.
This would be an excellent resource for classrooms, particularly for classes with children with autism, but all children should be made aware of how are differences actually make us similar! It would be a lovely book to make predictions about and younger children could even have a go at writing their own version, perhaps based on individual needs they may have or, for older children, based on a given need. This would also be a lovely resource for newly diagnosed children's families or as a resource to keep in the staff room.
A simple book, with a simple but long lasting message. Out in August!
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In My World is the story of a boy who can do anything! It's also a reminder that what is shown on the outside might not always reflect the inside. Jillian Ma gives an insightful look into what autism is.

I really enjoyed this book. The art is absolutely adorable and the childlike images pair well with the simple sentences. I'm not sure I like how the ending was done, because it felt very heavy handed to me in comparison to the soft images and upbeat attitude of the first part of the book. I suppose that was the point of it, but I felt the technique lacked. This is a great book which I will be recommending for my library Sensory Story Time when it's published. 4/5 stars
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In My World by Jillian Ma is a simple, heartfelt story that follows the life of a child with autism through his imaginative journey as he seeks to be accepted, loved and celebrated for his strengths and abilities. Despite the qualities that make children on the autism spectrum exceptional, they all have hopes, dreams and feelings of belonging that all children desire. This beautifully illustrated picture book is a powerful reminder that with a little help from each of us, children with autism can fulfill their dreams.

In My World is a sweet and simple story that describes a day in the life of a child with autism. I think it shows the things that we all have in common well; the joys and desires surrounding love and acceptance among them. The illustrations and words do a wonderful job of showing the joy and imagination that fill the child's world, and explaining some of the struggles they have in dealing with other people and their expectations. I think this would be a great conversation starter in classrooms, families, or public settings like library story times to help children understand and care for each other and themselves.
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A truly beautiful and eye opening story! I loved the illustration and I loved even more that the little boy had autism. Not very often you come across a story wth the character having autism and they story takes you on a journey on how he is seeing the world around him! 
A must read for everyone!
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I really loved the illustrations and the story of the book as it unfolded. I also LOVEEE that the main character has autism, I just have some problems with the execution of it all. Then the author just drops the fact that the child has autism on us and the picture looses all color. While I understand the message the author was going for, which was to highlight how people with autism see themselves and how the world sees them, but it just feel too dramatic with how they played it out. I love the start of the story and showing how individuals with autism have complex, rich lives and I liked the end where the author highlights our need to support individuals with autism. However, the abruptness of "I have autism" was jarring and not in a good way. I think the book could have been improved if they started with the premise of having autism, then jumped into the richness and how support is needed. Great illustrations and great concept but I just didn't love the follow through.
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In My World is a picture book about the many things a boy can do. Each page offers what the boy can do in his world ("In my world, I can smile like the sun so bright") and then the text turns, where it is revealed "in your world, I have autism." I was left a little confused after reading this one- the boy reveals highly relatable things that all of us can do each day, we are told he has autism, and then the text ends very quickly after that. I found myself wanting more. I don't think I would add this one to the classroom library.
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Quite simply, there needs to be more books like In My World; it's exquisite. I haven't come across a picture book with a main character who has autism before, and I simply adore how this one shows that they're just like any other child with wants and needs and that they're more than just an autistic child. 

Working in a school where there are children on the spectrum, this book is one that I will wholeheartedly be recommending as I think it's important for both autistic children and those around them to understand the condition a little better. Add to that the beautiful illustrations and you're really onto a winner that can both be enjoyed and provide a purpose.
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I heard so many good things about this book that I had check it out. In a second it was over and my heart was smiling. This cute picture book lets us take a peak inside the marvelous and pure world of a little boy as he tell us everything he does "in his world". Like any other kid, he envisions a world where he can play with his friends, express himself, eat his favorite snacks, dream or just simply say "good night". The thing is, he has autism. When I got to that part, I understood what makes this book special; it is as simple as any other picture book, with a rhyming sentence in every page, but it has a strong message to deliver: "autistic kids have all those dreams, desires and feelings proper of any kid their age, but they need some help from us to achieve them". This is perfectly expressed in very few pages and its simplicity helps to create stronger impact.

Mimi Chao's  illustrations work really well, they are happy and comforting. People or creatures and bright yellow flowers accompany the kid in his journeys, except from the one where it depicts how others see his world. That one is shown on a gray background and there is nothing around the kid. As we move to the next page, the rest of the message is delivered and the grayness fades back to a warm yellow and there are creatures and people once again, holding those bright yellow flowers that (I believe) symbolize the help others give, so that he can reach his dreams.

This picture book is a great gift for families, relatives, friends and in general, anyone who has a little warrior with autism in their lives. It is short like most picture books and visually appealing for little kids, but the message manages to reach adults the best. I got my eArc via NetGalley
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In My World follows a little boy as he talks about "his world" and what he experiences in it. The pictures are beautiful and engaging for students. At the end it is revealed that the boy is on the Autism Spectrum. 
I would use this book as a starting off point to discuss ASD with students or as inspiration for teachers who work with students on the spectrum. 
I do recommend that discussion takes place with students about the book as it does not explain Autism or make a connection as to how his world may be different than others.
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In My World is an absolutely gorgeous book. With a beautiful rhyming story that takes you on a journey inside the hopes and dreams of a young child. As you read through the book, you see a child and his friend having fun until the end, when you find out that this young boy has autism and is longing to be accepted by everyone. I have a friend with a son who has autism and I watched the frustration of both him and his parents when he was snubbed, teased or bullied. He just wanted to have friends and be accepted. The illustrations by Mimi Chao were beautiful and shared this child's dreams in a way that words alone couldn't have. There was a softness and calming quality to the illustrations and I loved the yellow stars throughout the book. This is a wonderful book for teachers to read to their classes teaching about acceptance of those with differences. A great addition to a school and class library. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via netgalley.
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IN MY WORLD takes us through the world of a little boy and all the things he can accomplish and then suddenly we come to a joltingly different illustration where he talks about how in our world, he has Autism.  It goes on to talk about how, with the help and understanding of others, he can accomplish his dreams from his world.

I feel like the book is a great conversation starter for children if you are explaining, to a non-spectrum child, about their friend or family member that is Autistic.  My favorite thing, though, was that it doesn't list things that people can do to help specifically, because each person with Autism is so different.  The book leaves that open to those involved directly in the person's life.
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"In my World" is the story of a young child's daily journey through play and imagination. The child also happens to be Autistic, which readers discover later in the text ad our narrator takes us through some of the struggles he faces.

I enjoyed reading this book. The illustrations are great and imaginative for little readers. My girls (one of whom is on the Autism spectrum) had trouble connecting to the text, While I love the message, I feel it may be inaccessible to younger readers although children older, say 6=7 and up might benefit from the lesson suggested by the story.  Overall, I would recommend this as bridge into discussion about an classmate or friend who's Autistic.
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