Gone Missing

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Terrifying stuff. You hear a baby crying and go to help and it leads to the scariest fight for survival. Absolutely brilliant. I have never been so afraid of the wilderness!
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Katie is out for her usual morning run when she is kidnapped. Police Investigator Justin Cross takes on the case. Katie’s husband David and her parents so just happen to be wealthy receive a demand for ransom. This was very fast paced and I loved how it was told from a number of different points of view. This kept me guessing right up until the end. Fantastic read
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Another thrilling read by a great author.  We as woman are genetically disposed to react if we hear a baby or a child cry.... and this is the way the abductors grabbed Katie during morning run.  This set the bar very high for a very thrilling and gripping thriller read! Recommended!
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I liked this book but it was a bit gory in parts for me. It had great characters and was told from the victim and lead cops views. It will make you hold your breath in places. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Never go looking for trouble. Or crying babies.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in return for my honest opinion.

This was a great book.  I loved the suspense. lots of twist and turns, and the main characters were great.  There were a few issues; I feel like the investigation section didn't seem plausible at times and some of the things the characters did seemed odd but still enjoyable.  My only other issue was the ending was not as climatic as I hoped, kind of a let down.  Overall, I enjoyed this story and will definitely be reading more books by this author.
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3.5 star rating
If you are ever out for an early morning run and come across something out of the ordinary, then give it a wide berth, a very wide berth!  Katie should have done then she wouldn’t have been bundled into a van and driven off.  A great, exciting read from the very first page, told from the victim’s and leading policeman’s point of view.  Definitely fast paced and the pages race past in a blur as we wait to see whether or not Katie will get through her terrifying ordeal and how the police etc try to locate her.  A bit gory in parts but par for the course for a thriller of this type.  A great holiday read, but maybe not if you intend walking through the wilderness!
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Great story and plot.  Very well written, and a thriller to keep you turning the pages!!  Would recommend to others.
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Talk about a book too get you nervy! Kate Calumet heads off on her run one day only to come across a the sound of a baby crying coming from a van. She's heard all of the urban legends and so is unsure approaching the van but decides to send a text to her husband and so, of course all will be okay. But then she's gone.

The book alternated between Kate, who I loved, who's just trying to stay alive, and Detective Cross, who is coming up against road block after road block trying to solve the case. The husband, who seems so upset at what's happened, still seems to be hiding something, as is her very wealthy family. There is also a large press presence because of who Kate is and so this came with the big guns in terms of people investigating too. I loved the inticacies of police work which were excellent in this book. Another thing was  the settings, if there was ever a book that had chases that read like a motion picture movie it was this one. I saw everything in full colour- the jump between her home where the stress of the kidnapping and the secrets weighing them down contrasted against Kate that was as vivid as anything I've read. I loved the pacing which was full on and fast, although I have to admit there was one or two points I was disappointed at things that could have happen to create more of a thrill (I know, totally just me, I was so taken with everything that I had my own movie running in my head, remember?) All in all, definitely recommended and I will most definitely be picking up more from this author again.

Thanks so much to Bookouture and Netgalley for this book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5/5
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Gone Missing is a story about a woman who is abducted on her morning run and is taken to a remote cabin and held for ransom.
You will walk along with Katie in her journey to escape and find her way home as well as with Detective Cross who is doing everything he can to find Katie and bring her home to her husband.
I gave this story 3*** because I felt there were things that just didn't add up to what would truly happen in situations in this story. I think it was a little "over the top" in certain parts.
I will not stop reading T.J. Brearton because I liked her characters.
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Katie Calumet is on an early-morning run when she hears a baby crying. The park is deserted, and there’s no one in the street. She follows the cries, but then everything goes black. When Katie wakes up, she’s blindfolded and her hands and feet are bound. Detective Justin Cross takes on the case, but with the trail leading into endless dense forest, and a failing marriage weighing on his mind, finding Katie is his most challenging case yet – not least because the Calumet family are keeping secrets of their own. Justin and Katie face a race against time that will push them both to their very limits. As Justin works day and night to discover who took her and why, Katie fights desperately to escape from her kidnappers and the forest that surrounds her…
I found this book captivating and couldn't stop reading it. The forest and Katie's struggles were so real I was out there with her. The author managed to capture the rawness of the forest, the trials of those trying to find her, and, of course, the grit and determination of Katie herself. This book could easily have become cliched and the author didn't once fall into that trap. Powerful stuff!
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An enjoyable read, how ones life can change just from taking your eye off the ball for a few seconds.... mysterious and a guessing game x
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Kate Calumet is on her usual run when she hears a baby crying from a seemingly deserted van. Although her instincts yell "it's a trap!" she can't walk away without checking.....but it's a trap! Soon she is bundled away in a van, blindfolded and bound. Justin Cross is on the case, but with a failing marriage and Katie's secretive family to contend with he doesn't have an easy job. As he strives to find where and why Katie has been taken she finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse in the wilderness as she tries to escape her captors.

