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Safe, Debt-Free, and Rich!

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This book is a good introduction to the world of investment and markets, with some good tips about how to manage and eventually increase your financial wealth. Through personal examples, the author outlines what exactly someone looking to such financial moves should look for, including where exactly to look for gauging future trends - market and non-market factors included - and seizing the right opportunities. 
As the readers might not be necessarily educated into the cryptic financial language, there is also a list of terms used and the various investment tips are defined. The language is clear and simple, therefore you don´t need a business MBA - at least - to go through the book.
One of the smartest advice in the book: best investment ever, the insurance companies.
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It was an ok book.  Did not learn anything new, but it was a good refresher.  It is good to have a basic understanding of stocks and optins before reading this book.
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This isn't a beginners book but it gives good advice. I would recommend reading an introductory personal development book before giving this book a read.
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The title is a bit misleading. If you are a beginner and searching for a book that would teach you how to use strategies ,how to actually apply them, then this is not the one for you. You need to have some basic understanding of stocks and options before you start reading this book, otherwise you won't understand much from it.
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