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Among the Early Evangelicals

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Among the Early Evangelicals

The Transatlantic Origins of the Stone-Campbell Movement

by James Gorman

Abilene Christian University Press

Christian , History

Pub Date 08 Aug 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Among the Early Evangelicals through Abilene Christian University Press and Netgalley:

Alexander Cambell became the first president of the American Christian Missionary society in 1849.  Twenty five years before that Cambell had rejected the legitimacy of missionary and other Para-Church Societies.  Though many of its early leaders who were immigrants, most  histories of the unique, American Only message of the movement.

Among the founding meetings of the London Missionary Society In 1795 were both supporters and skeptics.  Amongst the skeptics was a curious skeptic who recorded his experiences under the name Iota.  In the 1790’s the rise of the voluntarily societies in the 1790’s.

At the age of 35 in October of 1798 (The first year of his ministry) Thomas Cambell’s voice rang out in prayer to open the first interdenominational gather of the Evangelical society of Ulster.  Cambell was among a dozen ministers and lay people who gathered in an attempt to do what the London Missionary Society was doing in England, in Ireland.

From 1790-1840 both the religious and political situations changed in Ireland and throughout Western Europe.

In 1808 Alexander Cambell and the rest of the family embarked on a journey to join Thomas Cambell in the United States but nearly turned fatal when their boat ran across rocks on the Coast Of Scotland causing an unexpected detour.

Thomas Cambell arrived in the United States in 1807 transatlantic Evangelical missions still captivated many in the new nation.  In 1809 Alexander Cambell and the rest of the family arrived in the United States, where Thomas arranged for Alexander to spend at least six months of intensive study of the New Testament.  In July of 1810 Alexander preached his first sermon at a preaching stand in a grove.

I give Among the Evangelicals five out of five stars!

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