I picked this up not realising it was part five of the North Country series. I must admit my heart sank...part five? Would I be lost? Or disappointed that I'd began with this book and ruined the first five? Or what if it was so great I had even more to add to my burgeoning, increasingly out of control reading list? Then I discovered I'd actually read one already, Buried Secrets (another great story). Then I discovered something great - these novels are all centred around the same New York State area, the stories are loosely linked by setting and some characters but they are stand alone stories. Phew. Except actually no, I'll retract that 'phew' as this is definitely a great book and so that's another four novels to add to a four figure reading list! It's a tense and character driven tale, it kept me gripped throughout. The action is very cinematic, I can could easily see this becoming adapted to screen very easily. A gritty and exciting tale that's well worth a read.
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This is a suspenseful and tense read that alternates between the point of view of Katie and Cross. She's very determined and resourceful -- and she has a secret that propels her to fight for survival. Cross is focused but is dealing with personal issues he can't take the time to examine or repair. The Adirondack mountains and parks are also so detailed and described, almost making that terrain another character in the book. The supporting police and secondary characters don't figure too much into the narrative, but the interactions between all do propel the plot forward.

Fast-paced and descriptive, this thriller kept me involved and turning the pages as the story evolved and came to a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed it and will read more by this author.
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This is the first book I have read by this author but will certainly be looking to read more.  On her usual morning run Katie hears a baby crying.  When she goes t9 investigate she is attacked and kidnapped.  She wakes to find that is blindfolded and tied up.  The drama then starts to unfold.  Detective Justin Cross has a race against time to find out why she was targeted and to find her.  This is a gripping read told from the point of view of Katie and Detective Cross and the police investigation.  I thought the first half of the book was tense and had me wanting to read more but the book seemed to lose it’s momentum as it went on.  Still anenjoyable read and one to recommend.
Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Gone missing by tj brearton.
Investigator justin Cross gets a call. David brennan wife has gone missing. Katie Calumet. Who has taken her? Why have they taken her? Does she know them? Can Justin find her before it's too late? 
A very enjoyable read with good characters. 4*
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This book is a very suspenseful book thst you feel that you are racing against time to save the kidnapped victim.
I loved how you could picture the fear I which Katie must have been in as well as her very real need to survive.
The book while it did deal with with authorities it was more about Katie and her journey as well as meeting her family.
For me the characters were fornthr most part hard to like except for Katie and David. I also liked the brief appearance of Hoot who was just am interesting loner who helped.
I will definitely read more from this author. A wonderful job and I am looking forward to seeing what the author comes up with next.
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This book had me hooked from the start I couldn't put it down. A brilliant book that keeps you guessing right to the end.
Kate hears a baby crying in a van, should she keep walking or should she see what is happening?
Well Kate goes to see the baby and that's when things start to go wrong for her because she ends up being attacked and kidnapped.
It is down to Detective Justin Cross to find out why Katie was taken and why was she targeted.
This book had me reading long into the night to see what was going to happen next a brilliant book.
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This is the first book I have read by this author but it certainly won’t be my last. Loved the chapters told in alternating viewpoints from both the kidnappee and the police investigators. Really liked the main character and will definitely read the others in the series. Would highly recommend this book.
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While on her morning run Katie Calumet  she hears a baby crying going to investigate, things go black and this is where the drama starts.

She awakes to find herself tied and blindfolded.

Detective Justin Cross is on a race against time to find her, and this gripping read is one that made me hold my breath and my heart kept pounding. 

Kate is an amazing character gutsy and strong. She actually made this read for me, and I loved the tense and thrilling story.  

This is a book that has everything you need to feel scared. It is just brilliant
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Thanks a million Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me to read this book. Gripped from the start. This book is heart racingly fast paced. A kidnapping gone wrong and a woman's race to freedom and survival. Absolutely recommend.
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